German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 apollo consulting: SMB Climate Management Consultancy of the Year 2024 Featuring: ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of system components, operating across the automotive and mechanical engineering industries with a distinct prowess that has got it noticed on an international level. By producing a series of core components, including of sensors, cables, connectors, and encoders that are all compatible with a variety of machines worldwide, the team is continually diversifying its hold on the market, something bolstered further by its unmatched expertise regarding automation technology, a knowledge that can be described as both broad and deep. At the helm is CEO and awardee Ralf Matthews, who tells us more about the company and his hands-on approach to leadership. Automation Solutions CEO of the Year 2024: Ralf Matthews Dermaroller GmbH: Microneedling CEO of the Year 2024: Michael Tomerius

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4. ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH: Automation Solutions CEO of the Year 2024: Ralf Matthews 8. apollo consulting: SMB Climate Management Consultancy of the Year 2024: Volker Loibl 10. Dermaroller GmbH: Microneedling CEO of the Year 2024: Michael Tomerius 12. ChipCart GmbH: Best Electronic Components Procurement Platform CEO 2024: Paul Scholten 14. twenty4hrs GmbH: Best eCommerce & Event Project Support CEO 2024: Andreas Stefan 15. ASAP Group: Autonomous/EV Engineering CEO of the Year 2024: Michael Neisen 16. Rabb IT Solutions GmbH: Most Visionary IT Hard/Software Migration CEO 2024: Rehan Khan 17. Allex: Resource Management CEO of the Year 2024: Holger Loerz 18. SYFIT GmbH: Most Visionary Digitizationin- Construction CEO 2024: Zoltan Demeter 19. compeople AG: IT Services/Software Development CEO of the Year 2024 (DACH): Olaf von der Ahe 20. PassportCard Europe: Most Innovative Health Insurance CEO of the Year 2024 (Europe): Eithan Wolf 21. KUMMUNI: Real Estate CEO of the Year 2024 (Berlin): Toomaj Freydouny 22. Regis24 GmbH: Most Visionary Business Decision- Making Tech CEO 2024: Gaby Kabbert 23. Capacura: Impact Investment CEO of the Year 2024: Ingo Dahm 24. TRADUI Technologies GmbH: Best Business Reporting & Analytics Solutions/Services CEO 2024 (DACH): Thorsten Junike 25. Vargus Deutschland GmbH: Best Precision Cutting Tools Company CEO 2024: Andreas Jäeppche 26. Pervormance International GmbH: Most Dedicated Sustainable Leadership Team 2024: Sabine Stein & Gabriele Renner & Award for Excellence in Innovation 27. RheinBerg Solar GmbH: Sustainable Energy Leadership Champion of the Year 2024: Nils Wessel 28. HIRSCHTEC: Digital Workplace Solutions CEO of the Year (Western Europe): Lutz Hirsch Contents

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Much more than just an average supplier of automation and process technology, ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH (ELCO) has spent many years as a visionary leader in this space, pioneering expert solutions and combining these with a first-class commitment to service that measurably benefits those operating within the field of industrial automation. Boosted by customised and tailored solutions implemented by an expert team who are knowledgeable on all of the latest industry technologies, reliable support is offered to clients so as to ensure a smooth and reliable experience every time. Situated in Oberstenfeld at the heart of Germany’s industrial scene, arguably one of the planet’s finest, ELCO has been right at home thriving in this high performing environment since it began operating in Europe more than ten years ago. Across this decade-long tenure, the uppermost emphasis has been placed on striving for nothing less than the best, with the team hoping to set the gold standard as opposed to just adhering to it. ISO certification underpins this commitment, and represents but a fraction of this sustained excellence, Automation Solutions CEO of the Year 2024: Ralf Matthews ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of system components, operating across the automotive and mechanical engineering industries with a distinct prowess that has got it noticed on an international level. By producing a series of core components, including of sensors, cables, connectors, and encoders that are all compatible with a variety of machines worldwide, the team is continually diversifying its hold on the market, something bolstered further by its unmatched expertise regarding automation technology, a knowledge that can be described as both broad and deep. At the helm is CEO and awardee Ralf Matthews, who tells us more about the company and his hands-on approach to leadership. Jan24505 something that is further on display through the business’ products and services consistently exceeding expectations. ELCO believes that the caliber of its products speaks for themselves, beginning with the sensors, which represent precise technology for precise measurements. Across these inductive, capacitive, and optoelectronic sensor offerings, all of the bases are covered, with sensors designed for use with metallic and non-metallic objects alike. In a similar vein, its encoder technology is grounded in years of research, and has yielded fantastic outputs that are suitable for use across almost all modern industrial appliances, while its connectors are of equal distinction, shining in both variety and precision, whether a customer chooses their standard solutions or one that has been created especially for them. More than just a name, ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH stands as a promise, a promise that the untiring pursuit of perfection has been carried out so as to provide a customer with a quality and reliable solution. A proven track record across the European market and even further afield additionally distinguishes the company, and an inherent flexibility guarantees that similarly high standards will continue to be upheld for years still to come. Integral in securing the business’ success in the present and future is CEO and awardee Ralf Matthews, whose wealth of experience and impactful approach to leadership have won him this award. Beginning his career as an industrial electrician for Murrelektronik GmbH, Ralf Matthews’ technical ability and drive to succeed were apparent from the outset, with his unwavering ambition soon leading him to further explore the array of functions and applications surrounding automation products, something he carried out at Erkert GmbH in Sulzbach/Murr. Throughout his time at this organisation, Ralf was afforded numerous opportunities to gain invaluable practical experience, working as a service technician on new engines and carrying out maintenance and repairs, something he would excel at for more than ten years. During this tenure, Ralf tells us, “I became involved in products similar to those manufactured by ELCO at an early stage. Through identifying and addressing issues, I helped improve existing products and develop new ideas.” Such experiences early on in his career demonstrably shaped Ralf professionally, and after having got everything out of the role that he could, he returned to Murrelektronik GmbH, and even after having been away for more than a decade, quickly ascended the ranks. Starting out in the field of technical sales and distribution, Ralf filled the project manager vacancy in the summer of 2012, a position he would hold until October 2013. The desire for a change of pace saw Ralf undertake a quick detour on his route to becoming an CEO in the automation sector, with him taking on the role of COO at Schildknecht AG, a small company for wireless solutions A few short years later, Ralf would return to his calling, becoming ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH’s Deputy General Manager, and in doing so, took responsibility for all of the company’s European operations. Excelling in this role with the same distinction he has brought to each of the positions he has occupied, ELCO’s shareholders soon began to take notice, and on 1st April 2021, Ralf ascended his place as CEO of ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH, the culmination of his tireless efforts.

5. Automation Solutions CEO of the Year 2024: Ralf Matthews Leveraging his experiences for ultimate impact, Ralf Matthews has successfully spearheaded ELCO throughout its expansions of the past few years, with the company enjoying a strong presence in its home country and an ever-greater reputation for success. When it comes to the team acquiring new customers, they do so through a balance of trade fairs and cold calls, but once contact is established, lasting relationships are often formed, with this being true of suppliers and customers alike. Ralf shines further light on this, telling us, “our close collaboration with customers ensures that we understand their products from their perspective and develop them optimally with their interests in mind.” Similar care is taken when it comes to new projects, which, as Ralf explains, are “always assign[ed] a project manager to oversee the project from start to finish, both nationally and internationally.” This serves as a key example of Ralf utilising his prior position as a project manager for success across his CEO duties, recognising the importance of having a person on hand to ensure that things run smoothly in the early days of a new project, enabling the business to continually fortify its position as a frontrunner in the sector. An approach such as this is integral in a business environment that is undergoing continuous shifts, with Ralf leading from the front as ELCO effortlessly navigates such changes. Ralf explains that managing such rapid changes are not just unique to his industry, and rather, is something shared by companies across the country. He tells us, “all sectors in Germany are currently facing pressure and undergoing major changes due to political and economic factors. Companies are being forced to adapt their processes and constantly re-evaluate themselves.” Optimism and drive are thus two necessary qualities in traversing this landscape, and Ralf is confident in the ability of his team to embody both, stating, “new problems also present new opportunities.” New opportunities are available in abundance if a person knows where to look, and Ralf prides the ability of the team at ELCO to be able to open up new markets, develop fresh products, and venture into unexplored territory. By viewing every new opportunity as a chance to grow, the future of the company looks incredibly bright, and a

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 similar viewpoint can also be found regarding problems, with these simply being addressed as opportunities yet to be leveraged. Such positivity is innate within ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH, with Ralf refusing to allow negative external factors to bring this collective spirit down and impact the stance taken by the company that it can achieve anything it puts its mind to. As an example of ELCO putting this ethos into action, it has begun to place a keen emphasis in recent years on international markets and global expansion, with new branches having already been opened in Mexico and India so far this year, and firm plans in place to begin operations in four other countries. The purpose of this mission is simple, with Ralf seeking to internationalise the brand and drive sales on a global level. Having already solidified its claim as a market leader in China, Ralf tells us more about the effectiveness of this strategy. “As with any other company, we utilise systems that facilitate rapid scaling and international growth. Regular meetings and reflections on our work [also] lead to consistent success.” Not only are such meetings championed when it comes to international expansion, they also comprise a key element of Ralf’s day-to-day leadership routine and have proven vital in sustaining success. Located right at the centre of this approach is a drive to ensure that everybody operating under the company banner is working towards the same goals, and that these are clearly laid out for everyone to see, understand, and align with. By remaining united under one common vision, trust is fostered, and innovation encouraged. When it comes to the qualities that Ralf himself believes he should embody, these span prioritising always being authentic, honest, and approachable. He explains, “when employees are passionate about the company, its products, and its leadership, they tend to work more efficiently, consistently, and effectively.” As a leader, Ralf recognises that the responsibility for colleague well- being is on his shoulders, and thus, he strives to be available as far as possible as a point of contact, colleague, mentor, and friend. Regarding the internal culture at ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH, an environment of open communication is nurtured, with Ralf sound in the knowledge that, “employees who are not afraid to ask questions tend to perform better.” As a part of this open communication-centric atmosphere, Ralf is the first to admit it when he makes any mistakes, setting an example that he hopes everyone within his workforce will be quick to follow on the odd occasion where an issue may arise. Another notable element of a good leader is striking that balance between leading and allowing teams to work independently, as when it is achieved, this winning combination is instrumental in fostering continuous growth. Promoting such successes remains key as Ralf looks forward in his own career, telling us, “my career is secondary to the company’s goals,” with this CEO remaining steadfast in his commitment to his company and its people. Although such dedication will prove equally beneficial for Ralf as it will paint him in a fantastic light, that is not why he strives for excellence, rather, he has always favoured the success of the collective over his own personal goals, confident in the belief that no one person can be bigger than a company. Ralf eloquently puts it like this, “the company is the goal, not the person.” To aid him in explaining this philosophy, Ralf provides an extended metaphor, all based

7. Automation Solutions CEO of the Year 2024: Ralf Matthews around the team effort involved in recognising the triumph of an individual. Ralf details a grand orchestra, explaining that people who complement each other feed into a wider collective that is ultimately bigger than themselves. Take a trombone, for example. On its own, a trombone sounds rather dull, but when it is combined with four others, it sounds much better and creates a melody. These trombones can thus be read as a team or department, and when the trombones are united with the rest of an orchestra, in this case the wider organisation, a symphony is heard, with the results being an overarching sense of enthusiasm. It is the job of the conductor to bring all this together, and although he may stand at the front, he is nothing without the fantastic instruments that produce these wonderful sounds. Ralf states, “success is achieved through the interaction of everyone involved, [with this] resulting in a successful conductor.” Ralf’s acknowledgement of the importance of this united approach alone speaks volumes about how he views himself and his team as being on an even playing field and part of something bigger, and he is more than happy to play this role of conductor. Steve Jobs famously referred to himself as leading the orchestra, a favourable comparison that ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH’s Ralf Matthews is happy to entertain. Contact: Ralf Matthews Company: ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH Web Address:

Jul22546 EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 aving studied mechanical engineering in Nuremberg and economics in London, Volker Loibl embarked on a successful career in international sales and business development. Initially, he took on the role of Operations Manager at a pump technology company, before joining an electronic assembly business as Sales Manager in 2001. Over the next 12 years, Volker worked his way up to the position of Senior Sales Manager, then later became Director of Business Development for Europe. After gaining 20 years of experience tackling challenging management tasks both locally and internationally, Volker was inspired to found apollo consulting in 2013, aiming to support medium-sized companies in their internationalisation and market development. Recognising the growing importance of sustainability for economic success, he focused his consulting services on the topics of the environment, energy, and climate management. As an experienced environmental expert and certified auditor, he set out to help clients remain profitable whilst minimising their environmental impact and use of resources. In the early days of apollo consulting, Volker’s main challenge was managing the high demands placed on his employees due to the complexity of environmental standards and regulations as well as the vast range of industries and trades involved. “In the initial phase, we simply could not put such well-trained experts on the payroll. We avoided this pitfall by working with numerous freelance experts from both science and industry.” Another challenge was to convince customers that it makes sense to invest in sustainability even without legal obligations," he explains. Now a team of experienced implementers, apollo consulting establishes processes and methods for SMEs, empowering them to master the challenges they face pragmatically and profitably. The firm accompanies them on their entire journey to becoming climateneutral, significantly reducing their impact on the main environmental spheres of air, water, soil, biosphere, and biodiversity. Volker adds, “We work with small and medium-sized companies in all industries and service sectors. However, our focus is on the manufacturing industry.” Specifically, apollo consulting’s services include calculating carbon footprints, preparing life cycle assessments, creating management pathways to climate neutrality by 2045, developing external sustainability reporting processes, and generating support for companies’ sustainability ratings. Alongside this, the firm develops, integrates, and improves indicator-based ISO management systems in accordance with the entire ISO 14000 and 50000 series of standards. Recently, over 10 years after Volker first established apollo consulting, it has been announced that, from 2025, sustainability management will become a legal obligation for SMEs. This will directly affect more than 15,000 organisations across Germany. On top of this, it is expected SMB Climate Management Consultancy of the Year 2024: Volker Loibl Based in Berching, Bavaria, apollo consulting is a sustainability management consultancy firm that helps SMEs to establish sustainable business structures and management systems. At the helm of the company stands Founder and CEO Volker Loibl, a renowned energy economist and business auditor with more than two decades of relevant development and management experience in medium-sized companies. Here, we speak to him to find out more about apollo consulting. H Contact: Volker Loibl Company: apollo consulting Web Address: Jan24646 that 150,000 smaller companies in the supply chain will be affected indirectly due to delays caused by a “trickle-down effect”. As a result, SMEs are facing huge challenges in the race for successful transformation, struggling not to lose out to larger companies that are equipped with greater structural, management, and financial capabilities. With apollo consulting’s specialised methods and tools, SMEs can fulfil their legal obligations without growing overburdened, all whilst generating real business benefits. Volker comments, “We are not going into the meeting room selling colourful PowerPoint slides with high-flying strategies. We go into the customer’s engine room and roll up our sleeves to achieve results.” In its work, apollo consulting’s strategy involves the adoption of two different perspectives: the outside-in view and the inside-out view. As part of the former, the firm observes the development of the market, climate change, and legal landscape with an unbiased and critical eye, assessing the consequential impacts on its clients. As part of the latter, apollo consulting analyses and evaluates the impact of clients’ corporate activities on the environment, identifying what can be done to mitigate these effects. Overall, the firm’s goal is to go above and beyond, enabling clients to not just meet the minimum standards but also surpass them to capitalise on these competitive advantages. Internally, apollo consulting’s culture is centred around entrepreneurship, excellence, and empathy. The team are committed to upholding these values in everything they do, from their provision of management consultancy services to their collaboration with others. They never talk down to the client, instead striving to deliver the best possible services, commitment, and results. When it comes to his own personal leadership style, Volker primarily aims to empower his employees to develop, grow, and realise their full potential. “The focus is always on people and their individual ideas, requirements, and goals,” he explains. “After all, the attitude of each and every one of us determines whether we succeed in sustainably protecting the environment and climate and shaping our future together in a positive way. We have thus created a corporate culture that promotes strengths and identifies development potential in mutual respect.” As a result of his exceptional work in establishing and leading apollo consulting for over 10 years, Volker Loibl has been named SMB Climate Management Consultancy of the Year in the German CEO Excellence Awards 2024. Looking towards the future, he believes that there are exciting times ahead for his business, with the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) coming into play for SMEs from 2025. However, many of the companies affected have not yet started to implement sustainability measures, hoping for a postponement or relaxation of the legal requirements.

9. “Every company is advised to start developing and establishing the necessary methods and processes in its own organisation as soon as possible - which means today,” Volker comments. “Those who fail to do so risk becoming a stranded asset in the medium term and disappearing from the market. We anticipate significant order volumes and possibly even a shortage of available management consultants in the next two years.”

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Feb24360 Microneedling CEO of the Year 2024: Michael Tomerius “Medically sound, innovative in development, and an effective interplay between our original microneedling roller and high effective ingredients.” It was in the year 2000 that Dermaroller (then named H. Leibl Ets) established its microneedling patent, revolutionising the skincare industry forever, and in 2005 going on to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification to underscore its quality and excellence guarantee. In 2008, Dermaroller Deutschland S.a.r.l was formed with Michael Tomerius becoming CEO, and the company also obtained ISO 13485 certification that year. By 2010, Dermaroller GmbH had been launched to drive further innovation and growth, from there, growing its product portfolio and expanding across the globe to China, the USA, and the UK. At the time of writing, Dermaroller has, from its Wolfenbüttel headquarters, sold 738,476 patented, certified, original products to 39,978 satisfied customers. Indeed, the company has come a long way in almost a quarter of a century, having spent years researching and developing its products, and built a strong reputation as a trusted brand that is now distributing to over 50 countries. This is all owed to the team’s extensive scientific experience and expertise, combined with a passion and robust commitment to quality, research, and innovation. The company is constantly working towards elevating the standards in medical aesthetics, while ensuring it provides its customers with only the very best to safely enhance their beauty and wellbeing. “We have been providing visible results and a completely new skin feeling for 20 years with our in-depth expertise in skincare and beauty. Everything for our skin. We deserve to feel good in it. Skin is our mission. We know the different needs and what is important for each skin type. That’s why we have developed different skincare concepts and are constantly researching new approaches. This is what we work on – every day. For visible results.” The essence of Dermaroller's breakthrough lies in its iconic product, which employs 162 precision-engineered stainless steel microneedles. These 0.2mm microneedles expertly penetrate the epidermis at a perfect 90-degree angle, stimulating Dermaroller has been a trailblazer in skincare since 1999, introducing the world to the revolutionary concept of microneedling with its Dermaroller tool. This innovation has not only set new benchmarks in skin rejuvenation but also showcased the company's commitment to quality, as evidenced by the prestigious 'MADE IN GERMANY' seal adorning its range of beauty solutions – serums, cleansers, moisturisers, and face masks. These products are meticulously designed to complement the Dermaroller, enhancing skin health and vitality. At the forefront of such remarkable innovation is CEO, Michael Tomerius, and we learn more about the revolutionary contributions of himself and his team towards the skincare industry as we know it today. blood circulation and facilitating the removal of dead skin cells. This process not only purifies the complexion but also maximizes the skin's ability to absorb vital nutrients from skincare products. Remarkably, the Dermaroller offers this transformative skin therapy with minimal discomfort, a testament to its superior design and quality. The profound impact of Dermaroller's microneedling technology is vividly reflected in the enthusiastic testimonials from users worldwide. Customers celebrate the visible enhancements in their skin's texture and overall appearance, attributing these improvements to the Dermaroller's exceptional quality and efficacy. These testimonials underscore the transformative potential of Dermaroller's offerings, reinforcing the company's reputation as a pioneer in skincare innovation. One customer who has been using Dermaroller and seeing a noticeable difference in their skin’s appearance says, “The Dermaroller is an absolute musthave for anyone looking for effective skincare. The quality is top-notch, and the results are impressive. My skin has visibly improved.” Another, who is equally elated, comments, “It’s so easy to use, and the results are incredible. My skin looks tighter, smoother, and just healthier. I would highly recommend it!” Someone else adds, “The application is a breeze, and the results speak for themselves. My skin looks much fresher and younger. I would recommend it to anyone looking to do something good for their skin.” Also, for any professionals who are looking to get their hands on Dermaroller to provide microneedling treatments to their patients, the company has options available including XCellarisPro Twist, eDermastamp LS, and Medical Dermaroller, which can be explored here. Then, there is its series of skin-loving products, whether moisture and collagen boosting serum, hyaluronic acid, intensive hydration mask, anti-cellulite cream, lipopeptide and vitamin A anti-ageing night cream, or gentle cleanser. It also goes on to offer skincare sets made up of products that are formulated to resolve a particular skin complaint, such Company: Dermaroller GmbH Contact: Michael Tomerius Email: [email protected] Website:

- as blemishes, dryness, sensitiveness, or large pores. One customer using Dermaroller’s face masks shares their delight: “I have very sensitive skin that needs a lot of care. That’s why good care is very important to me. I often react rather sensitively to creams and masks, but that is not at all the case with this mask. It feels very pleasant on the skin and provides plenty of moisture. A particularly pleasant effect is that it is slightly cooling. It is a real blessing after extensive sunbathing. As a little tip, there is always a small amount left in the sachet after removing it; simply mix it with the day cream.” Meanwhile, another Dermaroller skincare enthusiast enthuses, “For me, the best hyaluronic acid on the market.” Furthermore, there is another cuttingedge device available from Dermaroller: The Beauty Mouse, a microneedling tool specially designed to target common problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and bottom. With 0.2mm stainless steel microneedles, this tool promotes blood circulation and can enable smoother, firmer skin across the body. Available, too, is the Roller Cleaner which can be used to wash the Dermaroller and The Beauty Mouse so as to ensure hygienic application. So, now we’ve got to know the company, it’s time to introduce the visionary man leading it all. For 15 years, Michael Tomerius has been at the helm of Dermaroller. The ascendancy of Dermaroller in the global skincare market is inextricably linked to the visionary leadership of CEO Michael Tomerius. Over the past 15 years, Tomerius has transformed Dermaroller from a modest family-owned business into a global entity with an expansive footprint. His journey from a medical technology enthusiast to the helm of Dermaroller is a narrative of relentless dedication to excellence and innovation. It's under his guidance that Dermaroller has continued to uphold the 'MADE IN GERMANY' mark of quality, a reflection of the brand's unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled skincare solutions. Michael’s career began in medical technology during his training at a wholesale and foreign trade merchant. Later, he worked for several global companies including Fisher & Paykel, Spacelabs Healthcare, and Olympus. This experience, particularly that which was gained in the international environment, gave him the confidence to develop Dermaroller into a global player. It's Michael Tomerius's strategic vision and leadership that have propelled Dermaroller to the forefront of the skincare industry, meriting recognition with the esteemed CEO of the Year award. His foresight and dedication have not only shaped the company's trajectory but also ensured its products and innovations remain in a class of their own. Tomerius's leadership style, characterized by innovation, quality focus, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, has been pivotal in Dermaroller's success. With an eye on the future, Dermaroller is actively expanding its global presence, targeting strategic markets like the USA and mainland China. The company's pursuit of FDA approval for new products signifies its commitment to innovation and regulatory compliance. This forwardthinking approach, combined with efforts in partner management and digital marketing, positions Dermaroller to continue leading the skincare industry's evolution. Dermaroller stands at the cusp of a new era in skincare, driven by its pioneering spirit and the visionary leadership of Michael Tomerius. The company's dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction forms the cornerstone of its enduring legacy. With a rich history of groundbreaking products and a future filled with promise, Dermaroller is poised to maintain its status as a premier name in the beauty and skincare industry. This narrative seamlessly integrates the essence of Dermaroller's innovation, the transformative leadership of Michael Tomerius, and the impact of its products on customers, presenting a cohesive and compelling overview of the brand's journey and vision. So, what about his own ambitions for the future? Michael shares, “As the sole owner and CEO of the Taranis Group, it is my lifetime achievement that I would like to continue running this until I retire.”

