Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 21 Best Cleaning & Facilities Management Company - UK & Ireland The importance of cleanliness is amatter easily overlooked, but always noticeable when done poorly. Few try as hard to get into the dirty detail as the teamat Grosvenor Services, who are being recognised for their astounding work in this special edition of EU Business News. We turned our eagle eye towards this impressive company to see just what has made it such an incredible success. Jan20237 What started in 1959 as a window cleaning service in Belfast has grown into one of the foremost providers of cleaning services across Ireland and the United Kingdom at large. Family owned, ethically minded and dedicated to integrity; it’s no surprise that this leading organisation has managed to achieve long-term success built on impressive results. Grosvenor Services has changed a lot over the years to better meet the needs of its clients, but the core mission of providing exceptional facility services through its creative people has long been a constant. With a model of service delivery focused on a highly engaged and experienced workforce, all contracts led by subject matter expertise and a commitment to company values, the team have been able to achieve great success. While all companies aim to provide an exceptional service, it is the way in which Grosvenor Services manages to execute its superb delivery model that makes it very special indeed. The focus is always on what will create the most possible value to a client, with frontline employees clearly directed to deliver the ultimate customer experience. The team now has a staff of 4,500 spread across Ireland, the UK and the USA, and able to offer all the personal attention that a smaller business is able to provide with all of the scale that corporations need. Every business needs its own bespoke approach, with different needs ranging from a single service to a fully integrated solution. Grosvenor Services has a great deal of experience of working alongside other companies in order to deliver exactly what is required. The team have been proud to serve some of the most premium brands in the world, and some of their largest clients have been with the company for over three decades. This long history has only been sustained by a determined effort on the part of the team to continually innovate and reinvent the work that they do. The result has been a downwards push on costs and a steady move towards Integrated Facilities Management. As Ireland has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, as well as a highly skilled and educated workforce, it has become a major centre for businesses in the pharmaceutical, technology and animation sectors, generating evermore clients who can use Grosvenor Services. World-class industries demand world-class standards, which is why the team have committed themselves to providing the best possible service. Looking ahead, the future seems bright, with the company matching the clear need to invest in its systems, processes and people. While the UK’s split from the EU is a challenge, the team believes they are more than up to the task of matching it, maintaining those carefully curated and incredibly strong relationships that have served the company so well. In all, it is really this commitment to clients that has driven the amazing success of Grosvenor Services. Where some businesses provide exceptional services for the time, Grosvenor Services keeps the relationship going. Its team is one that truly tries to understand what is needed from them, and when it is needed. It’s this approach that has allowed the business not only to grow, but to thrive. Company: Grosvenor Services Contact: Marianne Lambert Web :