German Business Awards 2022

66 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2022 Sep22615 In a sea of business plans, logos, marketing, and communicationmethods, it can be hard to stand out. Designing and optimising tomaximise the success of your business endeavours, dreizehn+Vier GmbHhas carved out a path for itself in a crowded industry. Here we learn about the firmas it wins this outstanding accolade in the German Business Awards 2022. Founded in Hanover, dreizehn+Vier GmbH is a proud and sophisticated business that provides the most cuttingedge digital technology – tailored to make communication easy. Working with well-established brands, as well as small to medium sized companies, dreizehn+Vier has formed an endless list of long-term customer relationships where people are more than happy to come back to dreizehn+Vier again and again. Its customers come from a variety of industries, sizes, and backgrounds, but they all have one thing in mind – success! Without dreizehn+Vier there would be much lower success rates for companies looking to branch out digitally. From the presentation to their company and achievements, to their competency and online presence, dreizehn+Vier promises bright futures ahead. Channelling strong messages, through its digital means, dreizehn+Vier guarantees its customers’ businesses gain traction in the corporate landscape. Advising them holistically, dreizehn+Vier has three core processes: strategy consulting, digital visibility, and communication solutions. Increasing customers’ digital visibility through innovative solutions, dreizehn+Vier sees itself as a creative force of the future. Offering itself as a pioneering network agency looking to make its mark on the world, dreizehn+Vier focuses its energy on the freedom that comes with creativity – and the autonomy that its customers can experience just by working with it. dreizehn+Vier’s online presence has guaranteed the development and growth of information within its online platform that helps its entrepreneurs and invested members of the public. Manager of dreizehn+Vier, Sandra Bendyk, says, “this online presence enables the network to carry out active and interactive public relations work.” Its many projects include conception and realization of a consulting design for a management consultancy; workshops on the reorientation of the communication strategy for economic development; logo development and design of a corporate design for experts in the chemical, oil, gas, and food industries; further development of visitor communication for a zoo; design and realization of a new website for an international manufacturer of diamond tools. With the online world constantly changing and evolving, it is of utmost importance that we communicate in the most advanced ways. So, it is no surprise that dreizehn+Vier GmbH has won Most Innovative Digital Communications Agency in Lower Saxony – as it continues to build our businesses in Germany and beyond. Contact: Sandra Bendyk Company: dreizehn+Vier GmbH Web Address: Most Innovative Digital Communications Agency – Lower Saxony “With around 150 projects in the field of digital communication – we are always looking for ideas and possibilities, inspiring and designing digital communication tools.”