German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 51 , Nov21373 Best Cloud IT Service Provider & Leading Experts in Energy Efficient Server Solutions 2021 A company ‘made by people for people’, Chambionic GmbH, is an IT solutions company that has been thrust into the spotlight by its satisfied clients. Critically, each professional who has worked with this company comes away with a deep appreciation for the dedication and technological acumen it displays in every element of its business operations. With customized system solutions both on-premise and cloud, digitization of business processes, IT auditing, DATEV, and sustainable server technology that saves up to 60%of energy costs, it’s no wonder that Chambionic has become the trusted IT provider for somany of Berlin’s business entities. Born in the city of Berlin and inspired by the vibrance and innovation of the city, Chambionic GmbH has made itself an exemplary IT service provider in the region. Making use of IT made in Germany and working with all manner of solutions in order to create custom made IT solutions for their clients to take their IT network to a whole new level. With the launching of their own cloud, 2021 has been an exceptional year for Chambionic. The “Chambionic high performance cloud” makes use of exclusively German hardware and it’s hosted in a data centre in Germany. This certifies the best data security for its users and guarantees that there are no-backdoors. Its cloud offers the perfect solution for freelancers, small and medium enterprises as well as for customers who have high performance requirements. The data centre meets the highest security standards and it’s operated solely with solar energy and makes use of energy-saving server technology. In this way, it creates an ecological alternative to the conventional data centre. For this reason Chambionic has now been awarded with the prize of the Best Cloud IT Provider & Leading Experts in Energy Efficient Server Solutions 2021. With its excellently budgeted and cost effective services Chambionic creates an avenue for clients to explore for the benefit of their businesses. Chambionic is one of the few IT companies in Berlin that has been certified by the Federal Ministry For Economic Affairs and Climate Action as Digitization Consultant. This not only shows Chambionic’s expertise in the area but it is also proud to say that, alongside its own great price points, its consulting services and IT projects can be subsidised by state funding by up to 50%. It encourages clients to take the chance to invest in their future but, more than that, it doesn’t want them to simply take its word for it. Its customers consistently leave it glowing reviews across the board, speaking of the increased company performance that comes about as a result of Chambionic’s work, as well as the reduced data loss, more cost- effective processes, and other additional benefits for all scales of company from start- ups to small and medium-sized business. With its flawless processes, excellent customer service, and flattering reviews, Chambionic is truly inspirational to all. Taking pride in all of its deeply skilled employees, Chambionic boasts an impeccable team of advanced individuals who each make up part of its sturdy structure. Regardless of any difficulties its team has the perfect set of tools they need to improve each business through its consulting and advice. This esteemed award of Leading Experts in Energy Efficient Server Solutions 2021 is a true reflection of the respected, inspiring, and compelling work Chambionic does for the industry. This award is a direct result of the need for businesses that aid others to produce the most sophisticated and innovative IT solutions for business stability and development. With a growing need for cloud technology, especially in recent times due to the global pandemic, we see a huge rise in businesses that are embarking on a journey towards improving their IT services. However, Chambionic has taken the lead and is setting a superb example for businesses to follow. With regards to the future, Chambionic is aiming to continue its fine work to benefit a multitude of individuals and their businesses. It is extremely proud and will forever strive to be the best of its kind. Company: Chambionic GmbH Contact: Rainer Kurp Website: Rainer Kurp – Director Sales & Marketing