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2 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 Contents , Welcome to the German Business Awards 2022 EU Business News is proud to announce the return of the annual German Business Awards, to celebrate and commend the brilliance, innovation and dedication of Germany’s leading companies, individuals and products once again. Standing as a global leader in business, Germany is constantly proving its determination and innovation even despite many global difficulties and obstructions. The German Business Awards 2022 are honoured to represent and acknowledge the pioneering companies who contribute to Germany’s globally recognized and coveted economy status. Germany is an industry leader across a myriad of sectors and is well-known for it’s quality exports and impressive innovation. The German Business Awards welcome nominations from all traders, enterprises, individuals, and products based within the region. Our Awards will highlight those companies who are found to be driving innovation and competition within their sectors, ensuring that only the most deserving participants are spotlighted and acknowledged. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Contents: 4. Tremba GmbH: Most Innovative Electromagnetic Solutions Development Company 2022 6. Holodeck Dance Centre: Dance School of the Year - Central Germany 8. IEM Experten GmbH & Co. KG: Financial Experts of the Year 2022 10. Z-ONE KONZEPT: Most Sophisticated Graphic & Web Design Agency - North Rhine-Westphalia 12. btl next GmbH: Live & Virtual Event Management Company of the Year 2022 14. SNOOK Frankfurt: Best Independent Marketing & Communications Agency - Frankfurt 16. Baumgartner & Walz Gmbh: Best Construction & Environmental Services Company - South Germany 18. HOME & CAR Energie Solution: Best Real Estate & Leasing Solutions Company - Munich 20. Chiemtronic Gmbh: Most Innovative Power Electronics Company 2022 – Bavaria 22. Tim Weisheit | Coaching & Consulting: Best UX Research & Neuromarketing Consultancy 2022 24. Karwendelbahn AG: Best Mountain Resort 2022 - Upper Bavaria 26. Sheker Event Catering:Best Catering Services Company 2022 & Most Creative Family- Run Catering Company 2022 27. stromkreis GmbH: Best Independent Energy Distributor - DACH 28. Idee & Liebe: Best Email Marketing Agency 2022 29. Global Extend: Best High Quality Hair Extensions Providers - Germany 30. KartArena Ingolstadt Betriebs Gmbh: Best WideRange Entertainment Provider - Bavaria 31. Industriekletterer Paderborn: Best Climbing Equipment Provider - North-Rhine Westphalia 32. raumzeitmedia Design & Marketing: Best Web Design & Advertising Agency - Northern Germany 33. Magie des Traumwandlers: Best Magic Performance 2022 & Most Exclusive Entertainment Act Programme Provider 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 3 Editor’s Note , 34. LA Tools & Service: Best Precision Tools Provider - Europe 35. V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellsch: Best Private Wealth Management Firm 2022 36. carbmee GmbH: Most Sustainable Global Carbon Management Company 2022 37. Gutachterbüro Heuer: Best Professional Construction Surveyor Firm - Hanover 38. SoGeht's GmbH: eLearning Specialists of the Year - Europe 39. Vita-World GmbH: Best European Food Supplements Brand 2022 40. PROXIA Software AG: Best MES Software Solutions 2022 41. Vroemen: Best High-End Loudspeakers Manufacturer 2022 42. CORRATIO GmbH: Best Staff Development Specialist Programs 2022 43. Kreyssel GmbH: Best Interior Design Company 2022 44. Living Water GmbH: Best Filtered Still & Sparkling Water Provider 2022 45. LMC Caravan: Best Caravan & Motor Homes Manufacturer 2022 46. maxcluster GmbH: Best High-Performance eCommerce Hosting 2022 47. Merch Piratin: Best Newcomer in Entertainment Merchandise - Lower Saxony 48. tec4U-Solutions GmbH: Best International Material Compliance Consulting Company 2022 49. DataIntelligence GmbH: Most Innovative BI App Development Company - Europe 50. DRIVE GmbH & Co. KG: Best eCommerce Development Company - Europe 51. KEYOU:Most Sustainable Hydrogen Technology Company - Southern Germany 52. Innoproc GmbH: Best Construction & Building Procurement Services Provider 2022 53. Massagesessel Welt c/o P4P: Best Quality Massage Chairs Manufacturer 2022 54. BALF Tiernahrung GmbH: Best Animal Feed Manufacturer - DACH 55. Wiesendanger Medien GmbH: Best Specialist UV Printing & Packaging Business - Bavaria 56. Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences, IBaI:Best Computer Sciences Research Institute 2022 - Saxony 57. Mahrt U. Hoerning Augenoptik Gmbh:Best Optician Specialists 2022 - Lower Saxony 58. Christoph Franke Foto-Video-Design: Best Corporate Photographer 2022: Christoph Franke 59. Helmut Fleischer Consulting: Most Creative & Sustainable Communications Consultancy 2022 60. In Pact Media GmbH:Best Content Marketing Publishing Platform 2022 61. Schoeller Allibert GmbH: Best Returnable Transit Packaging Supplier – Northern Germany 62. LightAir Deutschland GmbH: Best Sustainable Air Purification Solutions Provider – DACH 63. OSBELT Recruiting Process: Best Manufacturing Recruitment Firm 2022 64. Dr. Haug & Kollegen Gmbh & Co. KG: Property Valuation Specialists of the Year - Greater Stuttgart 65. Smart Web Elements: Digital Agency of the Year - Central Germany 66. dreizehn+Vier GmbH: Most Innovative Digital Communications Agency – Lower Saxony 67. SEP AG: Best Global Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Company 2022 68. Erich Uhe GmbH:Best Serial Production & Test Equipment Manufacturer 2022 69. Valabel Service: Most Client-Focused Event Staff Agency – Berlin 70. Winkler Technik GmBH: Best International Heating System Fastening Manufacturer 2022

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , Led by Rudolf Tremba, Tremba GmbH is a German company that specialises in the development and manufacturing of mechatronic systems and actuators in the field of electromagnetism. The company’s mission, however, extends far beyond its industry, as it hopes to make a political impact that benefits both businesses and wider society. Tremba GmbH is in many ways a rather unique company: it does not do any marketing, works without much fuss, has only technical employees, is able to produce custom solutions in large and small quantities, and unusually, it prefers to be unnoticed in the market, especially regarding its innovation power and capability to design, develop, and produce high-end products. Moreover, the company owner publicly opposes the principle of economic growth and does not hesitate to speak up for small, innovation-based companies. The company produces solenoid inclusive electromagnets in the form of electronic or machine components with such products often being manufactured in large quantities. Tremba GmbH’s founder, Rudolf Tremba, states that the target market is split into two types of customers: high skilled and big manufacturers purchase excellent materials, and on the other side, there are many clients that market themselves professionally, yet acquire inferior products from countries where manufacturing costs are cheaper. However, between these customers, there is an underserved group who need lowcost standard parts produced in defined, engineered processes according to European quality standards, bespoke solutions and modified parts, or especially designed parts optimised for their product’s high-end features. This gap is where Tremba GmbH excels. Consequently, the company serves clients from across Germany, Europe, and even Asia, with many of its customers coming from medium-ranged companies and large, international corporations. Sep22482 The element that makes Tremba GmbH truly unique is its devotion to creativity. Indeed, the company has several impressive innovations under its belt. One being a protected utility model and two others coming in the form of patents in which one is in progress and the other has been recently confirmed. Such processes can be summed up with the following quotation from Tremba himself: ‘People expect innovation as an eye-catcher product. Actually, innovation is not a matter of marketing or profit, it is much more. It is the daily task to be a step ahead, to reduce costs, to improve working safety, and even to reverse challenging events on the market to the benefit of the company, its customers, and the society. For example, during the waiting period of delayed material we re-engineered one of our standard electromagnets. Dimensions etc. were unchanged, but the new lot now has around 7% less power consumption and around 8% higher holding force.’ Innovativeness is not limited on patents or sensational inventions, Tremba is convinced, ‘an innovation can be a new tool, product, or process that improves the situation for as many people as possible and damages nobody.’ He continues, ‘currently we are working on a kind of equipment for internal use. Its purpose is to remove production remnants from our electromagnets. The cleaning procedure needs a solvent. This solvent is hazardous and vaporizes quickly. Our invention does not simply exhaust the unhealthy vapour. It reduces the evaporation itself. We do not spend time trying to handle a symptom. We try to handle the root problem.’ However, Mr. Tremba also notes that the circumstance for innovation also needs progression to occur. Impassioned and determined to make a difference, Tremba elucidates, ‘the economy in Germany is based on the work of small and medium ranged companies. Germany can survive without [lobbyist companies] but not without all the firms that keep [lobbyist companies] alive. The big hope in the EU was to set a clear frame to stop the exploitation of society by the financial market and to empower the community of innovative companies to do their job. But over the years, the effort to meet regulations, restrictions, and laws is increasing.’ A simple example is emergency lights. Required by law, the lamps must include an accumulator. When the capacity runs down, the easiest option is to replace the lamps – but this is unsustainable and expensive. Of course, it is possible just to replace the accumulator, but this also poses several challenges, including the fact that in many lamps, these are not standard. Tremba GmbH has modified such lamps by replacing the original system with battery cases. Now, regular accumulators can be used, and the replacement of defective accumulators is quick, affordable, and has less of an environmental impact. The company notes that this is a tiny change to the benefit of the company by reducing maintenance efforts – but due to current legislation, this is illegal. ‘The biggest innovation,’ Tremba notes, ‘is needed in our all minds. To take over the responsibility to lead our society in the direction of a future worth living in.’ Most Innovative Electromagnetic Solutions Development Company 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 5 Most Innovative Electromagnetic Solutions Development Company 2022 T-Folio®: this electromagnet is especially designed to pick up one thin metal plate from a stack. The version shown on the picture combines electromagnetic force and vacuum power. This way it is possible to use it for materials like aluminium and ferromagnetic metal sheets – even when they are perforated. Following his success in the programme, the team here at EU Business News and AI Global Media interviewed Mr Tremba to find out more about his drives, the challenges he has faced and the future of the company. AIGM: Mr. Tremba, how did you start your company? Tremba: With a dream, a garage and no money. The dream was, to change components to solutions even for low quantities. The garage was the place I could afford when I started. No money because nobody was believing my dream could become real. AIGM: Is the market not saturated already? Tremba: Yes, electromagnetic components are available at any corner. But we focus on solutions. The solution can be a customized component up to a complete functional unit. AIGM: Why do you not expand your company? Tremba: Several reasons. First, a tiny company can act much faster and more flexible than a big one. Second, we are quite safe in times of crisis because there is no investor that could shut down my company. Thirdly, the situation of innovation based small companies in Germany. AIGM: What situation? Tremba: Employee shortage, misdirected educational system, unbearable bureaucracy and laws. The working time of inventors is used up for doing formalities instead of being innovative. AIGM: Do you have an example? Tremba: The ECHA registration for REACH relevant products. Basicly it could be simple: a registration form as known from online-shops and at second step a form to register related products. It is not. The page starts in the language of the country. But already the terms of use are in English only. I do not know one single owner of a small company in Germany who understands legal formulations in English. Moreover the website uses trackers. Means, data’s of users behaviour is transferred to a third party without any choice for the user or even any information about it. On any regular website this is illegal. AIGM: A strong criticism Tremba: Obviously not strong enough, otherwise it would change something. Just see the effects on the current energy costs. There is more renewable energy than we need. But we did not make it accessible, though all previous governments knew what to do since the Report of the Club of Rome in the