German Business Awards 2023

German Business Awards 2023

EU Business News is proud to announce the return of the German Business Awards 2023 for its seventh instalment! This is a prestigious awards programme that aims to celebrate and honour the achievements of businesses operating in Germany. The German Business Awards 2023 is open to businesses of all sizes and sectors, from established corporations to innovative start-ups. Whatever your business specialises in, we want to hear from you! Germany is one of the largest and most influential economies in Europe, and throughout the world. It is renowned for its high quality products, its technological innovation, its environmental sustainability, and its social responsibility. Despite the recent challenges posed by the pandemic and subsequent global recession, Germany has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability and has continued to grow and prosper in 2023. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: German Business Awards 2023 AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. a.con Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH: Tax Planning Firm of the Year 2023 - Saxony 6. Wessel-Werk GmbH: Best Luxury Business Digital Marketing Specialists 2023 8. Werner Ditzinger GmbH: Best Industry & Handcraft Supplies Distributor 2023 10. SW-Comnizept GmbH & Co. KG: Most Customer-Focused Managed IT Company 2023 - North Rhine-Westphalia 12. terraplastik Spritzgusstechnik GmbH: Best MedTech & Fluid Filter Injection Moulding Products Company 2023 13. LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG: Best Caravan & Motor Homes Manufacturer 2023 14. Christian Wiesner - SMARTe Unternehmensentwicklung: Strategic Business Consultant of the Year 2023: Christian Wiesner 15. schuhplus - Schuhe in Übergrößen - GmbH: Best Specialist Footwear Retailer 2023 16. Schicht Gmbh - Wasseraufbereitungstechnik: Best Water Treatment Innovation Company 2023 17. Barbersconcept: Best Hairdressing Supplies Company 2023 18. Zaibr Innovations GmbH: Most Innovative Digitization Consultancy 2023 19. PS Modellbau Prototyping Solutions: Best Technical Prototype Maker 2023 - DACH 20. rooom AG: Best Enterprise Metaverse Experience Development Platform 2023 21. D&O Vertriebs GmbH I PKW GUTACHTER: Vehicle Appraisal Service of the Year 2023 22. IMPRESS Destination Services: Best Event & Destination Management Company 2023 23. IServ GmbH: Most Innovative Educational Network Management Platform 2023 24. Anima Res 3D Medical Animation: Best Medical Animation Studio 2023 25. OptiSense GmbH & Co. KG: Best Photothermal Measuring Systems Provider 2023 26. Zaibr Innovations GmbH: Most Innovative Digitization Consultancy 2023 27. Rathauspassage Hamburg: Most Socially-Conscious Civic Enterprise 2023 28. Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Lücker MPRecht: Best Medical Device Law Firm 2023 29. LReply GmbH: Product Testing & Market Research Platform of the Year 2023 30. German LED Tech GmbH: Best LED Lighting Manufacturer 2023 - Europe 32. SEP AG: Best Global Data Backup & Recovery Company 2023 33. Metriax GmbH: Most Innovative Payment Tech Solutions Company 2023 34. KartArena Ingolstadt Betriebs Gmbh: Wide-Range Entertainment Provider of the Year 2023 35. Reifferscheid & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB: Best Business & Finance Advisory Firm 2023 36. Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH: Hydraulics & Pneumatics Supplier of the Year 2023 37. SoGeht's GmbH: eLearning Specialists of the Year 2023 - Europe 38. Sonako e.K. Inh. Christine Schroeck: Best Quality Assurance Partner 2023 - Thuringia 39. MH Michaela Huber PPT: Best Psychological Live Events & Seminars Provider 2023 Contents

Jul22546 4. he foundation of a.con Steuerberatung GmbH dates back to February 1990 and the approval to open a representative office in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, by the Council of Ministers of the GDR. Since February 1991, the company's permanent headquarters has been in Dresden, albeit at that time as a management consulting company. Since 2002, the company has been serving clients under the name of a.con Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, and its many years of experience ultimately set it apart from other competitors in the industry. Through hard work, the company has evolved into a medium-sized tax company that provides comprehensive services to all clients. As a result, the company covers financial accounting, payroll, tax returns, and advocacy with the tax office. These are just some of the services the company offers, although it also covers more extensive and specific areas such as tax optimization for private wealth creation, corporate succession and execution of wills. The company's success is due in large part to its consistent focus on employees AND clients, a strategy the company has pursued for years. For its clients, the company is a partner on an equal footing. All professional consulting takes place under one roof, as symbolized by the company logo, and in macroeconomic context, with a special focus on taxation. All clients are actively served, and the company enjoys the daily challenges of tax law. The company very successfully asserts the rights of its clients in the context of tax audits and provides security in an oftenturbulent time. Employees are offered a friendly and professional work environment. This includes contemporary workstations with dual screens and height-adjustable desks in bright, modern spaces in a fantastic location. The company's working hours are family-friendly, offering generous flexibility and the opportunity to work from home. Mindfulness and psychological coaching are also offered to all employees, as the company is committed to its social responsibility. To achieve this, Tax Planning Firm of the Year 2023 - Saxony a.con Steuerberatung GmbH is a tax planning company located in Dresden, Saxony, in Germany. The company prides itself on providing individualized advice and services to its clients, whether it be accounting or tax return issues. Dealing with the complexity of taxation and the plethora of laws and regulations is almost impossible in today's hectic world. Good professional advice such as that provided by a.con Steuerberatung GmbH can solve most problems and free the client from a lot of time-consuming office work. In an interview with Jens Beyer, we find out more about the expert advice and service that the company offers its clients. the company supports its employees with a company pension plan. In addition, employees can take advantage of many other benefits that boost morale and reward hard work. The a.con Steuerberatung GmbH places particular emphasis on the personal and professional development of its employees. The company is also a recognized training partner of the Dresden University of Cooperative Education. a.con Steuerberatung GmbH is constantly developing with a future-oriented focus to ensure continued success and to meet the trends and changes in the economy. This is evident, for example, in the company's certified status as a digital tax office and in the certification of two of the company's employees as Addison OneClick consultants. All clients and employees are accompanied throughout the emerging digital transformation, ensuring their successful navigation of these rapid developments. Jens explains, "Medium-sized companies are the backbone of Germany. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular provide around 56% of jobs and 90% of apprenticeships." The tax advisor is convinced that only through the achievements of small and medium-sized enterprises is a broad and adequate income for employees possible. Many developments and innovations in important and notable industries have been realized by small and medium-sized enterprises. Without the innovative power and strength of small entrepreneurs and medium-sized businesses, the success of large corporations would not be possible or would become increasingly difficult. It is the personal commitment, performance, and motivation of entrepreneurs that has formed the basis of the success of the German economy in recent decades. The responsibility that small SMEs take on when it comes to training, in conjunction with dual training, makes it possible to have an extremely high level of technically well-trained employees in many areas. These are ultimately necessary to ensure Germany's quality edge in international comparisons. To successfully differentiate itself from the competition and offer customers the best possible service, a.con Steuerberatung GmbH has taken various measures to guarantee success. T Contact: Jens Beyer Company: a.con Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH Web Address: Sep23561

5. The company does this primarily by understanding that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions that can be applied to existing challenges. Instead, the team personally addresses the specific needs of each challenge with a range of individual solutions. Through professionalism, the team works together to find customized solutions that work for its clients. Looking at current industry trends, there are currently two major challenges for German SMEs. Firstly, there is a shortage of skilled workers across all sectors, and companies of all kinds are in fierce competition for the talent of the future. Added to this is the explosive development of the digital world, which brings with it a host of challenges, but also a wealth of development opportunities. In view of these challenges, it is important to continue to offer customers the highest level of service while maintaining the element of individuality despite the digitization of many tasks. a.con Steuerberatung GmbH has a company culture based on a corporate philosophy. The team perceives the tasks Tax Planning Firm of the Year 2023 - Saxony as a vocation and not as a burden. When recruiting new colleagues, great importance is attached to each individual who authentically represents the philosophy. This is the reason for the company´s long-term success. a.con Steuerberatung GmbH has a flat hierarchy. All employees are encouraged to seek professional advice from colleagues, and if further problems arise, the managing director is always on hand to offer advice and support. Looking ahead to the remainder of 2023 and beyond, the company aims to further expand its team both quantitatively and qualitatively. This includes offering further digitization for clients in the near future to further streamline the company's services. Finally, a.con Steuerberatung GmbH intends to intensify its efforts to offer additional services in the areas of corporate succession and execution of wills. Clients will benefit from this while continuing to receive the same quality service that the company has achieved over the years.

Jul22546 6. edium-sized company Wessel-Werk is headquartered in North Rhine-Westphalian Reichshof-Wildbergerhütte, which can be found approximately 50 kilometres to the East of Cologne. In this location, the company has developed and produced vacuum cleaner nozzles and accessories for more than 60 years, boasting a product portfolio inclusive of standard and electric nozzles, turbo brushes, and energyefficient, multifunctional products tailor made for household, commercial, and industrial uses. Moreover, Wessel-Werk is happy to offer custom solutions for either country- or device-specific requirements, with these exclusive products able to boast the claim of being tailor-made. In addition to its German headquarters, the company also owns and operates production facilities in China and Poland, a sales company based in the USA, and an injection moulding company, all of which sit under the Wessel-Werk banner. After decades of experience in the field of plastic production, the business decided to establish the latter, with the facility focusing on the appliance, heat and sanitation, leisure and hobby, automotive, and medicine technology markets, further expanding its reach and providing similarly quality solutions to a fresh series of challenges. Wolfgang’s extensive experience working for an injection moulding company prior to joining Wessel-Werk no doubt had a hand in the company deciding to expand in this way, and the quality and procurement skills he honed at his previous employer lent themselves to this venture being a triumph. Expansion is of paramount importance to the business in order to remain fresh and innovative more than 90 years since operations commenced, and to this end, Wolfgang, Jana, and the rest of the marketing team are constantly adapting their methods to stay up to date with the company’s ever-expanding mission. As a company proudly built on its values, Wessel-Werk has adopted the same core values since it began operating back in 1931, with the business continuing to set the standard for quality, innovation, and performance across its line of products, providing the highest calibre solutions to customers. In regard to its interactions and customer service strategy, trust, honesty, loyalty, appreciation, and respect are all adopted in equal measure, and the company consults with Best Luxury Business Digital Marketing Specialists 2023 Wessel-Werk GmbH is a company specialising in the production of vacuum cleaner accessories and is today one of the largest independent producers of these items in the world. The company supplies many of the industry-leading vacuum cleaner manufacturers worldwide, in addition to possessing the status of system supplier for the sector. These successes would not have been possible without a stellar digital marketing team, led by Director of Marketing and Sales Wolfgang Geurden, who has been with the company now for nearly 30 years. Over this period, Wolfgang and his team have spearheaded many impactful projects, adopting a hands-on approach inclusive of the product idea through to the final introduction and sales. We speak with a member of the marketing team, Jana Brücher, to learn more about the company and its achievements within the marketing landscape. customers in order to define the vacuum cleaner to specific market segments throughout wider industry, highlighting the ways in which it can prove beneficial. For Wessel-Werk, the ultimate mission is to provide all customers with the best solutions possible, while simultaneously developing its team to constantly improve on what it does well into the future. Working towards sustainable growth is also key for the team, who attach great importance to reinforcing open communication channels and holding meetings with customers, as well as measuring success on the innovative product offerings that are currently secured by more than 100 valid patents across the board. As Jana explains, “like a good tire on a car, Wessel-Werk products stand for optimal performance and reliability on a vacuum cleaner.” This link to cars is more than just coincidence, with a significant portion of the company’s digital marketing efforts drawing comparison between the vacuuming equipment and the sleekness, speed, and power present in race cars. One of the products offered by the business is the “Speed Glider – Racing Edition”, which has a deign borrowed from a racing car, and is complete with the slogan: “the fastest nozzle in the world”. Comparisons do not end there, as other images stem from a racing environment, likening the design of a vacuum cleaner to that of the front of a race car on a track, complemented by the tagline: “it’s all about the pedestal”. With these comparisons to boot, the company’s nozzles are an industry benchmark across the globe, with the technology frequently coming out on top in international comparison tests, and the recognition this brings the business is an immense source of pride for its hardworking team. The success of Wessel-Werk’s marketing strategies is apparent in the worldwide exposure it is continuing to garner, including being awarded a German Brand Award in 2020, a German Innovation Award in 2021, and a German Design Award in 2022. Through these awards, even those outside of the industry are beginning to notice the business’ offerings, testament to a combination of great products and excellent marketing. Impactful marketing campaigns are crucial to success in Germany, as small- and medium-sized companies are substantial elements of the German economy and make up the majority of businesses M Contact: Jana Brücher & Wolfgang Geurden Company: Wessel-Werk GmbH Web Address: Sep23503

7. across the country. Jana explains, “just like us, many of them are relatively unknown, but are global players in the world market and present in many households.” The term “quality” is synonymous with German manufacturing, and the country’s extensive experience in the global business market offers a competitive service where value for money is guaranteed due to the quality nature of the products. To this end, Wessel-Werk’s USP is a combination of this development competence and the high-quality materials it uses within its firstclass products it offers. This outstanding quality is something that customers particularly value, made abundantly clear through numerous long-standing business relationships that the company has nurtured with clients, and solidified through the awards which it is continuing to receive. On a marketing front, the team’s unique ability to remain agile and open to industry shifts allows for an unparalleled level of efficiency in solutions, maximising success. This serves to stand the company in good stead for the future, when industry advancements will see a continual shift towards sustainable and smart technology solutions. As Jana describes, “smart technology in combination with AI will become more important in the cleaning industry”, and this coupled with development in the battery-powered vacuum cleaner sector and a trend within households of moving to wood, vinyl, and stone floors, means that the team will continue to have their work cut out in the future, marketing innovative new solutions to different client bases and partners around the globe. Best Luxury Business Digital Marketing Specialists 2023 Despite this seemingly mammoth task, Wessel-Werk’s employees can more than rise to the challenge, with one of the company’s key strengths being its vast experiences as a result of high retention levels, with many staff having worked at the company for years, including up to several decades, such as Wolfgang. As Jana outlines, “This results in comprehensive know-how regarding the industry and development, processes within the company, but […] also continuity with the customer.” New staff also benefit from this wealth of knowledge, assuring that they are well-trained and never far away from necessary guidance. Looking ahead to the business’ next few years, Wessel-Werk is increasingly looking to become a partner for not only floor care attachments, but other complementary products that contribute towards the company’s aims of assembling a global network. One noteworthy way that the company is seeking to achieve this is by expanding horizontally and vertically, allowing it to better follow and adjust quicker to the fast-changing market. Ultimately, Wessel-Werk GmbH’s commitment to providing the best solutions has yielded a passionate customer base on a worldwide scale, who hold the company and its services in the highest regard and see the business as a beacon of quality and excellence. Much of this success can be attributed to the work of Wolfgang, Jana, and the rest of the marketing department, whose unbridled dedication to expanding the number of eyes on the products makes the business more than deserving of this award celebrating its marketing prowess.

