Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 37 Best Business Leadership Coaching 2020 Leadership can be a lonely business, and it’s hard to find guidance in order tomanage a team effectively. With training drawn fromyears of practical experience in SeniorManagement in short supply, Barbara Nugent established Transilient Coaching to fulfil this clear demand. Giving backwhat she has learned has justifiably earned her this award, so we looked a little closer at Barbara’s work to find out howwe turned her expertise into business success. Jan20493 From the beginning, Barbara Nugent found it difficult to balance the demands of being a parent of two small children as well as being the Vice-President of Finance for a US multinational. Long hours in and out of the office made for a challenging environment and the pressures led her to think about how to change the way in which she worked. When Barbara focused on her business skills, finding ways to influence, lead and delegate at a higher level, everything in her life became much more manageable. The team improved, she improved, and the company benefitted. The lessons that Barbara learned during this period of her life form the basis for her business now. Possessing a unique blend of practical business experience in organisations of varying sizes, coupled with qualifications in Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Executive Coaching and a qualified accountant, she is well equipped to help companies of all sorts to achieve enhanced results. While some training focuses on the theory of great leadership, Barbara aims to deliver real and tangible results that has true value within the workplace. A passion of Barbara’s, and a skill which is often neglected in the modern workplace, is that of Emotional Intelligence. Developing this power with clients is one of the key ways in which she is able to accelerate and enhance the ability to influence and to communicate. Trained and accredited in this, clients can be sure of superior advice that makes a difference. Barbara carries out the ECR 360 report, and then coaches clients on the feedback in an empowering and positive way. Clients gain greater confidence, resilience and clarity around their own leadership purpose and their team’s purpose, and this filters throughout the organisation. Making workplaces more Emotionally Intelligent has proven benefits to enhanced working environment, employee engagement and ultimately delivers to the bottom line. Another of her passions is ensuring that teams are able to function to the best of their abilities. Helping them to build trust, processes, roles and goals that support the strategy of the company is just one way in which Barbara gives a huge improvement to companies in terms of achieving their objectives and a much more aligned and innovative team. The increasing popularity of the coaching industry is something that has allowed Barbara’s business to flourish, allowing her to provide specific support to a team. Accreditation, such as Barbara’s EMCC accreditation, assures companies that the coach is experienced enough to deal with individuals in a positive way and has given consideration to an ethical code of professionalism in providing support to clients. Sometimes, however, the challenge comes from the line between mentoring and coaching being blurred. Coaching involves the art of asking incisive and transformational questions with the belief that the client knows deep down the solution to their problem. It empowers the client to find their own answers, while mentors give the answers and tell the clients what to do. Both have a place, but clarity is paramount. The future for Transilient Coaching looks bright indeed. Barbara is looking to do more online coaching to reach a wider audience and is currently developing her Emotional Intelligence course to suit this need. Professionally, she will be taking up the role of President in Network Ireland Cork Branch in 2021, an organisation committed to promoting Women in Business across the country. This hasn’t stopped her from teaching EQ in educational institutions, such as the Irish Management Institute and Griffith College Cork and along with some publishing work has kept her busy already this year. In our current environment, confident, empathic and resilient leadership has never been so critical. In large and SME organisations alike, developing and supporting leaders at all levels will ensure that business emerges through the current global situation with clear direction, adaptability and with leaders and their teams facing into the future with courage. Barbara’s experience and credentials will be an impactful support in providing knowledge and empowerment to these organisations. Company: Transilient Coaching Limited Contact: Barbara Nugent Web: and