early 70’s. AIGM: What do you expect from the educational system? Tremba: The educational system in Germany should implement the natural learning process. The young people lose the touch to the reality. If we want to have bread to eat, we need to learn to bake it, not to learn to press a button on a mobile app. The society is pushed into to a society of consumption, not of creation. The pupils should learn to create knowledge, not to consume it. AIGM: Do we need more engineers? Tremba: To be an engineer is not a matter of a formal graduation. It is a way of thinking and acting. The best engineers I know never visited a university. Listen, think, consider consequences, do it, re-check and then start from the beginning. Old fashioned, efficient and effective. AIGM: What should be changed? Tremba: Stop the growth of quantity and start the growth of quality. AIGM: Why did you originally accept your nomination? Tremba: Because of its importance. The regular media usually focus on superficial highlights. Your programme is focused on content and innovation. AIGM: What does the award mean to you? Tremba: A lot. We take the price not only for us. We take it as representative for small, on innovation-based companies to show the world, here we are, we are ready to shape the future. Contact: Rudolf Tremba Company: Tremba GmbH Web Address:

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , As one of Germany’s most student-focused and forward-thinking dance schools, Holodeck Dance Centre makes itself a place of encouragement, support, and the deepest commitment. Each of its tutors work hard to make this possible, resulting in a school that gives students a place to practice all different kinds of dance in an environment that will allow them to take learning at their own pace, and with all necessary encouragement to help them reach that next level. Whether the student is dancing for fitness, leisure, or professional pursuits, if a person is passionate about expression through movement, Holodeck is the place for them. Whether it’s classical ballet, breakdanc, modern, or hip hop, Holodeck Dance Centre celebrates the artistry of dance in all its forms. Nominally, this institute of learning has made itself a cornerstone of Germany’s artistic institutes, holding a special place amongst the dance schools of East Hessen as it continues to strive to deliver the most impeccable classes and courses. Throughout its efforts, its goal remains constant in this manner: provide the best and most diverse programmes possible. This is to elevate the inclusive nature of dance in the macro scale, and it has been striving to lead from the front in showing the world that dance is a sport for everyone of all genders, ages, and backgrounds; having such an eclectic range of different ways to enjoy the sport under its umbrella, there will be something for everyone. Its qualified teachers are the ones who guide its students to where they will best find what sort of dance suits them. Each being qualified, dedicated, and tenacious, their studentfocused courses are each a masterclass in remembering that every student has a different story and a different way of learning, with no one being treated as simply another name on a clipboard. Ostensibly, they each portray their own enthusiasm for dance in their teaching. This is a fundamental part of what makes the teaching at Holodeck so good, as each of its tutors are critical to creating the best student experiences that have each pupil walking away with confidence. Indeed, dance can boost one’s self esteem so much when it is taught by such incredibly supportive and inspiring people. From the fascinated beginner to the aspiring dance Sep22475 professionals and fitness aficionados looking to try exercise that’s a bit different to your standard jaunt down the local gym, Holodeck’s tutors individually create the pathway to success for each of its new members, offering the courses that will challenge, fascinate, and enthuse them without being unnecessarily overwhelming. Of course, this is not to say that dance is easy; but with the right support, it suddenly becomes so much more accessible. This, in essence, is what Holodeck strives to achieve. It also puts on large stage shows where their students can show off their hard work and well-honed skills, ensuring that every person to take the stage walks away absolutely beaming and that the visitors who come to watch have a truly unforgettable evening, watching the talent and enthusiasm of its pupils. In this manner, it has been able to reach great heights of success; its 2007 dance show had over 400 dancers, its 2008 workshop had over 1200 participants, and in 2016, it secured multiple wins in European hip hop. Indeed, with the strengths of its region in Germany being those of innovation, creativity, and courage, it is never afraid to beak new ground with its consistent pushing towards a new and better future for the sport it loves. Thinking through every new development and change that it thinks to bring on board, its driving force behind any update will be how it will benefit its students, and in this manner, it has been able to do an excellent job of ‘show don’t tell’ when portraying its commitment to its clients. Rooted in tradition but pushing for a better future, Holodeck is not just a dance school. It’s a community. As a home to talent, passion, and proactive learners, it doesn’t just develop pupils, it develops performers who are individually self-fulfilled and confident, ready to go on to whatever great things they wish to do next with their skills and proficiencies under their belts. Many of them go on to professions in stage and television both, and many of its tutors are old hats of these various fields, as well as in the international dance circuits of various different schools, allowing students to pluck the brains of people who had shaped the industries they wish to enter before them. The creation of exciting moments, firm memories, and bright futures, after all, is the Holodeck way. Ostensibly, despite the consistently unpredictable nature of the future in a world still struggling with the impacts of a global pandemic, as well as increasing civil and global unrest, Holodeck has committed itself more than ever to this mantra in order to make its school a safe place for pupils. Through constant adaptation and flexibility in the face of adversity, it has stayed the course, and the belief of its students and dedication of its staff have allowed it to remain a jewel in the crown of the German dance community. Indeed, due to this, next year is looking to be a positive milestone year indeed, as it looks forward to celebrating its quarter-of-a-century birthday with all the people who have contributed to its success throughout the years in mind. Company: Holodeck Dance Centre Contact: Liane Klein Website: Dance School of the Year - Central Germany

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 7 Dance School of the Year - Central Germany

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , IEMExperten GmbH& Co. KG – or, for short, IEM– has defined itself as a premiumfinancial service, not only in its home country, Germany, but across the globe. With clients fromover 40 countries flocking to its services, it’s fair to say that the company is deserving of the title Financial Experts of the Year 2022. Managing finances can be stressful. Therefore, working with a company that specialises in this field can help you get on top of your unique situation. IEM Experten GmbH & Co. KG is a company that provides such services. It strives to embody a holistic approach, utilising this to shape the services it offers to its clients, and as a result, IEM is known for developing concepts rather than isolated solutions. Moreover, its services are centred around its True Values Strategy, which it remains true to throughout its work, and it vows to always consider such values going forward. IEM maintains a network of experts from a plethora of sectors. In turn, it is home to a team complete with specialist skills that help its clients to save their pension provision from unprofitable investments and – on the other hand – to secure their values with tangible Sep22339 assets. Since its founding in 2019, IEM has helped over a thousand customers from almost 40 countries to secure their values. It has also legally rescued or revitalised approximately €20 million in unprofitable investments or investments that threatened a loss, which IEM was then able to transfer into real property values. This work is supported by IEM’s philosophy to work fairly, sustainably, transparently, and most importantly, honestly. As such, IEM prioritises communication, believing that this is the key to unlocking such philosophies. Much of this is used to guide the team; how they operate, how they work on a daily basis, and how they communicate with clients. In order to consistently uphold its philosophy, IEM has established a team filled with specialists who understand how to use their abilities optimally, because it believes that many experts mean a range of perspectives that can be used to develop a holistic construct that benefits both customer and employee. Upon joining the company, every employee – which the company calls an ‘IEM Expert’ – is introduced to its digital IEM Office. Through the IEM Office, the worker is able to manage their customers and contracts and also provide digital services, and for the latter, IEM provides its own online conference tool. In addition, it equips its employees with classic tools such as brochures, flyers, business cards, and more. To ensure that its employees remain up to date at all times, it provides them with regular training – typically in the form of product and IT courses – through its in-house training camp. Of course, each of these elements could serve as the company’s unique selling point. However, the company’s true understanding of the market is what truly sets it apart from its competitors. Sustainability is at the heart of the company, and it is doing something unheard of within the industry – it is investing in the future. It sees value in raw materials, describing them as ‘scarce, crisis-proof, and extremely stable in value,’ and as a consequence, IEM has opted to invest in this area. It provides buyers with a targeted selection of high-tech commodities, which have been selected based on three decades of experience, intensive knowledge of industry requirements, and an insight into current demand expectations. Over the Covid-19 pandemic, this was an exceptional benefit, as the outbreak resulted in a commodity boom, boosting IEM’s product. The company had already delved into digitisation, so by the time the pandemic struck, IEM, unlike many companies, wasn’t left playing catch up. Instead, it already new what worked. The company developed the SAFEBASKET investor platform, taking the first step towards digitising a rather analogue product, which provides an abundance of information about commodities and their price trends. It is also currently building the SAFEBOT, a buying assistant that uses algorithmic trends to evaluate the appropriate metals for the customer. The future for IEM is going to be one of expansion, creation, ingenuity, and growth. Alongside the aforementioned developments, it is also working on an AI bot that sends regular buying recommendations and market news to all of its IEM Experts and its customers. As by doing this, IEM ensures that everyone has the best opportunity to make informed decisions about their purchases. This is, quite simply, what makes IEM stand out from its competitors, because, through everything it does, it shows that it is truly passionate about providing an outstanding level of care and service to its clients. Contact: Patrick Held Company: IEM Experten GmbH & Co. KG Web Address: and Financial Experts of the Year 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 9 Financial Experts of the Year 2022

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , With a passion for creating designs that communicate a brand’s concept, goals, and values, Z-ONE KONZEPT uses its over 20 years of experience with creative process in order to find solutions that build bridges between businesses and customers. Its creative design, therefore, goes hand in hand with professional advice and needs-based dialogue, allowing for the successful completion of all manner of projects in graphic and web-based design. One of the foremost German companies in graphic design, print, web design, and strategic concept, Z-ONE KONZEPT provides design-oriented advertising for visual communications. Nominally, its focus is on sophisticated creative designs that have earned Z-ONE KONZEPT its current status of ‘Proven Expert’ based on 25 customer reviews, garnering 5 stars in this accreditation for its reliable delivery of aesthetically front-running logos, brochures, business cards, stationery, flyers, mailings, and posters. This is similarly mirrored in the excellence of its flawless web design, something that has been allowing its clients to put their best foot forward in their market segment since its beginnings, ensuring its clients’ end customers can find their userintuitive web pages through tablet, computer, and smartphone. With functionality, visual appeal, and communication strategy in mind, its creative process combines simple procedure with perfect execution in order to achieve exactly what the customer wants, promising to deliver such things on time, to specification, and within budget. Fundamentally, this is what it means when it speaks of needs-based communication. Every successfully completed project bolsters its pedigree as a creative company that can bring each of its clients’ dreams to life, earning it more glowing reviews and word of mouth referrals that distinguish it from the rest of its peers. Indeed, it also sets itself apart by the values and principles that it holds up as the foundation of its work at every turn, from Jun22033 high-quality design to its view of design as a cornerstone of corporate success far above a superficial element of business development. In the Northern Rhine-Westphalia region, the high density of market leading companies – a result of it being the most populous federal state – have given Z-ONE KONZEPT a rich environment within which to compete for the top spot within web and corporate design. Invigorated by the need to remain abreast of industry trends that this results in, it has developed links with many national and international organizations, creating a contrast with its peers with its emphasis on marketing as holistic. Ostensibly, many of its peers are very project-based, but Z-ONE KONZEPT wants to become its clients marketing and communications material one-stop-shop. It does this by ensuring that a client’s voice is kept as the beating heart of a project, and by showing them how communications materials encompass everything from the format of a web page to the text included on a flyer; therefore, its efforts are invaluable across a myriad of different formats. This is further bolstered by the changing social, corporate, and technological landscape of the world in the macro scale, something that fuels Z-ONE KONZEPT’s commitment to keeping ahead of the trends as they come and go; by operating in this way, it can reassure its clients that all its communications are relevant to the modern market. Of course, the world’s quickly changing landscape has recently shifted once again as a result of Covid-19, with messages that previously would have been relevant to the market being rendered obsolete by the new technological and social paradigms that have come into play over the course of the past years. Today, a designer must keep all of this in mind, and Z-ONE KONZEPT makes sure that its work does so by incorporating strategic advice, conceptual strength consultancy, creative consultancy, and a hugely expansive knowledge of both online and offline communications formats. Thus, its multi-media dialogue capabilities have built many a bridge between professional and customer. Such efforts have proven invaluable to companies who found themselves having to pivot from physical to digital work, helping them to ensure that the previously established relationships aren’t lost in the transition. Ensuring that such communications are simply slicker, more transparent, and more streamlined than the traditional processes a client may have started out with, Z-ONE KONZEPT makes the principles of loyalty, honesty, trust, and appreciation the characterizing factors of its work. Moreover, working in a network of experts made up of its staff, its clients, and its shareholders has created a conglomerate of creative minds that respect and value a diversity of skillsets and backgrounds as the bedrock of successful creative outreach, no matter the format. In a world where there are so many more possibilities through which companies can reach out to their customers and shareholders, Z-ONE KONZEPT hopes to continue to learn and grow, expanding its inward facing and outward facing infrastructure in order to deliver decisive advantages through its project timelines. Z-ONE KONZEPT Design for Business Most Sophisticated Graphic & Web Design Agency - North Rhine-Westphalia

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 11 Thus, clients can expect continual excellence from beginning to end, as well as further expansion on the behalf of Z-ONE KONZEPT, allowing it to keep up its current ability to remain abreast of all changes to the industry. Company: Z-ONE KONZEPT Contact: Daniel Zdral Website: Most Sophisticated Graphic &Web Design Agency - North Rhine-Westphalia

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , Over the last 30 years, BTL Group has grown into an international company that designs and implements everything from trade shows and conventions to live, hybrid and digital events as a technology partner. We take a look at how this stunning company has been able to earn such trust, and how they have built such success which had led to their astonishing achievement in the German Business Awards 2022. What does it mean to run an exceptional event? For the team at BTL, it means looking at the needs of their customers and taking point on every aspect of the technical execution. From conception to planning, implementation and all aspects of the sound, lighting, video, infrastructure and construction – BTL Group has cultivated an impressive reputation for excellence. The team at the BTL Group have led the way when it comes to the creation of stunning events that inspire, inform and entertain, earning them a reputation within the industry that is truly second to none. The success of the BTL Group is due, in no small part, to the tireless efforts of the specialists who bring each event to life. With their work, they have designed various events, conferences, meetings and trade fairs, spreading themselves across multiple formats including live, digital and hybrid. Despite the uncertainty of the last few years, when events have been altered forever, the BTL Group has managed to keep its head above water through determination and a commitment to quality that is second to none. Years of experience in all types of live communications, as well as being specialists in digital event formats, has allowed for the tremendous growth of the BTL Group. Over the years, the team have been able to combine these skills into popular hybrid events. The team’s incredible results have been achieved thanks to a mindset which is passionate about success on behalf of their clients. This is a company which isn’t just determined to deliver an event to a high standard, but has passionate people about it who want to produce something exceptional. Sep22425 They know that the best events excel not simply through planning, but through allowing a system wherein spontaneity can thrive. When people turn to the BTL Group, the first thing they notice is a high degree of innovative strength. Their long history in the industry means that they know how to best address the challenges that arise in unique circumstances. To them, a challenge is an opportunity not to be wasted. Nowhere is this better shown than in the