Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 29 Beauty Salon of the Year 2020 – Ulster & Customer Service Excellence Award 2020 - Ulster It cannot be denied that, for many people, feeling good is intrinsically linked to looking good. Of course, there are amyriad of other factors in feeling good, but a visit to the Beauty Salon of the Year 2020 – Ulster can definitely help. Beauty By Grainne, having won the aforementioned award title, is an exemplary salon that has also secured the Customer Service Excellence Award 2020 – Ulster. To find out just how brilliant this double-award-winning salon truly is, we took a closer look at its services. Feb20074 Established in 2012 before moving to a newer and larger premises in 2018, Beauty By Grainne is an outstanding beauty salon located in the town of Letterkenny, in the north of County Donegal, Ireland. The salon’s founder and owner, Grainne Edwards, has cultivated a team of friendly, professional, and experienced staff members who specialise in all things beauty through a range of services to leave any customer feeling at their very best. These services can include, but are not limited to, skincare, nailcare, waxing, massages, tanning, micro- needling, manicures, pedicures, and a wealth of others. Since opening its doors more than seven years ago, Beauty By Grainne has grown from strength to strength in its commitment to ensure every customer feels the way they deserve to. In order to ensure that each and every customer leaves feeling their best, the staff strive to deliver nothing but the best. Whether it be a deeply relaxing head massage, or any one of a number of services from the extensive skin treatment menu, the staff are on hand to ensure that the customer gets nothing but the highest standard of beauty treatments. No matter the treatment, everything is designed to ensure the customer both looks and feels completely amazing. Made up of professional beauty, skin, and nail specialists, this superb team continues to mark out Beauty By Grainne as a centre of excellence within the salon community across the world. Under the wise and determined leadership of Grainne herself, the salon and its staff are constantly upgrading and updating services. Staff are constantly training to learn the most up to date and recent techniques, as well as the latest treatments for those coming into the salon. Not only does this training lead to well- educated staff, but it leads to happy customers who can rest easy in the knowledge that their beauty is in good hands. Crucially, Grainne and the whole team have also remained informed about the latest trends. It is simply no good if there was only preparation for the newest techniques if that is not what people are in search of. Rather, the salon keeps its ears to the ground and has subsequently noticed a definite shift towards skincare in recent times. Customers have begun to realise that the one-size-fits-all and over-the-counter products approach often doesn’t provide the desired results. Instead, Beauty By Grainne is no offering client consultations where the team can analyse the customer’s skin before recommending a homecare routine and skin treatment plan that is specific to them. Donegal currently benefits from a strong tourism economy, thanks in part to the captivating and beautiful Wild Atlantic Way. The rural background means not only is there an excellent quality of life, but it has also attracted major companies such as Randox and Pramerica. Complete with a fantastic chamber of commerce and local enterprise office, there are few better places that Beauty By Grainne could be placed that in the north of Ireland, coupling the beauty of the natural world with that of the human world. Guided by the internal value and belief of teamwork, Beauty By Grainne brings compassion, honesty, respect, and passion to the service it provides with humour, motivation, and open-mindedness. Unrelenting in its pursuit of excellence whilst ensuring every customer leaves feeling their absolute best, this fantastic salon is nothing short of exceptional from every angle. Company: Beauty by Grainne Contact: Grainne Edwards Email: [email protected]