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Having worked in the electronic components industry for more than three decades, Paul Scholten has held managerial positions at some of the world’s leading distributors and manufacturers of components, as part of which he was responsible for leading operations in key markets and contributing towards the execution of various global projects. After serving as Director of International Sales & President North America at RUTRONIK Electronics Worldwide for 11 years, Paul announced an exciting development in his career when he set out to launch ChipCart, a professional marketplace for electronic components. ChipCart is a user-friendly platform that digitises, simplifies, and streamlines the procurement process, helping manufacturers to easily buy and sell electronic components through innovative technologies. The solution allows users to view deals from the largest marketplaces and online stores in real-time. They can easily search the components they need, compare their options, and identify those with the best prices and delivery times. ChipCart’s platform is the result of strategic collaboration between seasoned professionals in the electronic components industry and an IT development team with extensive experience creating ERP systems for trade and warehouse businesses. The venture was driven by the expertise of 35 developers, who have launched E-commerce projects across the world. However, the task required vast market experience, which was provided by CEO Paul and a team of fellow industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge related to electronic components. As a result, ChipCart’s platform successfully fuses modern technical solutions with the traditions and experiences of classic distribution. Bridging the gap between suppliers, distributors, and consumers, ChipCart’s platform offers numerous advantages to its users. Firstly, while manufacturers are usually only able to work with five or Best Electronic Components Procurement Platform CEO 2024: Paul Scholten Headquartered in Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg, ChipCart GmbH is an innovative IT start-up that aims to revolutionise the electronic components industry by digitising the process of procurement and logistics from multiple sources. The company is led by CEO and Owner Paul Scholten, who has recently been named Best Electronic Components Procurement Platform CEO in the German CEO Excellence Awards 2024. Here, we explore his career and work at ChipCart in the wake of his success in receiving this prestigious title. Jan24763 six suppliers due to time and financial restrictions, ChipCart’s solution enables them to tap into data from more than 250 suppliers. This includes official distributors, catalogues, partners, connected partner warehouses, OEM, and EMS. The platform is completely free to use, without any markups or hidden commissions. With transparency at its core, the platform allows buyers to visit the supplier’s original site and ensure that their price matches ChipCart’s. Secondly, ChipCart offers unparalleled convenience to its users, enabling them to shop from all their usual providers while getting all work done in one window. Unlike traditional brokers, the company has harnessed the power of modern IT to automate the process. This means that clients do not need to send a request; instead, they can simply click the “buy” button to purchase the components they need. Even if they purchase 50 different components from 15 different suppliers, manufacturers can simply sign one contract and receive everything in a single free delivery rather than having to track and manage multiple shipments. Thirdly, one of ChipCart’s key benefits is that it allows companies to post and sell their excess inventory. Many manufacturers have a surplus of electronic components in their warehouses. By selling these items, businesses can free up financial flows and warehouse space for alternative use. To gain access to this feature, all users need to do is send ChipCart a list of the components they would like to sell and provide data on their originality. For the benefit of its clients, the business thoroughly verifies the source of all components before they can be sold on the platform. Then, after all details have been agreed upon, the goods will appear on the platform for users to browse and purchase. Importantly, ChipCart has high standards for updating data through API, enabling it to maintain an up-to-date picture of component availability in the warehouse. Furthermore, ChipCart’s platform prioritises convenience and generates profit. It is safe and confidential for both buyer and seller, as this is of utmost importance to ChipCart. Ensuring top quality security and confidentiality, this platform guarantees protection for companies selling their goods and buyers making purchases. Finally, ChipCart offers its clients the advantage of working with a European company that collaborates with distributors and suppliers in all markets. The business has offices in Germany, representatives in Hong Kong and Singapore, and is planning to open an office in the USA very soon. The European market currently knows very little about Chinese distributors of electronic components. For this reason, ChipCart aims to empower manufacturers with information on the prices for components in other markets, providing them with complete freedom in choosing a source for purchasing the items they need. For his excellent work in establishing ChipCart and leading it to success within its formative months, Paul Scholten has recently been awarded the title of Best Electronic Components Procurement Platform CEO in the German CEO Excellence Awards 2024. Looking towards the future, Paul hopes to lead ChipCart to become a key driver of digital transformation in the world of electronic components, delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine how people source and manage their components. He believes that the platform has the power to transform the procurement experience, help the market achieve balance, and relieve European manufacturers from the burden of excess inventory. He invites the electronic components industry to explore ChipCart’s solution and witness its transformative potential. Contact: Paul Scholten Company: ChipCart GmbH Web Address:

13. Best Electronic Components Procurement Platform CEO 2024: Paul Scholten

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Best eCommerce & Event Project Support CEO 2024: Andreas Stefan twenty4hrs is one of the leading trade fair logistics companies in Germany and specializes in covering the entire service, from trade fair and event planning to the final presentation on site. With a large storage area and its own online shop system for each of its customers. twenty4hrs services a large number of well-known customers when it comes to advertising media logistics and trade fairs. This enables them to organize trade fairs more efficiently and smoothly for their clients. Founder and Managing Director Andreas Stefan was honored with the German CEO Award of Best eCommerce & Event Project Support CEO 2024. Andreas is a visionary entrepreneur and CEO of twenty4hrs GmbH. His story and career are testament to a man determined to improve the European advertising media logistics market and set the highest standards in quality and efficiency. His strong drive for growth and development becomes evident throughout his career: At the age of 12, Andreas' "career" began as a paperboy in his local area and progressed to working a holiday job at “Rofu Kinderland” (a logistics Company for children’s Toys) every summer school break – the entirety of six weeks – between the ages of 15 and 18. When he turned 18, Andreas picked up a side job in the event sector. Where he attended a tour as a service provider with David Copperfield, André Rieu and the Sow from "Lord of the Rings". His career continued with an apprenticeship in the role of an event manager, where he took on responsibilities and became director of an international jazz festival at the age of 22. After two years servicing the festival, Andreas joined a marketing agency. Another two years later he became head of sales, doubling turnover and becoming managing director. At the age of 34, he had the strong urge to grow and evolve in his field, unfortunately there were no such opportunities in the company for him to do so. That is when he founded twenty4hrs GmbH. Andreas entered the world of the trade fair business over 20 years ago and has since worked with tireless passion and dedication to realize his vision. His credo, "If you want to eat an omelette, you have to break the eggs" means for him: you have to take action if you want to see results. He welcomes challenges and is prepared to take the necessary steps to achieve his goals. For Andreas and twenty4hrs GmbH, the most important thing for stable and secure growth to support many customers is a solid team. Without a strong team, he would never have achieved growth of this kind in the past few years. In his eyes, a motivated work ethic, a good culture and a great team spirit are the cornerstones of a functioning company. An important motto for Andreas is: "Always match your thoughts with actions." This emphasizes his determination to not only have ideas, but also take action in order to turn these ideas into reality. It is important to him to always be aware and implement opportunities and ways to improve his services in efficiency and quality. "Getting into action" and "moving" are other principles that Andreas follows. He firmly believes that success lies in consistent action and realization. His commitment and determination have made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. twenty4hrs GmbH has developed into a market leader in advertising media logistics. His vision of becoming the most sought-after advertising media logistics provider in Europe constantly drives him to search for innovative solutions and develop the best processes. His pursuit of high quality and organization has made the company a reliable partner for clients such as Heineken, Capri Sun, Organon, DeLonghi, Pfizer Pharma, Worldcoin and many more throughout Europe. The most important question Andreas regularly asks himself is: How can I use my available time to a) create an optimal workspace for my team and b) ensure ever-present progress for even better customer results? He regularly reflects on this question in order to evolve and optimize himself and his company. Despite his business commitments, Andreas is a loving family man. He cherishes time with his wife and children and finds a way to balance his professional ambitions with his personal commitments. His family is an important source of inspiration and motivation for him. Andreas is an outstanding example of a CEO who achieves great success through hard work, determination and a clear vision. The decision he made to start his own company, work on his dream and scale his business still drives him today to bring about real change in his market. Contact: Andreas Stefan Company: twenty4hrs GmbH Web Address: Jan24546

Jul22493 15. Jul22493 In an industry characterized by technological innovation, Michael Neisen, CEO of the ASAP Group, has been named "Autonomous/EV Engineering CEO of the Year 2024" for his forward-thinking leadership and commitment to the development of advanced mobility concepts. Under his leadership, the ASAP Group has become one of the most successful engineering partners in the automotive industry. After studying automotive engineering at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Michael Neisen began his career in 1990 as a body developer at one of Europe's leading engineering service providers and developed into a managing director within just a few years. In 2009, he joined ASAP as managing partner and laid the foundation for the technological positioning and expansion. In recent years, the ASAP Group has established itself as a development partner to the automotive industry, offering innovative solutions in electrics/electronics, software, consulting & service, testing and vehicle engineering. With locations strategically close to customers, including Ingolstadt, Munich, Wolfsburg and Stuttgart, ASAP has established important partnerships in the automotive industry and continued its growth even during challenging times such as the corona crisis and the shortage of chips. A key element of the ASAP Group's success is its strategic focus on future-oriented technologies such as autonomous driving, e-mobility and connectivity. The continuous expansion of synergy effects across various service areas enables customers to receive comprehensive support throughout the entire vehicle development process up to series production. Neisen has led the ASAP Group with a clear vision for the future of mobility. His pragmatic approach to developing and introducing future-oriented and innovative technologies has made the company one of the world's top 20 engineering service providers in terms of turnover. The focus on technological development, together with a far-sighted assessment of the market, has strengthened the ASAP Group's position. Neisen's strategic leadership is also reflected in ASAP's corporate culture. At a time when the working environment is changing very rapidly, the question arises as to how companies can maintain and strengthen their culture in the context of hybrid working. Michael Neisen has recognized this challenge and found an answer to it with the "Better Together" cultural initiative which is based on flexibility, a healthy work-life balance and appreciative cooperation. By strengthening the corporate culture in the hybrid working environment, ASAP not only secures its position as an attractive employer that has won multiple awards, but also promotes innovation and collaboration, which are crucial for success in the automotive industry. In 2018, the strategic partner ZF Friedrichshafen AG acquired a 35% stake in the company. With this step, Neisen set an important milestone for the further development of the Group in the areas of autonomous driving and electromobility. With the acquisition of all company shares by HCL Technologies in 2023, a leading global technology and IT services company, the foundations for further growth and the internationalization of the ASAP Group were laid under the management of Michael Neisen. With the integration of the company, HCLTech is strengthening its expertise in the automotive sector as well as its presence in Germany and Europe. For Neisen, this merger is a personal highlight and a decisive step through which the ASAP Group will drive forward future-oriented innovations for software-defined vehicles and IoT ecosystems in the automotive sector together with HCLTech. Michael Neisen's path with the ASAP Group and the integration into HCLTech underline his ability to com-bine technological and human potential with a focus on the mobility of the future. His award as "Autonomous/EV Engineering CEO of the Year 2024" is not only a recognition of his achievements to date, but also a symbol of the dynamic and innovative future he is driving for ASAP. Contact: Michael Neisen Company: ASAP Group Web Address: Autonomous/EV Engineering CEO of the Year 2024: Michael Neisen Feb24039

16. EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Jan24706 For almost 20 years, Rabb IT Solutions GmbH has served as a tremendous partner in the field of both IT and managed services, specialising in IT hardware and software migration, IT security and cloud solutions, and end-user computing. More than just this service trifecta, the company is distinguished by its encompassing expertise in this space, which stems from the independent nature of the services it provides to small, medium, and large corporations alike. From the outset, award-winning CEO Rehan Khan has headed up this operation, and we catch up with him to find out more. Since beginning his career in the corporate sector back in 1994, Rabb IT Solutions’ CEO Rehan Khan has been fortunate enough to hold several key positions in this sphere, inclusive of supporting and consulting roles. Upon his founding of this company back in 2005, Rehan has never looked back, and the last 20 years or so have seen nothing short of continuous growth and fortification of this brand as one of Germany’s leading IT service providers. Acquiring clients through such means as referrals, business networks, and personal connections, Rehan explains, “we maintain a close partnership with our clients, engaging in constant communication and collaboratively evolving their IT infrastructures.” Innovation has also been commonplace over the last two decades and is something that continues across the company to this day. Just last year, Rehan and the team launched their own cloud service offering to the market, and over the past year, they have really been driving this segment of the business forward. Besides continuing to pioneer in the field, there are also a series of tried and tested methods that Rabb IT Solutions stands by so as to solidify the exemplary customer experience that it provides. This is best seen in the area of customer support, whereby a response time of 30 minutes or less is strived for, providing a customer with tailored assistance, whatever their needs may be. Furthermore, across this space at present, automation and the increasing capabilities of artificial intelligence are dominating discourses, and Rehan has made sure to focus keenly on these areas, collaborating closely with his team so as to afford a proactive suite of services to his customers at every turn. While the uncertainty of the economy is leading some to be more cautious, Rehan tells us, “an increasing number of companies are focusing on AI and cybersecurity […] [and] naturally, we benefit significantly from this trend.” Rabb IT Solutions thus changes with the times, leveraging and managing trends so as to divert from the one-size-fits all approach that so many of its competitors rely on. As for how such flexibility is attained so successfully, Rehan comments, “I am constantly in contact and communication with my team. Through a very open and personal dialogue, I am able to quickly address the needs of team members, as well as regularly reinforce the company’s philosophy and values.” With a CEO of the calibre of Rehan at the helm, the business is able to navigate the challenges and maximise the opportunities that present themselves across the industry. In particular, these revolve around personnel changes and embracing technological developments, with both of these areas able to be successfully managed through regular training, something Rehan prioritises with the uppermost urgency. Concerning the future of Rabb IT Solutions, Rehan comments, “we aim to expand our locations throughout the entire federal territory to be even closer to our customers.” Beyond this, there is a keen emphasis within the business on continuing to improve the quality of its services, streamlining its offerings so as to elevate the final product that a customer receives. Finally, in addition to location expansion, there are plans to expand the company’s prowess across the areas of cloud computing and IT security. Similarly, for Rehan himself, he tells us that he has spent the last few years extending his leadership team, stepping back from day-to-day operations so as to narrow his focus on further development. Far from the first time that Rehan Khan has been celebrated, his ongoing dedication to his craft has resulted in him once more receiving a German CEO Excellence Award, on this occasion championing him as the Most Visionary IT Hard/Software Migration CEO for 2024. If these first 20 years are anything to go by, then the future of Rabb IT Solutions GmbH is incredibly bright, and even after all this time, the business remains ahead of the curve and wholly committed to serving as a reliable partner. Contact: Rehan Khan Company: Rabb IT Solutions GmbH Web Address: Most Visionary IT Hard/Software Migration CEO 2024: Rehan Khan