German Business Awards 2019

22 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards , what’s on offer here is a delightful experience to be savoured, not hurried. It’s a sensation of taste unlike any other. Drawing on authenticity and a simple focus, it’s no surprise that this business continues to draw interest from clients looking for something high- quality but quirky. It’s not every day you get offered the chance to smoke a cigar, which sets Lazaro Javier apart from the competition. Contact Details: Contact: Lazaro Javier Web Address: Telephone: +49 176 5684 3251 Zigarren Manufaktur Dresden Gbr Leading Purveyors of Handcrafted Long Filler Cigars 2019 Nov19281 Cigar manufacturing in Cuba has been ongoing for over 500 years, with the work done purely by hand. No compromise is made in the selection of tobacco leaves and their processing, leading to a superior product. Lazaro Javier of ZigarrenManufaktur Dresden Gbr has spent years perfecting the art so that he can transfer this discernment to his customers. This authentic approach to cigar manufacturer is one of the many reasons we profiled this company to find out more. Maintaining tradition is the secret of Javier’s tremendous success. Operating out of Dresden, Lazaro Javier has built a business on his heritage. As a true Habanero, and a Tercedor of passion, Javier not only provides the finest cigars to his customers but has the ability to bring an authentic and exotic flair to any event, be it a private party, promotion or major event. Interested in the craft since a young age, Javier trained in the famous H. Uppmann in Havana, later being appointed to the role of quality manager for finished products of the legendary Partagás factory, as well as Havana. Having lived in Dresden for several years, the opening of the cigar factory in Dresden has given Javier the opportunity to fulfil his dream of selling cigars for a living. As a teacher in the craft of constructing these beautiful items, from storing and handling to the final product, clients find Javier’s experience of the craft immensely interesting. To him, a key aspect of the business is sharing his love for fresh cigars. Although, notably more intense and with a deeper aroma than alternatives, they lose strength over time and must be kept in appropriate conditions. His ability to tutor the art of cigar rolling means that Javier is available for events, and this makes up a great deal of his appeal. What Javier offers is a bespoke craft presentation to clients, teaching them about the finesse that goes into the development of a truly high- quality cigar. Bringing the authentic flair that is typical of a Zigarren product, traditional tools are used to produce cigars on site. During the presentation, Javier is able to entertain guests with his intimate knowledge about the cigar and Cuba, while answering questions. A versatile performer, Javier is experienced as a connoisseur to the side or as the focal point of the meeting. For Javier, he has really captured a niche in the market. Most competitors have a slightly different focus, which allows him and his business to stand out in the range of premium cigar products. A general trend of societal rejection of smoking hasn’t affected the business either, as while people are smoking less, they are also smoking better products. These superior products are not just thanks to the handcrafted nature of the product. A major factor is the high standards that are set for raw materials. Only the highest-quality leaves of selected tobaccos are used, sourced from Nicaragua. This is because it has the perfect climate for cultivation, while the dark, mineral-rich soil gives the tobacco a rich and varied aroma. For those who’ve tried a cigar in the Caribbean, you’ll know that