German Business Awards 2023

Jul22493 39. For 35 years, the MH (Michaela Huber) Academy has been training doctors and therapists, providing them with certified psychological live events and seminars focused on stress and trauma-related disorders like PTSD, kPTSD, and DID. Here, we speak to psychotherapist and stress expert Michaela Huber to find out more about the academy in the wake of its recent success in the German Business Awards 2023. Having graduated from the University of Münster in 1977 with a degree in psychology, Michaela Huber went on to become an accomplished psychological psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, translator, and author of numerous specialist books. Alongside Professor Reddemann and Dr. Arne Hofmann, she played a significant role in establishing modern trauma therapy in Germany, supported by Onno van der Hart and Ellert Nijenhuis. Over the years, Michaela has been honoured with several prestigious accolades and awards, bestowed upon her in recognition of her excellent work. For her research and specialist publications, she was the first woman outside of the USA and the first German to receive the renowned International Distinguished Achievement Award. Moreover, for her efforts to support women with dissociative identity disorder, she received the Pappenheim Prize. Michaela is also proud to have been presented with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her dedication to supporting severely traumatised people, initiating the first women’s shelters, and establishing psychotrauma centres. The most recent accolades amongst her extensive portfolio include a Mental Health Award, a Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award, and the Women World Award 2023. Now, having previously served as a psychotraumatologist in the Kosovo war, Michaela has taken on the role of supporting traumatised girls and women affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Furthermore, through the MH Academy, she is working alongside an excellent team to set up institutes for research, teaching, and therapy related to stress disorders across the world. Michaela aims to provide doctors, psychologists, and therapists with stateof-the-art diagnostics and treatment for stress and trauma-related disorders. To this end, she delivers numerous certified seminars and webinars that align with ICD 11 and DSM 5, addressing the topics of stress-related disorders, stress prevention, modern treatments, and supervision. Clients are invited to view and book events on the academy’s online portal. At the MH Academy, Michaela is supported by a team of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the areas of psychological research, practice, and teaching, meaning that they have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to the academy’s participants. It is highly advantageous that the team are not purely theorists but have actively worked in forensics, psychiatric wards, prisons, rehabilitation facilities, counselling centres, and practices. They have also been involved in research into the design of modern trauma therapy since the 1980s, meaning that they are well-equipped to pass on expertise about the triggers, processes, and diagnostics related to such mental disorders, as well as the path of therapy required to stabilise, improve, and cure them. “Our experts have experience abroad, including in war operations and aftercare for war returnees, refugees, and people in exile,” Michaela adds. “The greatest strength of our academy is the international network with many universities, further training academies, and experts in the trauma field.” Currently, the work undertaken by the MH Academy is more important than ever. There are an increasing number of individuals who have found themselves unable to withstand the psychological stress that comes with living in the new era. People are experiencing fear due to the pandemic, war, climate catastrophes, increase in violence in schools and other public spaces, increase in abuse of children, increase in rape, murder, and harassment of women, violence against seniors, and other distressing issues. As a consequence of this increase in fear, many more people are struggling with their mental health. “Mental illnesses, especially stress-related disorders, make up the majority of all sick notes,” Michaela explains. “Young people are more affected than ever by depression and anxiety disorders. That’s why it’s so important that we continue to train specialists in the area of stress and trauma-related disorders. Thousands of therapists are needed in Germany to diagnose and treat those affected.” For everything it has accomplished, MH Academy has been named Best Psychological Live Events and Seminars Provider in the German Business Awards 2023. On the future of the academy, Michaela shares, “We have digitised our entire training series. We are currently in the process of converting the previous live training by our experts into a videoon-demand system. From 2024 onwards, every expert can undertake further training if time allows. We are also establishing a multilingual continuing education line.” Contact: Martina Pacino Company: MH Michaela Huber PPT Web Address: Best Psychological Live Events & Seminars Provider 2023