German Business Awards 2021

50 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 The future of UIM will see them offering even more processes, leveraging the incredible flexibility of the business to serve ever larger organisations. As the team takes over new processes, they will be able to assist them as they move forward into a brave new world of technology. What is clear is that Central Billing and Order processes still have huge potential within the vehicle manufacturing industry, and will have an impact on the markets for many years to come. Company: UIM-Universal Interface Management GmbH Name: Dr. Slim Ben-Hassine Email: [email protected] Web Address: Sep21823 Leading Innovators in Central Billing Solutions 2021 German business remains at the heart of European activity, with the region offering technological solutions that impact every part of the industry. We take a closer look at the team fromUIM-Universal InterfaceManagement GmbH, who have developed a leading central billing system that has earned extraordinary success in the German Business Awards 2021. Founded in 2009 with the aim of delivering state-of-the-art technological services, the team behind UIM have had to work hard in a rapidly changing environment. With technology growing at an ever- increasing pace, this business has built its reputation on being able to react and adapt to the possibilities presented, empowering organisations to thrive. The heart of the company revolves around the delivery of outstanding central billing services and web-based data portals to Vehicle Manufacturers. The challenge for many organisations has been the implementation of digital technology to simplify processes. The unique selling point of the company comes from their ability to combine the latest technology with a detailed knowledge of the vehicle manufacturers industry, in terms of how after-sales processes can be used. The team’s systems have the potential to revolutionise the market. Currently, the industry is moving towards new ways of ownership, with car-sharing models as well as subscription models being explored by many. OEM dealers are well established but do have the potential to develop their business to meet these needs. The future could see a world where instead of selling new cars, the car itself is treated as a service that can be tapped into. Clearly this shift will require new solutions, a field in which the UIM team excel. While based in Germany, the technology has found a global audience, with the quality of the UIM solution being recognised internationally. UIM offers a way forward in the field of after-sales, and has a proven track record of success having been rolled out in over 17 markets around the world. Certified to DIN 27001:2013 and 9001:2018, it’s easy to see why so many people trust this talented team. The reputation of German products has been a major benefit to the team, as well as a high standard for them to exceed. High quality and reliability are expected, and must be delivered at all times. Working in the field of emerging technology makes this a unique sort of challenge, but it is one which the team have risen to with ease. Working in a location that places the team at the centre of many European operations has been key to their continued success over the years.