German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 43 , Oct21652 Best Retail Service Training Company - Europe Founded in 2003, Die Service Offensive (German for “The Service Advance”) was the first company in Germany to specialize in the service coaching sector, and has been providing an effective training service to the retail sector since. Unlike many of its competitors, the winner of Best Retail Service Training Company – Europe offers a unique and innovative take on the industry, focusing on empathetic customer service and authenticity. Indeed, Die Service Offensive, in the hands of its CEO Christiane Bundies, has developed a service that is vital to Europe’s retail trade. Focusing on everything related to service, new customer acquisition, and customer encouragement, Die Service Offensive comes armed with a unique business approach. Die Service Offensive and its team have been coaching employees on all business levels in an unconventional yet very successful way. Its innovative methods have made the business incredibly popular amongst clients. The company has remained true to its values, providing quality, specialized coaching services that attract customers from all backgrounds, from the aviation industry to international corporations. The company, with its fresh take on the industry, provides a necessary alternative to ordinary training consultancies and coaching providers. Moving away from the mundane teaching methods of most, Die Service Offensive has created its own method that has been proven to work – and create long lasting, effective results. Today, the company is regarded as a representative of engaging, modern, and rigorous service orientation in Germany and neighbouring countries. Its employees are central to the company. Die Service Offensive distinguishes itself by hiring staff that are empathetic, authentic, and highly skilled. Internally, the company is shaped by respectful partnership and non-hierarchical cooperation with customers. Die Service Offensive prides itself on its unwavering beliefs, standing firm in them since it was founded – the way it treats its staff radiates throughout the company. Die Service Offensive believes that empathetic customer service is the easiest and most cost-effective way to positively influence a company’s long-term profit as customers go on to spread the word about their retail experience. The company emphasizes that nowadays, it is no longer enough to satisfy your customers, you have to inspire them: “Getting employees to inspire customers is surprisingly easy, fun, and cost- efficient – and an inspired customer will leave with an upbeat attitude and willingness to recommend your business.” Die Service Offensive is capable of motivating companies within a few hours, whereas its competition requires more time and resources. Its coaching is delivered in a sustainable manner and with an abundance of passion. Die Service Offensive owes a great amount of its success to its CEO Christiane Bundies. Unlike other CEOs. Bundies is approachable and delivers information in an unconventional, lively, and down to earth way. “Germany is internationally recognized for innovative approaches, but in respect to customer-centred service it still has a lot to learn from our neighbours,” says Bundies. “Any German business is also a European business. We are convinced that international networking and cultural openness are essential to their success.” As Covid-19 took over the globe, consuming businesses large and small, Die Service Offensive saw itself taking on an important role. Seeing that the retail sector was struggling under the new restrictions and the trend towards online sales, Die Service Offensive actively supported the revitalisation of Germany’s retail landscape. The retail trade needed Die Service Offensive prior to the pandemic, but now its services are vital in order to keep the industry afloat. Contact: Christiane Bundies Company: Die Service Offensive Web Address: