German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

4. ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH: Automation Solutions CEO of the Year 2024: Ralf Matthews 8. apollo consulting: SMB Climate Management Consultancy of the Year 2024: Volker Loibl 10. Dermaroller GmbH: Microneedling CEO of the Year 2024: Michael Tomerius 12. ChipCart GmbH: Best Electronic Components Procurement Platform CEO 2024: Paul Scholten 14. twenty4hrs GmbH: Best eCommerce & Event Project Support CEO 2024: Andreas Stefan 15. ASAP Group: Autonomous/EV Engineering CEO of the Year 2024: Michael Neisen 16. Rabb IT Solutions GmbH: Most Visionary IT Hard/Software Migration CEO 2024: Rehan Khan 17. Allex: Resource Management CEO of the Year 2024: Holger Loerz 18. SYFIT GmbH: Most Visionary Digitizationin- Construction CEO 2024: Zoltan Demeter 19. compeople AG: IT Services/Software Development CEO of the Year 2024 (DACH): Olaf von der Ahe 20. PassportCard Europe: Most Innovative Health Insurance CEO of the Year 2024 (Europe): Eithan Wolf 21. KUMMUNI: Real Estate CEO of the Year 2024 (Berlin): Toomaj Freydouny 22. Regis24 GmbH: Most Visionary Business Decision- Making Tech CEO 2024: Gaby Kabbert 23. Capacura: Impact Investment CEO of the Year 2024: Ingo Dahm 24. TRADUI Technologies GmbH: Best Business Reporting & Analytics Solutions/Services CEO 2024 (DACH): Thorsten Junike 25. Vargus Deutschland GmbH: Best Precision Cutting Tools Company CEO 2024: Andreas Jäeppche 26. Pervormance International GmbH: Most Dedicated Sustainable Leadership Team 2024: Sabine Stein & Gabriele Renner & Award for Excellence in Innovation 27. RheinBerg Solar GmbH: Sustainable Energy Leadership Champion of the Year 2024: Nils Wessel 28. HIRSCHTEC: Digital Workplace Solutions CEO of the Year (Western Europe): Lutz Hirsch Contents