8. Best Industry & Handcraft Supplies Distributor 2023 Sep23449 In 1958, Founder Werner Ditzinger established Ditzinger as a small retail store. Driven by an ambitious vision, he later made the change from retail to wholesale, constructing a new base for the business in the Braunschweig industrial area. Over the years, Werner saw his vision become reality as the company continued to evolve and grow, before he handed over the reins to Katja and Axel Ditzinger in 1998. Under the the leadership of the new generation and the new members of the management Jörg Schmidt and Jan Scherreiks, an additional branch was set up in Nordhausen, Thuringia. Soon after, in 2004, Ditzinger expanded into Poland with the foundation of Ditzinger Sp. z oo, an industrial equipment supplier in Wrocław. The next decade saw even further growth for Ditzinger, with the establishment of an Einbeck branch in 2009, the launch of a specialist tool shop in Wernigerode in 2013, and the construction of the company’s Braunschweig headquarters in 2014. By 2019, the company was in the process of taking over the business area of TTH Technikhandel GmbH in Zella Mehlis. Now, after 65 years of constant growth, Ditzinger’s revenue has reached an impressive €35,000,000. However, the company has no plans to stagnate any time soon. Its colleagues from the Nordhausen location have recently moved into new premises at Rathsfelder Straße 6C, laying the foundation for further expansion in the coming years. The business is also proud to have recently welcomed Tom Ditzinger to the team, who is the third generation of the Ditzinger family. Today, Ditzinger’s work involves supplying companies, fulfilling their general maintenance needs, and guaranteeing security of supply for production stability. Its biggest clients are Volkswagen AG, ALSTOM, Salzgitter Stahl AG, Kali & Salz AG, Nordzucker AG, Bühler AG Swiss, and AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik. Ditzinger boasts a broad product portfolio, featuring more than 1,000,000 articles. Its primary offerings include rolling bearings, V-belts, tools, safety products, operating equipment, Werner Ditzinger GmbH is a technical wholesaler that has been supplying materials to trade and industry clients for more than six decades. Operating across six locations in Germany and Poland, the company is conveniently located to serve its clients. Furthermore, with a team of 110 qualified employees who are available to provide advice every day, it is always prepared to fulfil their unique needs. Here, we speak to Managing Partner Axel Ditzinger to find out more about the company. fasteners, and much more. The company has approximately 200,000 stock items, 98% of which are delivered within 24 hours nationwide or, for customers across Europe, 48 hours. To accomplish this impressive speed of service, Ditzinger and other partners of the PREMIUM Format Group dispatches more than 8,000 parcels and 500 pallets every day from an eLC central warehouse, which is equipped with over 170,000 storage spaces. Furthermore, from an automated small parts warehouse with more than 70,000 storage spaces for small containers, over 26,000 items are processed by approximately 400 employees. Ditzinger does not see itself as a standard catalogue seller. The company is unique because of its excellent team of salespeople, who are close to the customer and work hard to provide them with technical solutions and competent advice. Every day, they deal with individual customer requests, which are just as common as catalogue orders. Ditzinger recognises that it must provide its employees with continuous training, empowering them to deliver this exceptional standard of service. Furthermore, as a company with several decades of rich history under its belt, Ditzinger understands the importance of evolving to keep up with the changing times. For this reason, it has worked tirelessly to adapt to the challenges of the digital world. Investing heavily in digital procedure optimisation, the company is committed to meeting the future technological requirements of its customers. For example, Ditzinger provides clients with the master data of its product ranges digitally, enabling them to import it into their own merchandise management systems. This means that all desired information such as item descriptions, purchase prices, and images can easily be imported. Furthermore, their recorded order is automatically transmitted to Ditzinger through an interface, contributing towards its speed of service. Ditzinger is already prepared for the current digital processes, offering customers the solutions they need. As investments in IT solutions and manpower

continue to increase, the company aims to serve as a single source supported by digital application solutions. However, Ditzinger expects digital order processing to continue to change in the years to come. For this reason, it will continue to invest in developing its digital technologies. “Most of our items are lowvalue products where the processing costs of an order are not always proportional to the product value,” Axel comments. “In this respect, it will be important to automate the processes and simplify them via an interface connection between customer and supplier. We put our full attention into this process and are already well-positioned to meet new customer requirements.” Being based in Germany, a country that is currently undergoing an economic upheaval, many of Ditzinger’s customers are facing challenges. The long-standing partnership and energy supply from Russia has ended and is now being replaced by alternative sustainable energy production locally. As a result, companies in the energy-intensive industry are facing difficulties as they struggle to maintain international competitiveness. Axel adds, “However, the resulting pressure for change can once again become a growth engine for new innovative products in the future if we develop faster than international competitors due to the imposed need for innovation.” Ditzinger is committed to supporting its customers as they navigate these challenges. Proud of its highly flexible nature, the company is willing to adapt to their individual needs and evolve in line with changes in the supply process. For example, it offers a contribution to reduce the process costs of procurement, since small items often result in higher procurement costs than the individual item value justifies. In addition, after consultation, Ditzinger aims to ensure security of supply, stocking up to meet the specific needs of the customer. It also works to cushion delivery times by constantly adjusting its stocks. As a result of its continued excellence and its unwavering dedication to its customers, Werner Ditzinger GmbH has been named Best Industrial Equipment Repair Solutions Manufacturer in the German Business Awards 2023. On the future of the company, Axel shares, “We will have steady growth in 2023. We want to expand further and are interested in taking over other trading companies. Due to the variety of our procurement services for maintenance needs, we are convinced that we will be able to clearly stand out from the offerings of our competitors in the future.” Contact Details Contact: Axel Ditzinger Company: Werner Ditzinger GmbH Web Address:

Jul22546 10. W-Comnizept GmbH & Co. KG is a company based in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The town offers a charming mix of modern and traditional sights, not unlike the company of SW-Comnizept itself, which offers a state-of-the-art complete service in the field of electronic data processing (EDP) combined with a conventional, dyed-in-the-wool approach to providing top quality customer service. For SW-Comnizept, the customer is always king (or queen), and it concentrates wholeheartedly on satisfying their needs. It is proud to place more value on achieving great customer satisfaction than on hitting a profit margin. SW-Comnizept specialises in proficiently handling hardware, software, the design of business documents, website capabilities, and the public image of its valued client companies. It is glad to be able to offer a comprehensive range of services in the field of EDP and information technology, with everything its clients’ might require all available from a single source. This encompasses IT consulting, hardware repair services, operating system installation, remote maintenance, virus removal, and data transfer from old devices to new. The company has its finger on the pulse of trends and innovations in the department of managed IT infrastructures. It realises that workflows, and the IT associated with such, are currently embroiled in a time of major transformation. Working from home has become the norm for many, with home offices becoming a widely accepted way to operate in recent times. This means not only must IT systems keep pace, but wherever they are located they must also be secure and compliant with data protection regulations. SW-Comnizept is capable of offering cloud telephone systems, server solutions, and VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections. It also stands ready to assist client companies as a certified data protection officer. Most Customer-Focused Managed IT Company 2023 - North Rhine-Westphalia From web hosting facilities to hardware repair services, SW-Comnizept offers everything a burgeoning business might require in the fields of electronic data processing (EDP), information technology (IT), communications, and design. It is confident its professional and experienced team will be able to find the perfect solution for you, and is committed to persevering when others are all too eager to throw in the towel. It covers multiple business areas, with a particular focus on managed services for IT systems used by its external client organisations. In a GDPR focused world, the need to be compliant is all encompassing. With SW-Comnizept at your side, all your employees are protected, and trust is established with third-party customers and business partners. Furthermore, and in accordance with German regulations, all data protection officers must be able to prove their relevant IT competence and legal knowledge. SW-Comnizept, continuously trains with the relevant data protection academies, and can prove this with appropriate certificates. The GDPR compliant activities a SW-Comnizept data protection officer can take on for companies includes verification of needs through checklists, the creation of internal and external process directories, training and instruction of employees, contact with the regulators, privacy controls and more, all for a transparent and fixed monthly price. The complete managed services available at SW-Comnizept include options such as diagnosis, operating system installation, and virus removal. It is the ideal solution for customers who might have questions such as “why isn’t my PC running smoothly?”. SW-Comnizept offers fault diagnosis that will answer your questions, and what’s more it will be able to tell you why. The service it offers involves testing all components, and then afterwards it is completely down to the customer to decide whether they want to have their device repaired. SW-Comnizept can install Windows, MacOS or Linux on devices, update systems, adjust settings, and make sure all drivers required are installed and running correctly. Checking the functionality is included in the price of having operating systems installed. It will also scan your devices for viruses or other malware, remove any offending bugs found, and finally double check for function with its virus removal package. Following this, SW-Comnizept is happy to recommend appropriate protection software for its clients. The point of managed services is to outsource the responsibility for maintaining a whole range of processes and functions, thus S Company: SW-Comnizept GmbH & Co. KG Web Address: Contact Name: Sascha Wöstheinrich Sep23437 “As an external data protection officer, we ensure that your company analyses and complies with the Federal Data Protection Act. The necessary directories are drawn up, your specific needs are determined on the basis of a checklist and we also answer all necessary questions and, if necessary, deal with all the necessary authorities.” “You are in the right hands with us! On request, we can take care of your entire infrastructure at unbeatable prices. Both for private customers and for companies.”

