Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

30 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best English Language Training Centre 2020 Travel broadens the mind, so the saying goes. The chance to study abroad, to learn about new people and new cultures, is one that should never be passed up lightly. When it comes to learning English, the ideal spot might not be the traditional English town, but the NED Training Centre. Drawing together exceptional education and a passion for discovering more about the real Ireland, this teamhave a lot to offer students. We profiled the firm to find out more. Jan20367 Based in Dublin, with a campus in Limerick, NED Training Centre has gone from strength to strength since it first opened. From humble beginnings, this English language school has become one of Dublin’s biggest and best. Catering to a rapidly growing international market, it’s no wonder that the business, led by David Russell, has developed into one of Ireland’s success stories. For the team at NED Training Centre, the importance is on quality first and foremost. This ambition is all pervading, playing a part in every decision that is made in every department from the teaching staff to the sales team. Every department works collaboratively towards this common goal. By ensuring quality, it is possible to help students to achieve their life goals in a way that builds experience and character, while also guaranteeing customer satisfaction. One-to-one consultations with student advisors mean that any questions about living in Ireland can be answered quickly and honestly. It’s an opportunity that demonstrates the attention to detail that the business encourages in every aspect of its work. An open-door policy throughout the school reflects the trust in which the team place in their students, and the trust that students can place in the staff. A light and friendly atmosphere means that instead of education being heavy and odious, it is a thoroughly pleasant place to be in. Courses are designed with an examination in mind, in order to give a clear target and focus to work towards. For those enrolled on a 25-week course, the exam is mandatory, allowing students the chance to gain a clear and recognised certification at the end of the process. It goes without saying that students come to Ireland not only for the excellent teaching, but the chance to explore a different country first- hand. The team at NED Training Centre have tailored their business model in order to ensure the maximum amount of potential experience can be gleaned from a student’s short time in Ireland. Many extracurricular trips to find out more about the country at large have been run, with previous excursions including the Guinness Storehouse, the cliffs of Moher and, of course, trips to see popular films. This special effort means that students who are far away from home have the chance to socialise and meet people in a more relaxed environment. Ireland has been an incredibly popular destination for a number of reasons, drawing in people from around the world thanks to its flexible immigration laws and openness to non-European students. This gives the business a unique advantage when compared to the UK or the USA. As mentioned before, the rich cultural heritage of Ireland gives it a inimitable appeal when it comes to finding the perfect place to study. In all, what NED Training Centre offers students is a journey into new surroundings. Not just presenting an opportunity to learn about language, the team offer the chance to learn something new. It’s an education that goes beyond the academic, instead affecting how people see the world. Company: NED Training Centre Contact: David Russell Website: Email: [email protected]