team’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Where many in the events industry flustered and floundered, the BTL Group were able to strengthen the various services on offer and provide an expanded service portfolio that stood apart from the crowd. It's little wonder, therefore, that so many associate the BTL Group with commitment, reliability and technical expertise. These typically German values are trademarks of every event that the BTL Group is involved in. Headquartered in the Rhineland, with branches in Berlin, Hanover, Frankfurt and Munich, the team have a reach that is nicely spread across the major metropolitan regions of Germany. This not only allows the team access to a host of commercial enterprises, but also provides excellent infrastructure. The positioning of the BTL Group is key, and the years have allowed the team to reap the benefits of their location incredibly effectively. The team’s commitment to improving their systems continually can be seen in the way in which they are in almost daily contact with their employees about how to best improve their services. Working from the ground up means that everyone involved in the event creation process is able to feedback and offer their unique perspective on how best to deliver on behalf of clients. Needless to say, over the years, the BTL Group has endeavoured to break new ground and ensure that they are foremost in the industry for their services. One of the ways in which they have done this is through the innovation of creating a bespoke employee app. This allows the team to be in more effective communication across the board, providing direct and pathways wherever is required. Smart tools are certain to be an invaluable addition to every single industry, and the BTL Group is committed to staying one step ahead of the curve when it comes to this sort of technological innovation. The BTL Group are also staying one step ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability has become a topic of major importance to many businesses since the pandemic and the team at the BTL Group have spent years pioneering new techniques and methods to provide a sustainable experience for all. Every event that they run allows them the opportunity to rethink and refine the way they work and the impact that they have. Thanks to carefully calculated systems, the team have often been able to transform the negative impacts of events into more positive results. Putting this work at the heart of everything that the team do is an absolutely necessary solution that allows the team to act as economically as possible for the weeks and months to come. This not only saves clients money in the long run, but protects the vital resources of the planet too. Live & Virtual Event Management Company of the Year 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 13 Live &Virtual Event Management Company of the Year 2022 Events have the power to inspire and inform, but only if run well. The team at the BTL Group know how to create events that really connect with audiences. Their ability to break new ground in the name of offering effective service is what sets them apart. They know that the best is yet to come, and we must continue to search for it in order to find it. Their success in the German Business Awards, where they were named Live & Virtual Event Management Company of the Year 2022 is to be applauded. We cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: btl next GmbH Name: Michael Terwint Email: [email protected] Web Address:

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , As an owner-managed advertising agency, SNOOK Frankfurt has been involved in the introduction to and establishment of services and products in the market. Operating with charisma, vigour, and a true dedication to duty when it comes to serving its clients, SNOOK Frankfurt’s core principle is that of enthusiasm; this relates to everything it does, and to every client it serves, allowing it to cultivate a reputation of excellence in marketing, and a wide network of clients for whom it is their trusted solution for marketing and communications. When it comes to marketing and outreach, SNOOK Frankfurt has made itself a true gem in the crown of its region. Working to the highest standards of understanding, empathy, and effectiveness, it will always get to know each of its clients on a deep and personable level – made possible by the diligent staff within SNOOK’s ranks – and resulting in services that truly make the difference in retail marketing, brand building, and automotive marketing. Nominally, each of these fields have their own specific quirks and idiosyncrasies that have ensured the development of SNOOK as a comprehensively talented company with a huge breadth and depth of proficiencies. ‘Enthusiasm is so much more than verbal expression,’ it says; it champions the term as something that drives each step in the process, and each facet of its work, from client interaction to content creation, allowing it as a concept to fuel its staff’s fascination, motivation, and action. Nominally, it goes through the entire customer journey with this in mind, creating a rocket-propelled bath to market for brands and products that need additional help reaching their niche. Indeed, by working with enthusiasm within itself, it fosters enthusiasm in the market segments it touches. Whether its clients are reaching out to it for help getting the attention of markets in retail, automation, or wider brand acclaim, its determination will see it take its clients from stage one to success by being there for them every step of the way, in all manner of different channels. In this Sep22440 manner, SNOOK has gained its acclaim by demonstrating outstanding work across both new communication channels and old. When it comes to its offline efforts, it can handle everything from corporate design to editorial design. Additionally, it works with brand building, CRM networking, and events of exhibition work, all in the name of fostering close personal relationships between a client and their market segment. Then, throughout the pandemic, it proved its acumen time and again by way of its highly sought-after online work, work that allowed customers to maintain connection to their customer base even throughout lockdown: this includes SEA and SEO, screen design, email marketing, social media marketing, YouTube marketing, and online PR. Indeed, its performance, analytics, and monitoring, as well as its creative and community focused work, keep its clients coming back time and again. Thanks to this, it cannot name simply one achievement that it has made possible and that it is proud of above all the others, and each client has been such a different case, with such specific needs and