German Business Awards 2021

42 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 Maybe 3D without glasses will be the next big thing, but it will take another five years at least. What is the internal culture in your firm? How do you ensure that all of your staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to your clients? What qualities do you look for in potential new talent? The philosophy of ECHOFABRIK is to hire specialized Freelancers, that are always in touch with latest industry developments and keep pace with time. On one side this gives us the flexibility to offer perfectly fitting solutions for individual needs and on the other side it helps us to save money for our customers as we always try to keep fix costs as low as possible. What does the future have in store for your firm? Do you have any future plans or projects you would like to share with us? What does the remainder of 2021 have in store for you? Our future will be the result of our performance today. If we follow this path strictly there is no reason to worry. It is the easiest way to ensure that you will hear from us. Passion and imagination are the key to everything. Company: ECHOFABRIK Filmproduktion GmbH Contact: Frank Christian Wagner Website: Sep21941 Best Film Production & 3D Animation Company 2021 ECHOFABRIK Filmproduktion GmbH, a production company creating films for clients that apply artistry and innovation in order to develop enthralling end products, has won a variety of accreditations over the years. This being just one of them, its work has allowed it to carve out its place in the industry, pivoting froman exhibitions industry and business TV key player to a specialised video production firmworking with incredibly diligence and tenacity to create timeless content that will remain poignant for years. To start: please give us a brief overview of your company, your clients and the services you offer? What are your core values? Have these changes since your establishment? We offer B2B and B2C promo videos, ads and 3D-Animation for global players worldwide. In 2010 we started mainly with the production of industrial product videos for B2B customers, running a huge Business-TV studio for one of our customers with some exhibition video stuff on the side. Today, narrative story telling is one of our Key-Features. To sharpen this focus we stepped out of event productions; this meant no more exhibitions and no more Business- TV industry. Thus, we switched from being an average mid-class production company with a wide product range to your specialized premium partner for video content. Like our claim says: We make movies. That’s it. What would you say was your business’s most prominent achievement to date? Next to numerous Nominations in 2013, and claiming 2nd place for the best animation in 2019 for the “Deutsche Wirtschaftsfilmpreis” by the Federal ministry of economics and energy, our most prominent achievement was definitely our debut narrative short “A Father’s Job” which won over 60 international awards this year alone. We realized this project in our spare time without any funding as an important part of remembrance culture. With a final length (including closing credits) of 19 minutes 45 seconds and 5 frames, the film commemorates the liberation of Germany by the allies in May 1945. What would you say defines German business on the world stage? What are the greatest strengths about your region and Germany as a whole when it comes to the business landscape? Germans are known for their reliability. We proudly claim that we never missed a deadline in more than ten years, and over the years we have made our reliability and our clear focus on customers – as well as our transparent pricing – the key to our success. Sincerity always pays off. What differentiates your firm from your competitors and marks you out as the best possible option for your clients? Essentially – what is your unique selling point? We are passionate about working with our clients. We work hard to make sure communication is mutually enthused on both sides, excited to hear the client’s pitch and to deliver our ideas in return. If we miss your passion, we definitely will not offer you ours. We never shut up. That’s why clients hate and love us and that’s why we not spent a cent on acquisition for years. No AdWords. Nothing. And this totally works out. Please tell me about the trends you are seeing in your industry currently. Are there any key developments specific to your region? (Do feel free to talk about developments prior to the COVID-19 pandemic). Are there any developments that look imminent/you are expecting in the future? I’m not a big fan of trends. We saw a 3D comeback a couple of years ago, and many of our competitors focused on that. We also saw more Virtual Reality content and other focused on that. So, instead of bowing to these trends, we focused on strong storytelling, aiming to create something timeless that won’t age into obscurity or be outpaced by something bigger.