11. allowing the client company to focus on core competencies and provide more capability to end users. This can help reduce running costs, and enable organisations to provide even better internal and external services, putting their all into this, knowing that their IT infrastructure is being looked after in a proactive fashion by a trusted partner. Furthermore, it is universally acknowledged that the failure of a company’s IT infrastructure can cost a lot of money and cause a significant amount of damage. Unwanted computer programmes such as extortion trojans, encrypted data, or just non-functioning backup structures all take a toll on a company’s time and expenses. It makes sense to outsource the responsibility to a managed service expert such as SW-Comnizept, a company with one of the best price to performance options on the market. It is faster and more flexible than many of its rivals, and has an excellent knowledge of the industrial landscape across many different sectors. SW-Comnizept offers managed service products in a variety of ways. For example, it stores complex backup data in secure. encrypted, data centres that check and ensure compliance with data protection regulations on a daily basis. In the unfortunate event of a fire, a data surge, or even theft, it is fully capable of restoring operations within minutes. It monitors everything daily, and submits to regular checking by test centres. The managed service SW-Comnizept offers Most Customer-Focused Managed IT Company 2023 - North Rhine-Westphalia provides clients with the maximum protection against data loss, and doesn’t involve having to rely on backup tapes being looked after and changed by company employees. In addition to backup, it also offers daily protection against viruses and malware, and offers the proficient capability of being able to disconnect discrete small parts of the infrastructure from the network. This is a huge benefit in the event of an infection as it helps to contain the damage whilst still allowing uninvolved devices to continue working. SW-Comnizept makes sure that it is always up to date, and can operate on the forefront of its industry through continuous company education and staff training. This way employees new and old are always kept up to date with optimal trends and solutions. Almost all problems can be solved using remote maintenance, as long as there’s a working internet connection on site. SW-Comnizept’s remote maintenance works despite firewalls and proxy servers. It is little wonder to see that SW-Comnizept GmbH & Co. KG has been recognised as the Most Customer-Focused Managed IT Company 2023 - North Rhine-Westphalia in the German Business Awards. This distinguished title is ideal for a company dedicated to offering the best service possible in the IT managed services realm.

12. Best MedTech & Fluid Filter Injection Moulding Products Company 2023 terraplastik Spritzgusstechnik GmbH (terraplastik) is a globally active family business, offering customers the highest quality injection moulded products at competitive prices. Founded in 2006, the company today works with nine high-tech machines and employs 23 members of staff, manufacturing injection moulded products from a range of common thermoplastics, this in addition to offering assembly activities, as well as ultrasonic welding and riveting services. We speak to Partner Martin Bauer, to tell us more about the work the company does and the wide range of sectors it provides service to. terraplastik acts as a competent partner in the injection and molding technology industry. The company is a flexible, worldwide enterprise with West German headquarters, and has set itself the task of providing high calibre injection products at incredibly reasonable prices. Thanks to its modern injection moulding machines, the business can process all current thermoplastics up to a shot weight of up to 180 grams, with a clamping force of up to 100 tonnes. This makes the company able to produce products for a variety of industries, with medical, filtration, and building/DIY stores comprising just a few of its clientele. With humble origins in Saarland, Germany, it would be eight years after the company was founded that operations would be moved to an independent production facility, with the company at that time playing host to only three machines and six employees. The business faced continued success as a result of the team remaining committed to upholding its corporate values, and in 2018, an extension was planned which was completed the following year, elevating the company to the successful state it finds itself in today. terraplastik’s clientele is primarily manufacturers of medical technology products, as well as manufacturers of filter technology for items such as excavators, wind turbines, and agricultural machinery, for example. Some of the most valued products the company produces are connectors, funnels, O-ring caps, bushings, and BYP caps, for instance. Out of the array of products the company crafts, it is particularly proud of the simple funnels it produces for use in hospitals, with the firm boasting an impressive market share of more than 70% in Germany with this product. Furthermore, in addition to a whole host of available products, the team are happy to support a product from the idea through to series production, advising clients from planning all the way up to the production of the high-quality plastic products they seek. Close work with experienced designers and toolmakers is carried out, so restassured experts will be on hand every step of the way. There are many methods adopted by terraplastik in order to stand out from its competitors, these include the adoption of a fully airconditioned, immensely clean production that is operated solely by green electricity, channelling CHP and a photovoltaic system, in order to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Moreover, cost leadership is attained through maximum standardisation and efficiency, and the nine totally identical machines the company uses in the production of its materials ensure that complete replaceability is possible at any time, and thus delivery capability remains on track. This allows the firm to operate on a system of absolute adherence to delivery dates. terraplastik was recently bestowed the achievement of the jury list at the ‘Grand Price of Medium-Sized Businesses’, as well as being named ‘Employer of the Future’ by DIND (German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization) and is proud to have introduced the addition of additive manufacturing into the process over the last twelve months. This is coupled with some positive changes which have also taken place across the same period, with the introduction of quarterly employee training, and the previously mentioned conversion of the complete firm to green electricity. When asked about terraplastik’s greatest achievement, Martin explains, “Building a company in which people are the focus, values are lived, which offers safe and clean workplaces and attaches great importance to sustainability.” terraplastik’s dedication and quality leads it to stand head and shoulders above its industry competitors, going from strength to strength in the 17 years since its inception, with no signs of slowing down. Company: terraplastik Spritzgusstechnik GmbH Web Address: Oct23028

Jul22493 13. Jul22493 LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG prides itself on being the sort of honest and down-toEarth brand that customers can rely on. Boasting more than 65 years of experience in the caravanning business, the company’s team of experts serve to develop modern and future-proof caravans, camper vans, and motorhomes. An award-winning team of design engineers operate using cutting-edge furniture with a lightweight design across entrylevel, couple, and family layout versions of their products, and as a lifelong business partner, the company possesses an unbridled commitment to providing its clients a high-quality home away from home. We speak with Bodo Diller to learn more about the company’s array of quality offerings and how it sustains excellence in the market. LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG (LMC) partners well thoughtout interior design methods with excellent functionality, thus building vacation companions that are reliable and possess more than just a hint of luxury. Across its array of models, a clear structure is created, and transparent information provided, making it as easy as possible for customers to choose and tailor their requirements to a caravan or motorhome. In 2018, LMC proudly opened a stateof-the-art facility, more than doubling its production capacity. What followed was a major restructuring of workflows, with investments carried out in the form of a water jet cutting machine, a roof production line, an edging centre, and hail proof roofs, streamlining the experience and optimising production. Through these methods, LMC has been able to successfully expand its portfolio, and cement itself as an industry frontrunner in its sector. German industry is synonymous with quality, and to this end, the company is determined to deliver value engineering. As an industrial craft company, the art of engineering has been fixed to the wider brand values which the business encapsulates, seeing its strengths in the precision and quality standards it adheres to daily. Based in the Münsterland region of the country, LMC proudly carries the area’s famous friendly and forthcoming demeanour, combining this with the solid workmanship and expertise that the region, and country more widely, is renowned for. What separates LMC from its competitors in a crowded marketplace is its many years of experience, know-how, and passion for projects. Brimming with innovative, revolutionary ideas and equally clever solutions; few people expect a small town in the region to be the home of a modern, recreational vehicle production plant that spans more than 200,000 square miles. With a 12-year water ingress warranty also coming as standard, LMC’s offerings are fit for beginners through to experienced camper van vacationers. Following on from the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector has experienced a considerable increase in trade, making it more important now than ever before for LMC to cement its position at the forefront. Concurrently, challenges have arisen which serve to hinder the company’s progress, such as supply bottlenecks and an unavailability of chassis. Undeterred, Bodo explains, “it remains exciting to observe how the market will continue to develop, we will continue to focus on our target group and will respond to the agile market situation.” As a wholly owned subsidiary of Thor Industries, the team is motivated in the support for its vision, pulling together to work hand-in-hand and craft products that inspire. With individual training opportunities, a flexi-time model, and home working available for those in the administrative side of the business, an excellent work-life balance is promoted to employees. There is also a keen sense of support for the development of junior staff, offering training that allows them to grow personally and professionally, and the team is always looking for new talent to strengthen its team in the future. Looking ahead to this future, LMC’s engineers and designers are tirelessly working to continue to optimise the company’s offerings, while seeking new methods to sustainably expand its product line. For example, the Cruiser series motorhome is soon to be relaunched to ensure that the model is up to date with changing market requirements, while its Sassino caravans will have experienced a facelift, and its Ford camper vans will have unveiled a new pop-up roof variant. Fundamentally, LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG has established itself as a beacon of excellence in the caravan and motor home industry, constantly evolving to satisfy consumer demand, and thus is more than deserving of this award. Bodo tells us, “This is a great honour for us and increases our motivation to give our best for our customers and employees every day”. Company: LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG Web Address: Best Caravan & Motor Homes Manufacturer 2023 Sep23559

14. Nov23350 Under the SMARTe Unternehmensentwicklung brand, Christian Wiesner operates as an incredibly experienced consultant in the field of corporate development, remaining acutely aware of the potential and challenges of medium-sized companies across the board. Having successfully adopted the proven SMART (specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, time-related) method of operating, Christian helps his clients in the setting and achieving of realistic goals, as well advising foreign investors and companies seeking to enter the German business market. We catch up with Christian to learn more about the business and how he promotes success even in the most uncertain of times. Christian Wiesner proudly helps medium-sized companies ensure they are working towards future-oriented and sustainable development in their respective areas of operation, achieving this through a careful process of strategizing to define and achieve goals. In the dynamic business world of today, it is vital to plan ahead, and with Christian as a partner, his clients can turn their attention to the prosperous opportunities that tomorrow holds. This service begins at a company’s inception, continuing through its development to succession or the sale of the company, and Christian is proud of the fact that his clients witness growth every year under his wing. At 37 years old, Christian proudly boasts more than 20 years of direct industry experience, having started in the field quite early after discovering a passion for sales and strategy was rooted deeply in his blood. Following on from this, Christian has written a book, “11 Golden Rules for Business Development”, as well as established Smart, a magazine publication focused on tackling the topics and considerations related to developing a small- or medium sized- business. These include recruiting personnel and strengthening brands, among others. Published four times per year, the magazine provides invaluable insight into current industry topics and solutions. Since medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the German economy, they stand for development, progress, and economic health. Münsterland, where the company is based, is representative of Germany as a whole, with the region embodying hard work, sustainability, and engineering prowess, proudly upholding German competency. Having worked and travelled across Germany, Christian has made his mark across marketing agencies of all sizes, always catering to individual customer requirements. Now, as CFO of a medium-sized business himself, Christian uses his garnered insight to sustainably shape entrepreneurial future. This is present throughout his daily work, where Christian attaches tremendous importance to giving personal advice on-site in a faceto-face setting. Not only does this apply to management, but also every employee, affording Christian the best possible opportunity to form an accurate representation of the business and subsequently sharpen its desired image. Clients value this personal commitment above all, and the option for one-to-one support completes the tremendous value that they receive, which can even extend to the temporary assuming of management and a company’s overall responsibility in particularly difficult situations. Management consulting is an area continuously shaped by wider industry, thus making it vital to stay atop of trends and developments. As technology continues to improve and becomes increasingly integrated into daily life, companies are finding themselves facing new challenges. Yet new technology these also affords benefits, with AI being able to be coupled with German engineering in order to develop key industries at a rate that was not previously possible. It is therefore important for Christian to ensure that rest of a company can grow sustainably, and that relevant structures and processes are in place to promote this as far as possible. Looking ahead to what 2024 will bring for the business, Christian tells us, “one of the most exciting things will be the connection between the German economy and the Arab world.” Presently, opportunities in Saudi Arabia are proving interesting for German businesses, not only from a profit standpoint, but also the mutual exchanging and intercultural understanding a partnership of this calibre could bring. A proud member of the BVMW (Federal Association of MediumSized Enterprises), Christian is working in Saudi Arabia to make a collaboration mutually beneficial for both sides. With more than two decades of experience, Christian Wiesner has promoted strategic business consultancy of the highest calibre under the SMARTe Unternehmensentwicklung brand. The all-encompassing approach Christian takes sets him apart from others in this line of work, and adherence to the proven SMART method is sure to continue to breed success for the next two decades and beyond. Contact Details Contact: Christian Wiesner Company: Christian Wiesner - SMARTe Unternehmensentwicklung Web Address: Strategic Business Consultant of the Year 2023: Christian Wiesner

Aug22136 Best Specialist Footwear Retailer 2023 The company schuhplus - Schuhe in Übergrößen, which means plussized shoes, is Europe’s largest mail-order company for plus-sized shoes, and, for more than 20 years, big shoes have been the business’ ultimate passion. Since operations commenced in 2002, schuhplus has experienced continuous growth, developing into the award-winning business it is today thanks to a careful blend of equal parts diversity, expertise, and great service. Based in Germany’s Lower Saxony region, close to Hamburg, schuhplus has an extensive outreach through its online channels and the selling of its products in traditional shops. We catch up with Founders Georg Mahn (48) and Kay Zimmer (49), to learn more about the company’s specialist offerings and the more than twodecades of success they have had within the industry. As Europe’s leading mail-order specialist for plus-sized shoes, it is vital that schuhplus provides customers with an excellent selection, complete with styles that are in no way inferior to those available in regular sizes. The business’ offerings cover shoes in women’s sizes 42-46 and men’s sizes 46-54, and a plethora of awards over the past two decades serve to cement the firm’s legacy as an internationally award-winning provider, both in terms of quantity and quality. This factor is bolstered by more than 35,000 online reviews, giving the company an impressive customer satisfaction rating of 99.28%. Since it was established 21 years ago, schuhplus has undergone continuous development, yet remains wholeheartedly Nov23243 focused on its goal of providing exceptional products and services to those with large shoe sizes. As Georg outlines, it has been a combination of hard work, passion, and the consistent pursuit of the highest customer satisfaction levels that have intertwined to write a unique success story for the company. Today, schuhplus is proud to offer an unrivalled selection of big shoes, and with thousands of styles that range from the freshest trainers to business shoes and outdoor boots, customers can browse the latest fashions and products that are suitable for any occasion. In regard to its loyal customers, schuhplus boasts an average reach of more than 5.3 million people per month across social media platforms, and with its own dedicated business TV and teleshopping capabilities; schuhplus is a company that has adopted a multimedia approach, resulting in a unique ability in the sector to reach customers on a variety of channels. A meticulously developed distribution system is also in place, with this allowing for the business’ products to be simultaneously offered across 15 national and international sales distribution platforms. Starting in the basement of its two founders, the company has come an incredibly long way in the past two decades, and this is ultimately down to a concentration on the niche, and the duo recognising a key gap in the market and the commercial relevance that this could bring. Plus-sized shoes had previously been an untapped area, yet through a combination of e-commerce platforms, brick-and-mortar shops, and clear insight into digitalisation methods, exponential growth and significant brand establishment has been secured. As Kay explains, “thanks to the trust of our customers and the dedicated work of our team, we have been able to continuously develop […] and we are only at the beginning of our wonderful journey.” Not only is schuhplus a leading shoe retailer, but it also possesses a keen desire to drive shoe fashion that is sustainably produced and responsibly distributed. It would be naïve to dismiss these two key areas as having no impact on our planet, and the business thus works exclusively with brand manufacturers who optimise value chains and promote harmony with nature, operating with a high degree of corporate responsibility. To assist in its goal, schuhplus abandoned using plastic as a filling material back in 2013, and stopped using cardboard boxes in 2016, as shipping in recycled paper bags significantly reduced CO2 emissions. Ultimately, schuhplus’ recipe for 20+ years of success is more than just its wide range of products, its detailed knowledge and excellent customer service have been equally paramount to its sustainability and have won it numerous awards over its lifespan. The team supports its customers with a blend of care and expertise and guarantee everybody with plus-sized feet can find the perfect pair of shoes for them. To this end, the company is true to its motto: “Big shoes, great selection, great service”, and has more than earned this award demonstrating its ongoing distinction in the industry. Contact: Georg Mahn & Kay Zimmer Company: schuhplus - Schuhe in Übergrößen - GmbH Web Address: