German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 similar viewpoint can also be found regarding problems, with these simply being addressed as opportunities yet to be leveraged. Such positivity is innate within ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH, with Ralf refusing to allow negative external factors to bring this collective spirit down and impact the stance taken by the company that it can achieve anything it puts its mind to. As an example of ELCO putting this ethos into action, it has begun to place a keen emphasis in recent years on international markets and global expansion, with new branches having already been opened in Mexico and India so far this year, and firm plans in place to begin operations in four other countries. The purpose of this mission is simple, with Ralf seeking to internationalise the brand and drive sales on a global level. Having already solidified its claim as a market leader in China, Ralf tells us more about the effectiveness of this strategy. “As with any other company, we utilise systems that facilitate rapid scaling and international growth. Regular meetings and reflections on our work [also] lead to consistent success.” Not only are such meetings championed when it comes to international expansion, they also comprise a key element of Ralf’s day-to-day leadership routine and have proven vital in sustaining success. Located right at the centre of this approach is a drive to ensure that everybody operating under the company banner is working towards the same goals, and that these are clearly laid out for everyone to see, understand, and align with. By remaining united under one common vision, trust is fostered, and innovation encouraged. When it comes to the qualities that Ralf himself believes he should embody, these span prioritising always being authentic, honest, and approachable. He explains, “when employees are passionate about the company, its products, and its leadership, they tend to work more efficiently, consistently, and effectively.” As a leader, Ralf recognises that the responsibility for colleague well- being is on his shoulders, and thus, he strives to be available as far as possible as a point of contact, colleague, mentor, and friend. Regarding the internal culture at ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH, an environment of open communication is nurtured, with Ralf sound in the knowledge that, “employees who are not afraid to ask questions tend to perform better.” As a part of this open communication-centric atmosphere, Ralf is the first to admit it when he makes any mistakes, setting an example that he hopes everyone within his workforce will be quick to follow on the odd occasion where an issue may arise. Another notable element of a good leader is striking that balance between leading and allowing teams to work independently, as when it is achieved, this winning combination is instrumental in fostering continuous growth. Promoting such successes remains key as Ralf looks forward in his own career, telling us, “my career is secondary to the company’s goals,” with this CEO remaining steadfast in his commitment to his company and its people. Although such dedication will prove equally beneficial for Ralf as it will paint him in a fantastic light, that is not why he strives for excellence, rather, he has always favoured the success of the collective over his own personal goals, confident in the belief that no one person can be bigger than a company. Ralf eloquently puts it like this, “the company is the goal, not the person.” To aid him in explaining this philosophy, Ralf provides an extended metaphor, all based