Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

34 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Fitness Training Centre - Dublin What started out as a childhood dreamhas since grown into one of the most successful fitness training centres that Dublin has to offer. PrimalX Fitness is the dreamchild of founder StephenMcDonald, and through hard work, effective fitness programmes, and a strong fitness community, it is now the proud recipient of the EU Business News’ Irish Enterprise Award for Best Fitness Training Centre – Dublin. In order to find out more, we took a closer look at what the centre offers that makes it so unique. Jan20514 From humble beginnings in the Sallynoggin area of County Dublin, Stephen McDonald has been through quite a journey to realise his dream of opening his own gym. From an early age, he was passionate about sports and martial arts. After leading a life of dangerous and unhealthy food choices, Stephen quickly found himself embroiled in a battle against a cancerous tumour in his colon in 2012. Despite successful surgery, he was not given the all- clear; and that was the wake-up call that sparked the passion once more. Stephen then quit his day job in pursuit of a career in fitness to help others avoid his fate. Driven by his desire, he studied and trained extensively, before launching PrimalX Fitness Community Club in 2014 with just a handful of members. From day one, PrimalX Fitness has set out to deliver lasting results through sustainable and positive lifestyle changes. Six years on, that mission remains the same. As does Stephen’s passion for his work. The handful of members in 2014 rapidly grew over the following years, rising to more than a hundred by 2017. Later that year, Stephen finally realised his childhood dream and opened his own boutique-style gym in Sallynoggin. Surrounding himself with talented coaches, PrimalX Fitness went from strength to strength, and continues to do so to this day. Specialising in semi-private training, group coaching programming, and strength and conditioning training, as well as providing speciality training for teenagers and pre- and post- natal individuals, Stephen’s dream has come true in exceptional ways. Today, PrimalX Fitness’ mission remains to improve the quality of life in the local community of Sallynoggin. PrimalX Fitness’ methodology is quite simple, but incredibly effective; it empowers its members with knowledge and skills to help them realise their full potential, not only in fitness, but in life. This is not the only unique differentiator that PrimalX Fitness boasts for its clients. The team of highly educated and experienced coaches are more than just fitness fanatics themselves; they are wholly dedicated and passionate for members’ fitness journeys, empowering them with skills and tools that help them sustain results for life. Also, the gym delivers awards-winning personalised programmes that fuel lifestyle and mindset changes that promote fitness outside the gym, guaranteeing lasting results. In order to achieve tangible and lasting results, fitness coaches must be willing to dig deep to uncover the real emotional motivation for change, and that can vary wildly between each client. People understand that bad food and lifestyle choices lead to weight gain, but it is the emotional impulses behind these choices that drive them. Based on his own experience, Stephen set out to ensure that PrimalX Fitness developed a culture that nurtured vulnerability, creating an environment where members can feel comfortable enough to share their stories, and get to the root of the problems. This is captured exquisitely in the culture statement; no egos, no fears, no excuses. No egos means everyone who enters PrimalX Fitness embraces a culture of utmost respect, humility, and vulnerability; one where coaches and members alike can always be open and honest without a fear of hurting one another’s feelings. The result is a nourishing environment for self-improvement. No fears means that the team empowers all of its members with confidence and brazenness necessary to realise their own full potential. Finally, no excuses means exactly that; there is no room for excuses in the PrimalX Fitness culture that embraces full ownership of results and lifestyle choices. Stephen is aiming to make 2020 the best year yet for PrimalX Fitness, opening a second facility in nearby Monkstown that will specialise in group coaching programme whilst also improving the recently developed online personal training and nutrition service, PrimalX Go. Developed to cater for the needs of members who travel extensively for work, have moved away from the area, or simply wanted to continue training whilst on holiday, PrimalX Go is available to anyone who would like to experience the benefits of personal training and nutrition coaching in their own times, on their own terms, and at a fraction of the cost. Driven by his passion for PrimalX Fitness, Stephen has created a centre of true excellence within the world of fitness and nutrition, but he is determined to not stop there. Inspiring his home area of Sallynoggin with what can be done, Stephen has transformed his life, and his gym, into something that represents the best of what Irish enterprises have to offer. Company: PrimalX Fitness Contact: Stephen McDonald Email: [email protected] Web: