Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

20 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Coach Hire Company of the Year 2020 Travelling is a joy that many of us oftenwishwe had the chance to experience more of. Helping the people of Ireland explore the vast, wonderful, and historic country it sits upon is JJ Kavanagh & Sons. Join us as we discover the story behind what began as one of the first private providers of public transport, and has now become the largest privately-owned coach company on the Emerald Isle today. Jan20512 Established in 1919, JJ Kavanagh & Sons has been delivering exceptional public transport for more than a century. Achieving success and developing growth over the course of a hundred years is often difficult, but the efforts of the team make it seem anything but that. Successful growth and development over the past century has come about through the process of listening very closely to consumers, and responding proactively to their needs. Today, the firm continues that pursuit of excellence and success with the support of a 260-man workforce, each one of whom is committed to performing jobs competently, professionally, and always efficiently. 2019 saw the company carry more than 3.5 million passengers, over more than seven million road kilometres, and these figures continue to increase. JJ Kavanagh & Sons relentlessly pursues the provision of only the highest levels of service, quality, comfort, and safety for its customers. The Failte Ireland- approved fleet of coaches ensure that every customer experiences a relaxed journey, whatever the destination. The experienced team efficiently manages the transport logistics of any event, whilst also assisting with planning interesting itineraries, booking accommodation, and securing entertainment. Each year, more and more coaches are added to the fleet, consistently marking out the firm as one of the most modern and reliable in the country. JJ Kavanagh & Sons has always been, and will always be, characterised by the total commitment to quality, attention to detail, putting focus on customer satisfaction at the forefront of its business ethos. This fleet of modern and sophisticated coaches totals more than 130, with each one being approved by Failte Ireland. There are a variety of sizes, including 49-seaters, 52-seaters, 53-seaters and each are available for extended touring around Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Europe. With an average vehicle age of less than four years, the JJ Kavanagh & Sons fleet is one of the most modern, reliable, and comfortable operating not just in Ireland, but across the entire European marketplace. Each executive coach comes equipped with the latest gear, such as Wi-Fi capabilities, air conditioning, reclining seats, audio and video facilities, onboard toilets and USB chargers. When travelling on any form of public transport, cleanliness and quality is of the utmost importance. The team at JJ Kavanagh & Sons ensures that the quality of each vehicle being acquired is constantly monitored, whilst the comfort specification for new coaches is always being upgraded. For existing vehicles, the team strives to keep them at the highest possible standards of quality and cleanliness whilst also adhering to passenger safety and comfort levels. Drivers produce daily reports on each vehicle’s performance, and each coach has a full maintenance inspection carried out at least once every four weeks throughout the year. Over the last one hundred years, JJ Kavanagh & Sons has developed a proud track record and tradition in Ireland as a brand leader in its sector. The next one hundred years are just as important though, and the team fully understand this. With the aim of maintaining its brand leader status, the company has developed a top-class e-commerce system, providing customers with flexible online booking and payment options, including online ticket booking and smartcard usage. Leveraging the benefits of modern technology ensures real customer convenience and greater real-time consumer insight on travelling preferences and frequency. At JJ Kavanagh & Sons, the unrelenting commitment to continuous improvement will pave the way for new vehicles, more staff development, and innovative technologies to strengthen its position for the next one hundred years. After all, when travelling around the Emerald Isle, why settle for anything less than the diamond standard? Company: JJ Kavanagh & Sons Contact: Laura Kavanagh Website: