2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

28 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards , Eishtec Best Business Process Outsourcing Provider 2019 & Customer Experience Experts of the Year 2019 Jan19516 Eishtec is an award-winning business process outsourcing provider supporting a variety of high-profile national and international clients. To celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards, we invited Eishtec CEOHeather Reynolds to tell us a bit more about the company and its service offering. When Eishtec was established in 2011, it did so with the very deliberate aim of disrupting the cus- tomer service industry. The three founders, which includes current CEO Heather Reynolds, were determined to challenge the poor reputation of the sector and the poor service delivery that exists across all sectors. Eight years later and the company has risen to become one of Ireland’s leading customer service providers with 1,500 employees across Ireland and the UK handling more than 10 million support and customer contacts each year. Among its high-profile clients are T-Mobile, Orange, EE, BT, Trasna Health, Rebuilding Ireland, Vero Social, MIT Education and Qilta. Eishtec specialises in delivering customer journey solutions with a focus on two areas: the ex- pertise of its people in the art of conversation and the company’s ability to be at the cutting edge of technological changes across a range of industry sectors. The company concentrates on inbound customer management service market, delivering ser- vice, technical support, retention and sales capabilities as well as back office administration and churn analytics, as Heather highlights. “At Eishtec, we help our clients to understand their customers and boost customer loyalty and growth. We blend the best people, process and technology and combine that with our unique culture of harnessing the power of the individual to deliver outstanding results for our clients.” She attributes the firm’s phenomenal growth to the fact that the company is driven by its dedication to excellence as well as its ability to be agile and innovative in order to enhance services and solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients. “Since inception, Eishtec has achieved incredible growth, which is testament to our capa- bility, integrity and innovative approach to our people, our customers and our clients. We remain firmly aligned to our belief in challenging the quality of service at every point. We are passionate about being the best and believe that excellent con- versations require a combination of empowered, knowledgeable agents, smart data insights and a desire to challenge and improve.” “This growth has helped us to achieve our mission: to be the best, and to excel in achieving our clients’ business outcomes through aligning our processes to deliver excellence in customer experience and the ability of our people to engage in conver- sations that always deliver value to customers. This all starts with hiring the best grown-up staff, ensuring they are equipped to do the job to the highest possible standards and providing them with the training and the freedom to interpret situations, think critically, develop solutions and make decisions.” This focus on being the best in the business and offering excep- tional client-service has been central to Eishtec’s success over the years, and, as Heather showcases, also differentiates the firm from its competitors in the outsourcing industry. “As a company, Eishtec was originally established to challenge both the poor reputation of the sector and the poor service “Here at Eishtec we are a creative, grown-up team who learn – fast! We have a soul and we like to create a friendly atmosphere at work – we smile, we laugh, we joke. We recognise that each staff member is an individual, so we build around and on their strengths to help them excel.”

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