German Business Awards 2022

26 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , Sep22320 Best Catering Services Company 2022 & Most Creative FamilyRun Catering Company 2022 Catering for celebrities and reputable brands is something that Sheker Event Catering does on a regularbasis;however, itsstar-studdedclientelehasn’timpacteditssurprisinglyaffordableservices. The family-run companyprovides perfection, nomatterwho the client is. As a result, it has become one of themost successful and recognisable catering service companies inGermany. Catering is a key factor in any successful event: a glamorous wedding; a multi-day business conference; or perhaps a large get-together like a reunion or birthday party. Nothing quite brings people together like good food. It is with this in mind that, when organising an event, you should hire a caterer that not only provides high quality dishes, but also one that takes into consideration the needs of both you and your guests. Sheker Event Catering is a business that goes the extra mile to provide its clients with an all-round exceptional experience, combining delicious homemade meals with beautiful and extraordinary decoration and excellent customer service. The company’s speciality consists of platters stacked high with Turkish delicacies, including Köfte and Baklava, and come in a range of styles. Being the inventors of the mezze platter style, Sheker Event Catering provides something suitable for everyone, including vegetarians, vegans and those with dietary requirements. The company also offers products such as oriental buffets, grazing tables, charcuterie and sweet cones, and lunch boxes, which can be served either alone or as part of a package, and with over 100 dishes to choose from, it is certain that there will be something for everyone. In addition to providing catering services for events, Sheker Event Catering provides dishes to nursery and pre-school centres, typically providing meals to over 300 children across seven nurseries. Sheker Event Catering’s dinners are both fresh and healthy, introducing a plethora of flavours to the dinner table without any preservatives or additives. When developing the menus, the company abides by German Nutrition Society (DGE) guidelines to ensure that its food is nutritionally balanced, and of course, child-friendly. Simply, Sheker Event Catering wants children to enjoy food. The family-owned and operated business has accomplished a great amount – including a five-star rating on Trustpilot and Restaurant Guru, earning itself ‘outstanding’ status on Trustpilot. It has also had the pleasure of providing premium services to leading businesses across a number of industries, with names including L'Oréal, Apple, Dyson, Ford, and more, with celebrities flocking to the company for a chance to acquire its impressive services. Through working with such prestigious customers, Sheker Event Catering has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, especially within its home-city of Cologne. An abundance of hard work and devotion has been poured into Sheker Event Catering, as the team rarely get a day off and often work 12–14-hour days in order to fulfil customer requests. Indeed, the family team undertake roles that match their strengths, as the company strives for perfection – and it certainly does not settle for any less. Furthermore, the team wants to give back to the community, and as a result, once a week the company prepares and cooks a hot meal for the homeless people sheltering at Cologne Central Station. The company has evolved greatly in recent times, and in order to remain on top of such developments, Sheker Event Catering is looking into new ways to expand, be it via obtaining a new property, a larger kitchen, or through the introduction of new dishes. The staff are always learning, searching for ways to upskill, and this will continue going forward as Sheker Event Catering keeps up to date with industry trends. Contact: Merve Habssaoui-Demirguelle Company: Sheker Event Catering Web Address: Instagram: @shekercatering