Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 27 Best Catering Equipment Supplier 2020 - Leinster Everybody loves good food, nomatter where or what the occasion. Perhaps it is free samples at a supermarket, or perhaps it is a gourmet restaurant dinner; food is a thing that many people enjoy. However, ensuring that food is properly stored and looked after is key to its enjoyment later down the line. Without the work of firms such as Caterboss, many of us wouldn’t be able to enjoy properly-stored food. Join us, as we learnmore about this award-winning firmand what it does. Feb20210 Caterboss is a refrigerated and catering equipment supplier, offering premium brand equipment to a range of businesses in the industry such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, cafes, takeaways, bars, pubs, and many others. Living up to its namesake, the firm is a market leader in the field of catering, and delivers top quality results on every order for everybody, whether that be a single item order or the supply and fitting of a full hotel-size kitchen. Since its inception, Caterboss has remained wholly focused on its goal of becoming a recognised competitor in the Irish market, providing top quality refrigerated and catering equipment at affordable prices with an aftersales service that is simply unparalleled. Every piece of equipment is sourced from recognised European suppliers and manufacturers with long-term proven track records in the catering industry, ensuring that all the equipment is known and field-tested. Operating as a grass roots business, Caterboss has found itself in its current position as a market- leading supplier by working its way through the industry. This journey has given the firm unmitigated insight into the industry and a deep understanding of the equipment it supplies, as well as the needs of the clients it serves. Using this knowledge as a competitive advantage to help clients achieve their goals, Caterboss ensures that any purchase is more than just refrigerated and catering equipment; it is imbued with industry-specific knowledge, and a service that simply cannot be beaten. In every project, the team at Caterboss strives to meet the demands and expectations of each individual customer on an order-to-order basis, giving each client the time and patience that is required to tailor for their exact needs. From initial ordering right through to installation and first operation, the firm ensures total and complete customer satisfaction throughout the process. Customer satisfaction is a higher priority than profit, which not only reinforces the commitment from Caterboss to its clientele, but also helps to ensure long-term business relationships within the industry as a whole. As a supplier to the catering industry, being located in Ireland has major benefits for the team at Caterboss. For instance, tourism plays a large role in the country’s economy. An estimated eleven million tourists visited Ireland in 2019, generating almost six billion euros for the economy. Those numbers are huge when compared to the tourism figures of Ireland’s European counterparts in terms of the size of their economic markets and the number of businesses within that economy that cater for and benefit from the tourism sector. Being a supplier to those businesses in a tourism-fuelled economy ensures Caterboss has a continued demand for the equipment it supplies. With the ramifications of Brexit still taking their toll on British and Irish businesses, many clients are understandably anxious about the long-term speedy supply of industry equipment. Being an island on the fringe of Europe, Ireland has historically been heavily dependent on its UK neighbour as a supplier and source for catering equipment. However, clients can rest assured that Caterboss are forging key relationships at home, as well as forming deals with manufacturers and logistics providers across Europe to ensure that Ireland has continued access to the equipment its industries need with improved lead times. Ensuring all of us can enjoy top quality food, Caterboss is a truly outstanding example of how to run a national business during tumultuous times. Constantly delivering top quality equipment for industries and companies which continue to serve the people, Caterboss will surely be a beacon of excellence for all Irish enterprises in the years to come. Company: Caterboss Contact: Ciaran Kilbride Website: