German Business Awards 2020

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 German Business Awards , Most Innovative Web Design & SEO Company 2020 Marketing agency, WESEBO, is located in the cosmopolitanmetropolis of Frankfurt. Following their recent success in the German Business Awards, we caught upwithHadi Sohbati who tell us more about the firmand how it came into its own during the pandemic. Sep201117 WESEBO is a marketing agency with its main focus on digital marketing and implementing strategic social marketing campaigns, improving the search engine optimisation (SEO) and creating individual web design for its customers. "The most beautiful website is of no use to you if nobody sees it,” states Managing Director Hadi Sohbati, explaining that this is what he tells his customers. “We are convinced that a well-functioning website is only 5% of our work, the other 95 % are all our actions that lead potential customers to these websites. “Our search engine optimization, for example, is unique. We promise our customers that they will only pay if they are among the top 10 Google searches for a certain keyword, so all responsibility lies with us. Alongside this, our customer-orientated approach has catapulted us from 0 to over 1000 customers within four years.” In such a fast-paced industry, where content is king, WESEBO must work hard to stay ahead of the game and differentiate itself from competitors. Hadi tells us more about what sets the firm aside from others. “Our SEO makes us unique. We are not aware of any other company in Germany or Europe that works on the same level. Each keyword is calculated individually, which means clients only pay for a service they can verify themselves. This is just one of our products that leads to more attention. “We employ specialists who can guarantee our performance promises. Our know-how and our measurable successes make us a unique agency.” It’s clear to see that WESEBO is a place full of ideas and somewhere that digital dreams come true. Whether a company is a public limited company, or simply a small store next door, WESEBO can cater to all and ensure customer satisfaction at the same time. “We help people to implement attention-grabbing campaigns with little effort, which leads to a lot of new customers in return as we are an advertising agency that guarantees success!” Hadi enthuses. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has completely shifted the economy and it has highlighted to many companies, both large and small, just how important it is to have a digital presence. This is music to Hadi’s ears and where WESEBO comes into its own. “If you look at the figures in the various markets, it is clear that companies that have a large part of their business on the Internet have benefited greatly from the pandemic,” he says. “Since people could no longer visit local stores, they had everything delivered. This was the same all over the world. Companies that were quick to embrace the trend toward digitalization had an advantage. For us as an agency, it had the side effect that suddenly companies needed our help that hadn't wanted to know about online stores, social media marketing or search engine advertising for months before. We are the right partner for all those who now have to catch up. We promote our customers with an online rocket to the top.” As one of the leading industrial nations in the world, Germany’s geographical location makes it a hub for the entire European economy. The country is politically very stable, has a high standard of living, an excellent infrastructure as well as an outstanding social and healthcare system. For a company such as WESEBO, location is key and, looking ahead, the future is bright. “Going forward, we want to grow, grow, grow like every company. However, we want healthy natural growth. We do not have to grow bigger at any price. It is important for us to remain an independent agency. “Ultimately, WESEBO is young, creative and highly successful.” Contact: WESEBO® Web Adress: Mail: [email protected] Tel.: +49 (0) 69 255 38391