German CEO Excellence Awards 2023

34. Jan23179 Telecoms powers the modern world, and those that hope to spearhead the sphere must embody the innovative centre of the current industry. It would be safe to say that this year’s winner of the ‘Telecoms Company Leader’ award encapsulates that drive – we spoke with Markus Hendrich, CEO of ecotel communication ag (ecotel) to find out more about his work ethos and successes. Today, ecotel celebrates a reputation as one of the leading, nationwide full-service telecoms operators for B2B clients across Germany. Through focusing the company’s expertise on the growing, and ever-developing, cloud and fibre market, ecotel has smartly positioned itself at the cutting edge of an industry that looks to only solidify its colossal market share in the years to come. For Markus, ecotel makes a perfect fit, utilising his two decades of experience in the sector to drive the company’s future, as he explains in more detail in his opening comments. “I started in the telecommunication industry around 2001, joining a young and growing DSL network operator called QSC AG, that just finished its IPO and started building up the first alternative DSL network in Germany. I joined the company as a 1st Level supporter and left the company about 15 years later as its CTO and Managing Director of the business. With this experience, I joined my current company ecotel ag as a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in the first phase, taking over more and more responsibility over time, until finally succeeding the company’s founder in the role of the CEO.” “Success to me means setting new standards, contributing to an ambitious team’s goal and doing something that matters. Within ecotel, I have the privilege of being able to contribute to all these attributes already. I love to be a driver of future growth and change and develop a leadership team and a company’s culture, making ecotel “a place to be”. Indeed, since its inception, ecotel has cultivated an almost peerless reputation in terms of best serving its business clients and partners. This has led to a culture of organic growth within the company, and it now serves some 300 partners with a spotless track record. “We are a trusted advisor and mostly on eye-level with our customers, flexible and agile in our DNA, which is a strong benefit towards our direct tier1-competitors,” Markus adds. One sticking point on the greater landscape that Markus is hoping to help address is the fact that Germany, despite being the largest single economy in the EU, is - perhaps surprisingly - falling behind when it comes to digitisation and technological adoption. Naturally, this is hampering the long-term saleability of businesses looking to capitalise on the German economy and market. “The fibre penetration is just around 10% and we still have “white spots” where not even a 2G mobile network can be reached. When it comes to modern communication, the cloud adoption rate in Germany is around 15% - also way behind all-European averages. In a nutshell – Germany has a big backlog in digitalisation.” This then, is part of ecotel’s mission, as massive as it may seem from the outside looking in. In this, the company acts as an accelerator, helping inch the country towards online connectivity. With that in mind, the future of ecotel and Markus’s focus lies in continuing on this path, aiding businesses of all sizes to move to faster online services that are, by all regards, a Best Telecoms Company Leader 2023: Markus Hendrich gateway for securing future success. “The journey of the “new” ecotel has just begun – claiming “all around communication” for two decades, we have demonstrated starting in 2023 with a clearly refreshed claim of cloud & fiber. We will accompany all German enterprises on their journey from legacy voice services and narrow-band copper lines into a modern and digital future of fiber broadband and flexible, innovative cloud communication. We have the ability to onboard customers that are not only prepared to instantly migrate to those new technologies, but help the migration gradually over time. We are the place to be for the digital natives, startups and disruptors with our stateof-the-art portfolio.” Company: ecotel communication ag Name: Markus Hendrich, CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Prinzenallee 11, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany Telephone: +49 211 55007-0 “I believe in openness, transparency and involvement. You should treat every employee like you want to be treated by yourself – because motivated, educated and independent employees are …the key to success.”