Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 35 Best Healthcare Brand Marketing & Distribution 2020 Every industry needs brandmarketing and distribution, even for the big players who are well established. OceanHealthcare, having been crowned Best Healthcare BrandMarketing &Distribution 2020, is a dynamic and privately-owned business that offers sales, marketing, and distribution solutions to healthcare brand owners. In order to find out more about the firm’s exceptional success, we took a closer look at its services. Jan20283 O f f e r i n g a c o m p r e h e n s i v e range of services, Ocean Healthcare manages some major international brands operating in the world today. From total brand management including sales, marketing and distribution, this exceptional firm can tailor any strategy to meet the commercial requirements of the partner. The seasoned and experienced team of commercial professionals bring a proven track record of building brands, and repositioning stagnating brands for future growth. Whether through boosting sales, engaging marketing content, complete logistics services, business-focused solutions, or training aimed at sustained growth, Ocean Healthcare can help brand owners in a myriad of ways. Since its formation, the firm has been offering total distribution to the pharmacy and grocery channel across Ireland, whilst also building on long-standing relationships with key players in the retail trade. Ocean Healthcare supplies more than two thousand pharmacies throughout both the north and south of Ireland, whether it be directly or indirectly. Seventy percent of those pharmacies in Ireland benefit from direct calling from Ocean Healthcare, whilst the firm also supplies all of the major grocery multiples. To name but a few, brand owners can expect field sales support, key account management of all major pharmacy, grocery, and wholesale accounts, sales support for territory managers strong trade relationships, and detailing of independent and chain pharmacies via iPads. Sales is a huge market within any industry, but with the help of Ocean Healthcare, partners can navigate with clarity that gives them a competitive edge. As well as sales, the firm provides full brand management solutions. The team can develop solutions that suit brand and budget alike, effectively managing the marketing of those brands all the way from concept right through to delivery. Collaborating with excellent media and PR agencies is key, and together, Ocean Healthcare achieve maximum results for product launches, packaging development, consumer and trade advertising, budget management, market and product research, ROI analysis, digital marketing, and much more. On the distribution side Ocean Healthcare is more than well equipped to help with services including warehousing, inventory management, order tracking, internal audits, delivery, and product recall handling. These are all areas in which Ocean Healthcare specializes, ensuring that brand owners get the very best service with the very best results. Ocean Healthcare work very closely with a selected number of key brands to ensure each partner and brands gets the focus it needs to maximise its sales potential. Company: Ocean Healthcare Contact: Graham Stafford – Managing Director Email: [email protected] Website: