Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 11 SOAR Solutions leveraging efficiencies. In essence, the Platform automatically delivers results, identifies anomalies and triggers rectification actions in real- time ensuring client resources are always optimised. Bringing together a wealth of experience encompassing senior commercial management roles, enterprise system development and previous successful start- ups, SOAR view themselves as a perfect marriage of misfits, skills and personalities. This ability to maintain individuality in an increasingly homogenous corporate world has been a key “X-Factor” in building their close partner relationships across clients and key stakeholders. As Sharon puts it, “we treat people how we like to be treated. We’re highly professional in what we do, have fun doing it. These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive”. She went on to say “While a contract is fundamental, in our view it is only the entry point of a client procuring a product or service. It should never become a straitjacket to limit performance. As important, but often ignored is the spirit of a contract which has the power to enhance or destroy any client partner relationship”. “Clients have shared contract cases where easy solve business critical requests have been leveraged against extra fees, or to justify delays. Is this a healthy partner relationship? When a client asks us for something, our starting point is yes. If it is at all possible to it within the bounds of the contract, we do it without charge. If it is quick and easy to complete, we do it without charge. If we can help with a leftfield request, we’ll do that too. In our view that’s what a true partner does, it’s what SOAR does”. While constantly striving for perfection, the SOAR team realise that a new product or development has a fleeting moment of perfection upon launch. Standing still or resting on their laurels is not in the DNA of the company, leading to the question, “what next for SOAR”? Simply, it never stops, and right now Sharon is speaking to us surrounded by boxes as they move in to their new offices. A fourth move in six years illustrates their growth, but they’re hoping that this will be home for at least the medium term. “These offices are ideally set-up for how we work also offering an opportunity for further expansion in the same location,”. Negotiations with a number of high-profile clients are ongoing and they are looking forward to making announcements towards the end of 2020, including a first client in the aviation sector with a new SOAR module. The Team’s development board is always full. Recently, they launched, an industry first, “live video streaming” capability in tandem with “GDPR compliant” document capture for SOAR_ inventory. They are working on a, “SOAR_proof_of_life” concept, their previously mentioned aviation product, a full redevelopment of their appraisal module and further module upgrades; all scheduled to be live before year end. However, perhaps more importantly the company has made a fundamental commercial shift. Mark Cotter CTO, details what this means. “SOAR is moving from being a company that solely builds Risk & Asset Management tools to become a Risk Management company. SOAR tools will remain a core element of our business, however, a key learning has been that much of the data generated by our clients, and industry in general is not being leveraged correctly, or at all. There is too much data, and it often being siloed out of flawed and ill-conceived protectionism”. Employing, machine learning and blockchain technologies, SOAR is also working in partnership with credit bureau providers to perform and harness deep dive data analytics. Not only will this provide invaluable previously hidden intelligence to clients, their aim is to ensure that can be shared, benefiting entire sectors by providing risk modelling and transformative predictive risk modelling services across the globe. Risk is something everybody deals with on a daily basis. We all face choices in how to handle that risk. However, in an increasingly digital and data-driven society, managing risk whether commercial or personal has changed. SOAR is on hand to help manage and mitigate that risk. This outstanding Irish business continues to exemplify what it means to be innovative, client-centred, and wholly focused on delivering actionable service to companies all over the world in times of great uncertainty. Company: SOAR Solutions Contact: Stephen McLernon Email: [email protected] Website: