German Business Awards 2022

30 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 , Oct22103 Delve into a land of speed, excitement, and adventure at FunArena Ingolstadt. From escape rooms to a fast-paced go-karting track, FunArena Ingolstadt has all the things you need to have an action-packed day out, including activities suitable for all the family. Visitors describe the recreation centre as ‘great’ and the ‘best place [they’ve] ever been,’ so, for a world of fun, visit FunArena Ingolstadt. Imagine a place where boredom simply does not exist – a place where fun can be found in every corner, and activities such as go-kart racing and laser tag are an everyday occurrence. In 2015, this place came to life. KartArena Ingolstadt, which later became FunArena Ingolstadt, was founded, bringing with it a vast 3000m2 go-karting track. As time progressed and the establishment evolved into FunArena Ingolstadt, additions such as laser tag, six escape rooms, and a virtual reality area joined the unique, funpacked landscape. With activities suitable for a diverse range of ages, FunArena Ingolstadt truly is a place that can claim to be ‘fun for all ages.’ Henceforth, the recreation centre is equipped to host events of all types in its 80-seat bistro, with room available for birthday parties, bachelor parties, business events, and much more. If guests have to wait for their activity, then they have the opportunity to spend time in the FunArena games area, which includes classics such as air hockey and foosball and combines them with simulators and other contemporary tech-based activities. In addition, FunArena Ingolstadt is home to the FunArena Family, which is comprised of the team and the company’s guests. Created in 2020 by the workforce, the FunArena Family grows year upon year, and is consistently exceeding FunArena Ingolstadt’s goals. The centre’s guests are, simply, more than guests, they are an integral part of the company. Consequently, it is this family atmosphere that serves as FunArena Ingolstadt’s unique selling point. It is something that is ingrained within every fibre of the company, serving as a part of its core values and dictating the steps that the company should take going forward. ‘In my opinion, the German economy is characterized by typical German virtues such as punctuality, order, diligence, and cleanliness. All this together results in the quality standard that everyone expects from "Made in Germany,"’ explains Stefan Zach, Operations Manager. ‘One of the greatest strengths is that, no matter how people get along with each other, when the going gets tough, they stick together and find ways to find a good solution.’ Indeed, the FunArena Ingolstadt team is a significant contributor to the company’s success, ensuring that it truly maintains the sense of ‘family.’ In response to this, FunArena Ingolstadt has formatted a culture that truly prioritises the needs of its employees – it takes them seriously in their individuality, embracing their diversity. However, the company does have a structured recruitment process which guarantees that the potential recruit fits seamlessly into the company. It aims to find out whether the person fits in, if they can adapt quickly, and if they have good social skills. This is how FunArena Ingolstadt finds loyal and enthusiastic employees. Throughout the end of 2022 and the start of 2023, FunArena Ingolstadt plans to leverage each of these elements and its current success to induce growth. Whilst the company dreams of a larger location, it believes that it is imperative to be realistic, and in the wake of the Ukraine war, a financial crisis across Europe, and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is on a mission to achieve stability and sustainable growth. In terms of future trends, Stefan adds, ‘the topic of virtual reality is becoming more and more popular in the leisure industry. This is a clearly calculable and less expensive alternative to conventional attractions due to rising floor space prices. The topic of escape games is also becoming increasingly popular. This could also be related to the contact restrictions during the pandemic. People thirst for joint ventures. In the karting sector, I clearly see alternative drives. Not just electric motors, but rather e-fuels or even hydrogenpowered engines.’ Contact: Stefan Zach Company: KartArena Ingolstadt Betriebs Gmbh Web Address: Best Wide-Range Entertainment Provider - Bavaria