Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 17 Best All-Ages Talent Agency - Leinster The world of showbusiness is notoriously difficult to get a handle on, but for those lucky people able to attend the Talented Kids Performing Arts School &MVWTalent Agency, they’re secure with the knowledge of getting a leg-up in the business. What starts for many as a hobby can transform into a lucrative career, led by the guiding hand of Maureen VWard and her fabulous teachers. With stars in our eyes, we turn to this award-winner to see what titbits we can glean. Jan20339 Started in 2002, the Talented Kids PAS & MVW Talent Agency was designed to teach the noble skills of singing, drama, musical theatre and dance to children from the age of three, all the way up to Adults. The brightest and most suitable would be put forward by the accompanying talent agency for various auditions across different media. A number of household names such as Johnny Ward, Seana Kerslake, Niamh Algar, Susie Power, Niamh Quirke and Lauryn Gaffney have sprung from these humble beginnings, demonstrating the true potential of this impressive business. The best way in which to see Talented Kids PAS & MVW Talent Agency is not as a place where success is guaranteed, but where it can be nurtured and cultivated. Students of all ages are encouraged to express themselves through performing arts, allowing them to release all emotions and feelings in a safe, positive and supportive environment. Maureen’s opinion is that the everyday pressures can all be shown in this way. Classes, therefore, must cater to a number of different needs from the ambitious wanting to find a career in show business all the way through to those who just want to develop more confidence. Experienced and qualified professional teachers ensure that no one is left behind or left wanting more support. This sort of environment is where friends for life are made, with the skills and techniques learned being a valuable addition to the working of everyday life. The flexibility of the school can be seen in its sheer variety of client. Talented Kids PAS & MVW Talent Agency welcomes all and is fully inclusive. Everyone is able to get something out of the classes that Maureen and her staff provide. One particular young client, with mild autism, used to speak with an American accent. While originally sent to the school in order to remove this, the team at Talented Kids PAS & Agency encouraged him to keep his accent. It has led to many professional opportunities, with the client voicing characters in many feature animations which have been in cinemas worldwide. This ability to not only nurture clients, but lead them onto a path of success, is one of the many advantages that a combined school and agency bring. Now that the business has been operating for over eighteen years, it has had the opportunity to build up an enviable rapport with colleagues in casting and production companies, not only in Ireland, but also in the UK, France, the USA and Canada. In an international business, the benefits that Talented Kids PAS & MVW Talent Agency are able to offer are impressive. It goes without saying that many young stars have been produced by the impressive work of Maureen and her team. Her students have made names for themselves, competing in national and international competitions and winning titles in the USA such as “World Champion” in drama and singing. Many have been lucky, and talented enough, to have roles in award winning films. The nature of the performing arts means that it is always a challenge to make a path in the industry, but with a team like Talented Kids PAS & MVW Talent Agency to encourage every step, these clients of all ages are sure to receive the best possible start in their professional lives. Company: Talented Kids Performing Arts School & MVW Talent Agency Contact: Maureen-Victoria Ward Web: maureenvwardtalent Photo credit: The Echo