Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Bespoke Glass Lamp Designer 2020 True artistry comes from the heart, and Sue Donnellan’s heart has well and truly been captured by the raw magical beauty of Ireland’s western shores. Inspiring her work, this rugged and stunning land is the foundation for the best bespoke glass craftwork on the Emerald Isle. Now celebrating her tenth year in business, we take a look at Sue’s work with Glass Craft to discover what makes these artisan items ethereally beautiful. Jan20244 A native of Dublin, Sue Donnellan has spent the last ten years creating some of the finest stained glass and kiln- fused glass items that can be found in Ireland. From stained glass lamps to kiln-fused dichroic jewellery, to driftwood sculptures, copper work and candle holders, the breadth of Sue’s work is exceptional, and shows off her range of talents in creating truly stunning bespoke items that can tie together any space. Based in her studio by the sea in the beautiful Ceardlann Spiddal Craft Village, Sue is a short drive from Galway and the beauty of its shores. Surrounded by picturesque views, the craft village is also idyllically located in the Gaeltacht, the gateway to Connemara. Creating stained glass sculptures and artisanal items requires more than just a deft crafting hand. Behind every item, there is a deep understanding of the relationship between light and colour. The light filters through the coloured glass, creating a kaleidoscopic explosion whose glory in the sunshine cannot be measured. It’s a dance, as these two elements effortlessly intertwine to become one inspiring item for those discerning enough to see the true beauty of Sue’s work. Each item in Sue’s extensive collection and repertoire is an embodiment of her everlasting passion for working with glass. All of the work she undertakes is unique, and inspired by the ever-evolving relationship between light, colour, form, and composition. Having been recognised specifically for her work with bespoke glass lamps, we would be remiss to not examine the intricate detailing and painstaking craftsmanship that goes into every single one. Each lamp is handmade with the greatest levels of care and passion, complete with pearlized ring mottle glass, fused glass gems, agate rock, and crystal, and stands upon a wooden base. These wooden bases can come in a variety of styles and wood types, including oak, walnut, ash, and bog wood to suit all spaces. Finally, ensuring proper ease of use without ever compromising on style, each lamp is finished with a rocker switch fitted on to a gold coloured electric cord. Without the craftsmanship that goes into the structural integrity of the lamp, they would still be marvellous to behold purely for Sue’s mastery over the colour. Awe-inspiring ambers can evoke a sense of warmth, whilst the jaw-dropping jade greens instil a sense of harmony, and oneness with nature wherever the lamp may be. Sue’s control and understanding of how light and colour come together is second to none, and these lamps are a truly outstanding representation of just how amazing she is at what she does. The last ten years have given way to some truly memorable pieces of work that Sue has created, and 2020 will see her self-publish a book entitled ‘My Journey Through Glass’. Featuring a myriad of images of her work across the last decade, Sue’s desire to share her outstanding work goes well beyond the aim of simply increasing her own business. Rather, she has decided that all the proceeds of her book will go towards helping poor families in Cambodia, having previously been out to the country in an effort to help build orphanages many years ago. Ten years is a long time, but Sue’s passion continues to be unwavering. Her bespoke lamps continue to earn the respect and admiration of everyone who comes into contact with them, showcasing just how powerful the combination of light and colour can be. A beacon of creative mastery and expert craftsmanship, these lamps are exceptional, and a wonderful addition to any space. Company: Glass Craft Contact: Sue Donnellan Website: