2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards 29 g Eishtec Contact Details Company: Eishtec | Name: Heather Reynolds | Address: Unit 2, Cleaboy Business Park, Waterford, Ireland, X91W2WH | Telephone Number: +353 (0) 51 337 800 | Web Address: www.eishtec.com delivery that exists in all sectors. As such, we are committed to offering customer service that goes above and beyond our competitors. We believe that the customers require solutions to fit their needs: not the other way around. “When Eishtec partners with large consumer organisations, we are their brand and cater for all their technological and operational needs and offer seamless integration into existing systems. We hire only the best staff who are experts in their fields and are dedicated to the highest standards possible. Our world-class customer support team members have mastered the concept and execution of an exceptionally good customer experience and give our clients peace of mind that their customers are being looked after properly – ensuring more loyalty from them into the future. Our focus is about really resolving customer's problems in a way they feel valued.” By working with the best talent in the indus- try, Eishtec has been able to ensure clients receive exceptional client service at all times. Heather discusses the firm’s internal culture and how important this is to drive the company to even greater achievements in the future. “Eishtec has an entrepreneurial and agile culture. We operate a strong ‘can-do’ attitude. While the company is underpinned by technology, it is the people who are at the heart of everything we do. We have invested significantly in ensuring the company has the right culture and that management and staff all feel they are on the same team. In a business where passion and attitude are reflected in the outcome of conversations, we recognise and invest in the ambitions and empowerment of our people. Our people are listeners and empathisers, but they are also savvy interpreters and critical thinkers who can make decisions in order to ensure that the customer gets the best solution that fits their needs. Our culture instils in our staff that desire to listen to customers, and to hear what they are saying, to go that extra mile for them and know that we have made their day a little easier.” Heather says that the training and upskilling of staff is at the core of Eishtec’s culture as well as ensuring the wellbeing of all employees. “We are a creative, grown-up team who learn – fast! We have a soul and we like to create a friendly atmosphere at work – we smile, we laugh, we joke. We recognise that each staff member is an individual, so we build on their strengths to help them excel. We are regularly involved in CSR and charitable activities in the communities in which we operate in. We have a strong, female-dominant leadership team, and we feel that feeds into the company’s overall culture.” However, she points out that, given the nature of Eishtec’s business, the company also has to reflect its clients’ cultures also. “Our staff are given the freedom – and the training - to assess situations and the customers’ needs, check all the critical infor- mation to solve their problems with a more personal touch, which sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that our clients feel supported at all times, and are always keen to work with us time and again.” Fundamentally, it is this combination of client service and entrepreneurial culture that has helped Eishtec to grow into the leading outsourcing provider it is today, as Heather explains. “At the heart of Eishtec is the ability to harmoniously bring together the many factors required to achieve excellence in customer engagements. We firmly believe in challeng- ing the quality of service at every point. We are a world-class customer engagement partner for ambitious companies and work with them on a collaborative basis. Our expert team collaborate with our clients to ensure that Eishtec is aligning their business needs with the expectations of their customers." When Eishtec was established, it was primarily working in the telecoms field but its range of expertise has expanded greatly since then. Two of the areas in which the company has made recent significant advances are health and content moderation. Seeking to build upon its ongoing success, Eishtec has many exciting developments on the horizon to drive it to even greater heights over the years to come, as Heather concludes. “We are in the process of delivering a very ambitious growth strategy under the leader- ship of the management team as well as our new Board of Directors, which is chaired by Martin Murphy, former Managing Director for HP Ireland. We are accelerating the drive for further growth across a variety of sectors and geographies; we recently announced our expansion into Spain with a new base in Madrid. “As part of our ongoing focus on success, we are constantly developing new ideas that are crucial to business growth – improving processes, bringing new and improved products and services to market, increasing efficiency and improving profitability for our clients. We work to provide the much-needed scalability for clients who are looking to optimise and grow their businesses through a customer engagement centric approach. “Our ambition is to become an international, multilingual, multicultural service provid- er, delivering the highest-quality services across multiple industries to our international client base. Thanks to these developments, there are exciting times ahead for Eishtec and we are looking forward to driving this strong, dynamic and growing company into the future.”

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