such specific pathways to success, that they cannot possibly be compares. Nominally, it is proud of every single client who walks through its doors, and excited about every product that they leave with, with its team always pouring their heart and soul into the companies it serves and the professionals who lead those firms. Of course, being a German company, this firm has also faced much hardship. With recent both national and international times of tumult, SNOOK is cognizant of how such things have impacted the market on the macro scale, and hopes to continue to be one of the cornerstone companies in its clients’ toolkit that can help them to continue reaching out positively to the market. Therefore, it has made itself utterly indispensable for many of its clients, as they benefit from the way its guiding hand can help them to find the right message, at the right time, for the right market segment. Combining strategic expertise with management, conceptual creation, targetoriented creativity, and more, its full-service advertising expertise taking it from strength to strength as it continues to adapt, grow, and develop, adopting yet more innovations into itself wherever it can. Critically, when it comes to in-depth and proven experiences in each of its specific market segments, it has developed a reputation all its own in the process. This has been one that positions it as a champion of outreach and audience management – both for B2B and B2C marketing communication – all of which is made possible with flexibility, speed, and reliability. Being in an industry still in its infancy, its efforts in marketing and advertising are shaping where this sector will be headed in the world as it moves forward, creating its role in the global corporate ecosystem within the new rules that the pandemic has created. This, ostensibly, also includes discussions of the metaverse and its implications, with digital marketing and all its various fields being at the very centre of these discussions as SNOOK Best Independent Marketing & Communications Agency - Frankfurt

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 15 Best Independent Marketing & Communications Agency - Frankfurt and its peers transition into further stages of evolution. As a result, SNOOK and its team of tightly knit professionals is excited to see what 2023 has in store Company: SNOOK Frankfurt Contact: Michael Ruppert Website:

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , Baumgärtner&WalzGmbHprovidesvitalservicesthataidclientsinmeetingtheirsustainability targets. Specialising in both construction and environmental services, the company’s list of solutions is extensive, andwith each one capable of being tailored to its clients’ needs, it’s fair to say that Baumgärtner &Walz is entirely client-centric in nature. Founded in 2000 by Jürgen Baumgärtner and Thomas Walz, Baumgärtner & Walz GmbH is a problem solver within the field of environmental protection. In essence, the company offers a diverse range of solutions – especially within the area of water – that aim to better the environment and preserve the health and quality of such sources. In addition to this, Baumgärtner & Walz provides its clients with support in marketing and sales, particularly within targeted procurement. Each of Baumgärtner & Walz’s services is entirely bespoke, tailored to the unique requirements and specifications of each project. The company’s solutions are divided into three core areas: service maintenance and testing, plant refurbishment, and area renovation. Under these headings, Baumgärtner & Walz provides an array of services that help to protect the environment and ensure that its clients are compliant with Sep22440 any environmental regulations, particularly Wasserhaushaltsgesetz, the Federal Water Act and the EU Water Framework Directive. Jürgen Baumgärtner and Thomas Walz both bring a wealth of invaluable experience to the company. Indeed, Jürgen is the Owner and Managing Director of Baumgärtner GmbH, a construction, civil engineering, and concrete construction firm. Thomas Walz, on the other hand, is a building materials and marketing specialist, who has worked in both the manufacturing and trade of building materials for many years. The two joined forces after many years of cooperation in the field of environmental protection; as such, Baumgärtner & Walz is built upon extensive knowledge and years of innovation. Working under the dynamic duo is a talented and passionate team who are experts within their respective fields. They are passionate about sustainability and upholding both Germany’s and the EU’s regulations surrounding the preservation of water supplies and the maintenance of water purity. Moreover, the team are united under the desire to provide each customer with an outstanding service that solves every single one of their problems, be it the repair of filling areas or the sealing of floors in accordance with the Federal Water Act. To further highlight the professionalism of Baumgärtner & Walz, it must be noted that the company possesses several accreditations from prestigious institutions. These include certifications in occupational safety and separator systems. 19 different certifications are featured on the company’s website, with each one showcasing the multitude of skills that the company possesses. Such accreditations prove to customers that Baumgärtner & Walz is serious about providing an exceptional and industry-leading standard of service – it further emphasises the fact that Baumgärtner & Walz practices what it preaches. On top of these certifications, Baumgärtner & Walz is a member of three well-established institutions: DWA Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V., vUmwelttechnik Netzwerk Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e.V., and BdSt Bund der Steuerzahler Baden-Württemberg e.V.. These organisations hold Baumgärtner & Walz accountable; they ensure that the company remains in line with regulations, and of course, the high standards set by both Baumgärtner & Walz and such institutions. DWA, BadenWürttemberg e. V, and Ecoliance each focus on professionalism – they believe in prioritising good practice and eco-friendly standards. In turn, Baumgärtner & Walz is Best Construction & Environmental Services Company - South Germany

