German Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards 7 g Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr. Tan Contact Details Company: Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr. Tan Contact: Dr. Thay Joe Tan, MD PhD DMD Website: for doctors: , for patients: the huge potential that lies in TurboAcupuncture . As mentioned earlier, TurboAcupuncture works reliably not only for pain, but for a wide variety of ailments. Being an International Speaker and Trainer on Instant Pain Elimination he helps and supports • patients find a certified TurboAcupuncturist in their neighbourhood • doctors and other health professionals all around the globe quickstart, grow and explode their practice within shortest time • pain clinics and hospitals worldwide implement TurboAcupuncture as THE New Gold Standard for Instant Pain Elimination • fundraisers for NPO get donations • health insurances save Billions of Dollars Dr. Tan welcomes cooperation with Medical Universities and Health Politics Influencers. He also supports and conducts mission trips, where he treats patients and trains local doctors in TurboAcupuncture complimentary. The Challenge Telling doctors about TurboAcupuncture most doctors say: “If it was that easy everybody would do it”. And that’s exactly what Dr. Thay Joe Tan is saying: “Because it is so easy, everybody should do it!” If patients knew how easy it was to instantly eliminate their pain (only one needle) and how easy it was for their doctor to acquire the skill to release them from pain (only one weekend), patients would urge their doctors to learn TurboAcupuncture to stop their sufferings. TurboAcupuncture Academy Thanks to his vast experience in the market, Dr. Thay Joe Tan offers a 5-module self- paced online course on TurboAcupuncture for doctors and other health care professionals alongside worldwide live hands- on trainings. His special interest is to help hospitals implement TurboAcupuncture as their first line treatment for pain elimination. Lately he presented TurboAcupuncture at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as THE Revolution in pain therapy and THE new gold standard for instant pain elimination. Dr. Thay Joe Tan even trained the medical staff of a Chinese hospital 150 km south of Beijing in TurboAcupuncture . He is an exceptionally gifted, passionate and enthusiastic teacher, who understands to simplify complex material into easy bits of information, so that his students can follow in a playful and enjoyable, yet incredibly interesting way. Therefore, he is able to empower doctors in just one weekend to instantly eliminate pain with one needle,delivering to his students the absolute essence of his 20+ years knowledge and experience on a silver tablet.“ Forecast Looking ahead, Dr. Thay Joe Tan will continue to refine his methods and expand his practice, Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr. Tan, to ensure that he provides his patients and students alike cutting-edge treatments that are truly effective. Travelling around the world, Dr. Thay Joe Tan continues to share his unique system for instant pain elimination and showcase the simplicity, beauty and true power of TurboAcupuncture to a wide variety of medical professionals, patients and specialists as well as influential people (TV, radio, social media, health politics) as it will remain his ongoing focus to promote TurboAcupuncture as THE Revolution in pain therapy and THE New Gold Standard for instant pain elimination … for the benefit of all patients! ONE needle … ONE weekend …! P.S. Dr. Thay Joe Tan is the host of the “1st PainFree … WOW! TurboAcupuncture Global Summit” September 13-15, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. For more information