Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

26 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Tourist Attraction of the Year 2020 - South East Ireland Few places boast such a rich, cultural heritage as Ireland, withmany fascinatingmoments fromhistory just waiting to be discovered. Sharing the stories of the distant past are the team from the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience, with the centrepiece a gorgeous reproduction of an 1840’s emigrant vessel. World-class is every regard, we take a closer look at this delightful opportunity to bring the past bang up to date. Jan20282 The history of Ireland is one steeped in migration, and finding new ways in which to share this information is essential to understanding the cultural memories on which the country is founded. Since 1988, the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience has been an important way through which people are able to discover a piece of history that could all too easily be forgotten. The heart of the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience lies with the family of US President John F. Kennedy. It is the John F. Kennedy Trust who run both this site and sister attraction, the Kennedy Homestead. From this famous great grandson of an emigrant, the doors are opened for a far wider ranging story to be told of the people who lived and moved around the world. That said, it allows for a close focus and connection on the experiences of emigration and famine from the perspective of one family. Authenticity is the order of the day for the team behind the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience, and through a combination of guided tours, costumed performers and themed exhibitions of the highest quality, visitors are able to see the past anew. For over 60,000 people a year, this is an exciting insight into the past. The Dunbrody is a fully functioning sailing vessel, with the tour of the ship an understandable highlight of any visit. The site is also home to the Dunbrody Visitor Centre which boasts not only a charming river-view Restaurant, but the Savannah Landing Port Exhibition and Irish-America Hall of Fame. Committed to sharing local history, the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience works alongside a number of community projects that are specifically designed to enrich the lives of local people and invigorate the local economy. This fits with the group’s clear aims of furthering social inclusion through training and development, promoting of Maritime Heritage, History and Culture and the economic regeneration of New Ross and District. While the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience has based its work on the Kennedy family, there is ongoing research of the Graves Papers, in conjunction with Waterford Institute of Technology, to open up a much bigger and interesting historical story for visitors to experience. As a historical tourist attraction, the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience has gained access to . Failte Ireland's, Ireland's Ancient East, marketing campaign for the international visitor. As mentioned before, 60,000 come annually to see the exhibitions, with 26,000 coming with the major tour operators and 34,000 as free independent travellers. The importance of maximising the benefits that an international campaign is incredibly important to the running of the company. Looking ahead, the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience will be undergoing a major overhaul, with funding from Failte Ireland, Wexford County Council and a Rural Regeneration Development Fund allowing the enhancement, upgrading and development of the project. While the Dunbrody Famine Ship was constructed as a full sailing vessel, it is now planned to convert the ship into a full-time exhibition centre in its own right. A new immersive visitor attraction is also being constructed to tell the unique Wexford Norman story through the Norman Knight William Marshall in a historic, vacant premises on the South Quay. History is such an important part of learning about a country’s culture, and to find a place that explores that history so comprehensively is a rare treat indeed. It goes without saying that the hard work that has gone into curating such an experience is what has allowed the business to grow into such a success. Company: Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience Contact: Sean Connick Website: