German Business Awards 2023

8. Best Industry & Handcraft Supplies Distributor 2023 Sep23449 In 1958, Founder Werner Ditzinger established Ditzinger as a small retail store. Driven by an ambitious vision, he later made the change from retail to wholesale, constructing a new base for the business in the Braunschweig industrial area. Over the years, Werner saw his vision become reality as the company continued to evolve and grow, before he handed over the reins to Katja and Axel Ditzinger in 1998. Under the the leadership of the new generation and the new members of the management Jörg Schmidt and Jan Scherreiks, an additional branch was set up in Nordhausen, Thuringia. Soon after, in 2004, Ditzinger expanded into Poland with the foundation of Ditzinger Sp. z oo, an industrial equipment supplier in Wrocław. The next decade saw even further growth for Ditzinger, with the establishment of an Einbeck branch in 2009, the launch of a specialist tool shop in Wernigerode in 2013, and the construction of the company’s Braunschweig headquarters in 2014. By 2019, the company was in the process of taking over the business area of TTH Technikhandel GmbH in Zella Mehlis. Now, after 65 years of constant growth, Ditzinger’s revenue has reached an impressive €35,000,000. However, the company has no plans to stagnate any time soon. Its colleagues from the Nordhausen location have recently moved into new premises at Rathsfelder Straße 6C, laying the foundation for further expansion in the coming years. The business is also proud to have recently welcomed Tom Ditzinger to the team, who is the third generation of the Ditzinger family. Today, Ditzinger’s work involves supplying companies, fulfilling their general maintenance needs, and guaranteeing security of supply for production stability. Its biggest clients are Volkswagen AG, ALSTOM, Salzgitter Stahl AG, Kali & Salz AG, Nordzucker AG, Bühler AG Swiss, and AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik. Ditzinger boasts a broad product portfolio, featuring more than 1,000,000 articles. Its primary offerings include rolling bearings, V-belts, tools, safety products, operating equipment, Werner Ditzinger GmbH is a technical wholesaler that has been supplying materials to trade and industry clients for more than six decades. Operating across six locations in Germany and Poland, the company is conveniently located to serve its clients. Furthermore, with a team of 110 qualified employees who are available to provide advice every day, it is always prepared to fulfil their unique needs. Here, we speak to Managing Partner Axel Ditzinger to find out more about the company. fasteners, and much more. The company has approximately 200,000 stock items, 98% of which are delivered within 24 hours nationwide or, for customers across Europe, 48 hours. To accomplish this impressive speed of service, Ditzinger and other partners of the PREMIUM Format Group dispatches more than 8,000 parcels and 500 pallets every day from an eLC central warehouse, which is equipped with over 170,000 storage spaces. Furthermore, from an automated small parts warehouse with more than 70,000 storage spaces for small containers, over 26,000 items are processed by approximately 400 employees. Ditzinger does not see itself as a standard catalogue seller. The company is unique because of its excellent team of salespeople, who are close to the customer and work hard to provide them with technical solutions and competent advice. Every day, they deal with individual customer requests, which are just as common as catalogue orders. Ditzinger recognises that it must provide its employees with continuous training, empowering them to deliver this exceptional standard of service. Furthermore, as a company with several decades of rich history under its belt, Ditzinger understands the importance of evolving to keep up with the changing times. For this reason, it has worked tirelessly to adapt to the challenges of the digital world. Investing heavily in digital procedure optimisation, the company is committed to meeting the future technological requirements of its customers. For example, Ditzinger provides clients with the master data of its product ranges digitally, enabling them to import it into their own merchandise management systems. This means that all desired information such as item descriptions, purchase prices, and images can easily be imported. Furthermore, their recorded order is automatically transmitted to Ditzinger through an interface, contributing towards its speed of service. Ditzinger is already prepared for the current digital processes, offering customers the solutions they need. As investments in IT solutions and manpower