German Business Awards 2019

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards 23 , Müller & Sohn Energietechnik und Spezialmontagen GmbH Best Pipeline Construction Company 2019 Nov19130 The perfect pipeline is built on years of expertise, each experience building up knowledge to be used on the next. At Müller & Sohn Energietechnik und Spezialmontagen GmbH, the experience that has been garnered over the years is immense. Not just working in the area of pipelines, but able to handle anymanner of construction requirement, we took a closer look at Müller & Sohn to see just what they had to offer. Founded by Martin Müller in 1994, Müller & Sohn was originally an outlet for his trade as a steeplejack, which he had plied since 1970. Now run by his son, Sven, the ISO 9001:2015 certified business has grown to cover any number of facets of construction in the last 25 years, including its award-winning approach to pipeline construction. The industrial climbers at Müller & Sohn are not just talented with ropes. They’re skilled tradesmen in any number of areas. As master craftsmen, the team at Müller & Sohn can offer clients the ability to install, repair and test sewage, gas and water pipes. Other areas of work include heating and sprinkler system construction for industries like laboratories and industrial plants. This is completed using state-of-the-art machinery and the wide range of knowledge that comes with experience. Installation is always handled in the most effective way, with attention paid to press- joining and welding processes. Some might query why rope technicians would be needed for this job, but an application of their work can be found in the installation of a rainwater pipe in a Berlin hotel. The tight clearances meant that only industrial climbers would fit in the space and have the training to fit the pipe to the wall. Those wanting service a little closer to the ground will find that Müller & Sohn’s talented crew can install drainage pipes as well. Plant technicians are trained to professionally install pipelines for rainwater, faeces-free and faecal-free wastewater. They can also install lifting systems for various applications. Working deftly around the site, the team are specialists in rope technology would be old- fashioned, but if Müller & Sohn has proved something, it’s that there’s still a pressing need for these m ethods if applied correctly. Contact Details: Contact: Sven Müller Company: Müller & Sohn Energietechnik und Spezialmontagen GmbH Web Address: Telephone: 0049 30 69 20 53 930 capable of installing SLM cables, plastic pipes and manhole covers in order to complete the site. Of course, the main appeal of what Müller & Sohn have to offer its clients lies in its experience and expertise with ropes, and the immense attraction that has for certain purposes. Where scaffolding or cranes are either too expensive, too time-consuming, or too difficult thanks to local conditions, the rope specialists are on hand to reach the hardest to reach places. Trained in multiple disciplines, there are very few technical challenges that a Müller & Sohn craftsman cannot get to grips with. Depending on their vocational training, industrial climbers can double up as roofers, painters, plumbers, masons, welders or steel workers. This versatility gives the company a great deal of professional range. One of the best examples of an industrial climber’s work in the present day can be found in the services of wind farm technology. From inspection to repair to cleaning, access to these behemoths is immensely tricky and rope technicians have the advantage of being trained to handle the impressive heights and challenging environment. This skill is a major boon to the company, as it allows the team to access windfarms on land and sea with minimal trouble. After 25 years of craftsmanship, with over 945 successful projects completed and 130,000km climbed, it’s no wonder that Müller & Sohn have gained such an impressive reputation across the region. Set apart by their indisputable skills, there are very few tasks that these skilled craftsmen couldn’t handle. For some, the idea of employing