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 17 Best Construction & Environmental Services Company - South Germany also expected to abide by the same ideals, ultimately resulting in an excellent service for the company’s clients. Going forward, it is expected that Baumgärtner & Walz will continue to leverage its impeccable values to push for sustainability within its clients’ businesses. The company, which has already become a recognisable face in the industry, will push for innovation, creativity, and ingenuity both within its own work, and across the wider industry. Baumgärtner & Walz’s devotion and passion will elevate the business to the next level, and it is then that the company will evolve and expand, widening the scope of its solutions. Therefore, as the climate crisis continues, Baumgärtner & Walz’s work will grow in importance, becoming something that is not optional, but vital. Best Construction & Environmental Services Company - South Germany is an accurate and necessary accolade that represents Baumgärtner & Walz’s devotion to sustainability, service, and client-centricity. Everything that the company does has been designed to benefit others – be it customers or society. The solutions that Baumgärtner & Walz offers are important. They are needed. As more businesses fight against the climate crisis, Baumgärtner & Walz’s services bolster and improve green infrastructure and practices. They ensure compliance, and they also ensure a better future. EU Business News is honoured to award Baumgärtner & Walz with this title, and we are excited to see what the company does going forward. Contact: Thomas Walz Company: Baumgartner & Walz Gmbh Web Address:

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , Modernsystems requiremodernsolutions. The teambehind theHOME&CAREnergieSolution Company Limited By Guarantee have made it their mission to deliver new developments to the property market that will revolutionise the way it works. Having achieved such enviable success in the German Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look to find out more. Traditional home ownership has not changed significantly over the past decades, with tried-andtested, well-known methods at the heart of their way of working. However, these ideas are not the ones that best suit the needs of today. They require a lot of consumables and are altogether too expensive to produce. A new way and form, a new approach to create new objects with essential characteristics, which takes into account the modern climate challenges, is crucial. The HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee team was established in 2020. These guarantee and development experts are breaking boundaries. They are unique, in every sense of the word, combining elements of various segments to create something brand new. With a focus on the natural and environmental sectors, combined with new cost structures, they offer a transformative take on previous industry applications. Their properties are sensational, preventing the release of heat and exhaust gases, and keeping them out of the atmosphere. These new buildings keep the environment 80% cleaner than traditional structures. HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee is not only committed to the use of energy, but to energy production on site, in the new property. Your consideration is the challenge they rise to every day, with a team determined to enable and use energy regardless of price spirals and enabling you to prevent problems of any form. Raw materials and supplies, for example, are becoming increasingly rare and, at certain intervals, increasingly expensive. This is exactly where the team thrive, with various developers from different departments able to connect the Oct22147 renewals for newly built objects with each other. Through this system of new service in self-sufficient form, instead of buying or selling electricity, it is produced directly on site. Specially designed storage units are used for extensive supply and are able to supply all supply points in a property, even up to 31 days without daylight. Beyond the practical elements of designing new properties, the HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee team also provides the knowledge base of how important to live life to the fullest in old age. The team has developed appropriate units and become a leader in this field, expanding age-friendly living with numerous special features, up to and including intensive care as required. This has also resulted in the real estate exchange sector, a kind of real estate exchange whose system on the market results in older customers being able to move into senior-friendly housing units without any problems or encumbrances. The modern world requires modern solutions, and that’s precisely what the HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee team are determined to deliver. It is quite telling that the HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee team offers and facilitates such comprehensive solutions in the residential property sector, implementing complete solutions in every aspect future safe and oriented. Thinking ahead and freeing customers from price spirals is the most important thing, moving forward. End users often find it difficult to purchase residential units on the market, but with the help of the HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee team, many have been able to put themselves in a position to purchase a residential unit. Giving them the ability to move right in after completion and pay off the debt through monthly amounts is a direct result of the team’s newly designed property leasing and property hire purchase system. From planning, creation to completion and related works, it is possible to directly partner with HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee. This removes the need to carry out the contract settlements and replaces the need for complex application procedures for financing. In the past, the team have been taken aback by the immense popularity of their offerings. People from all walks of life found a way to their dream of combining nature and environmental thinking with living. Creating these green changes has not only resulted in the implementation of the necessary techniques, technologies and social changes, but also overcomes the stereotypes of those who disagree with the green agenda. Given the continued success of HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee, it is easy to see that the forward thinking attitude has been a triumph of the company. A significant part of this is due to Germany's impressive position in the development of new technologies and manufacturing techniques. Unfortunately, environmental protection has taken a back seat in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have had a major impact on the global status quo, making it very clear that there is a lack of raw materials of many kinds which keep operations moving. The approach of HOME & CAR Energie Solution Company Limited By Guarantee has therefore enabled new ways for clients to become less vulnerable in the future. Best Real Estate & Leasing Solutions Company - Munich