Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Non-Invasive Advanced Skincare Solutions Provider 2020 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2020 Founded almost ten years bymother and daughter team Jean Cullen and Vicky Doyle, Iconic Beauty is the epitome of comfort and tranquillity in the beauty salon industry across Dublin. Identifying a need for clients to enjoy amore comfortable experience on their regular visits to the beauty salon, Jean and Vicky teamed up together to offer exactly that. Join us as we examine the relaxation and the luxury of a visit to one of the Iconic Beauty salons in the suburbs of Dublin. Jan20454 In 2011, Jean Cullen and her daughter Vicky Doyle noticed a gap in the market for a truly comfortable and relaxing trip the beauty salon. The pair were armed with Jean’s lengthy career in administration and accounting, and Vicky’s 2005 qualification as a beauty therapist and subsequent six years of industry experience. This combination has since proven to be more than ideal, having secured not one, but two awards in this years Irish Enterprise Awards in EU Business News. Over the last nine years, this team has grown their business from an idea into two fully-equipped boutique style salons in the Dublin suburbs of Rathgar and Foxrock, each one offering only the best treatment and the most tranquil of atmospheres. Focusing purely on the client, Iconic Beauty’s daily mission to help every single person that comes in the door feel the very best that they possibly can. Jean, Vicky, and the whole team understand that, sometimes, the visit to the beauty salon is the only timeout that some clients can get in their busy lives. Therefore, in every conversation and every treatment, the team at Iconic Beauty feel a sense of responsibility to not only deliver the best quality treatments, but also make sure that clients feel appreciated and value their time at the salon. Empowered by the belief that there is no point in getting up in the morning just to be ordinary, the team strive to make every client feel extraordinary, every single day. Both salons are the embodiment of relaxation, a veritable haven of calmness for wonderful, discerning, and loyal clients. The last nine years have seen Jean and Vicky cultivate a team of highly-trained, professional, and senior beauty therapists who are all equipped to deliver state-of-the-art skincare treatments and products, laser hair removal, and a comprehensive range of beauty treatments. Clients can enjoy treatments such as manicures, pedicures, tinting, threading, waxing, tanning, and so much more, and the staff team make sure that the best treatments are delivered using the very best proprietary brands, including Guinot, Image Skincare, CND, and Waxperts, to name just a few. Crucially, and fully reflective of its award win, Iconic Beauty prides itself on delivering the best non-invasive advanced skincare solutions. Ensuring only the highest standards of hygiene, the professional and skilled team of beauty therapists use only the best products and undergo continuous training to maintain their position at the top of their game. It is this consistency in the delivery of excellence that continues to mark out Iconic Beauty as a beacon of distinction. At no point do Jean, Vicky, or any member of the Iconic Beauty team take any clients’ business for granted. In what is a highly competitive market, the trust and relaxation that clients get from spending time at these exceptional salons is nothing short of absolutely crucial to the continued success of the entire business. Not only do clients emerge looking their best, but Iconic Beauty offers a sense of comfort and tranquillity that also leaves them feeling their best. No matter what else is going on in the world, and there is a lot going on in the world right now, a trip to Iconic Beauty is a must for anyone who wants to escape everyday life in search of true relaxation. Company: Iconic Beauty Ltd Contact: Jean Cullen Website: