Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

38 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , B&B of the Year 2020 - County Galway Nestled deep within the wild heart of the wonderful landscapes of County Galway is a beautiful country home and farmboasting a rich history, a luxurious present, and an exciting future. A shining example of what a bed and breakfast should be, this award-winning country home and farmhas seenmany years pass by as many different things. Now, under the dedicated and passionate care of owner Ann and TimGardiner, CartronHouse has found new life once again. Jan20378 Erected in 1770, Cartron House is a 250 year old country home and farm that has been converted to act as a family-friendly guest house full of warm and relaxing spaces for travellers and holidaymakers of all kinds. Uniquely, 2020 also sees Cartron House celebrate twenty five years under the steadfast leadership of owners Ann and Tim Gardiner. Historical and old world charm abounds, both indoors and outdoors. The deep rolling countryside of County Galway’s wild southern heart plays host to a diverse range of beauty, few more majestic and wonderful that the northern slopes of the Slieve Aughty Mountains. Open all year round, there is simply no reason not to visit this carefully preserved and totally characterful bed and breakfast in one of the most beautiful places that the Emerald Isle has to offer for travellers of all kinds. Far more than just another bed and breakfast in the countryside, Cartron House is the perfect venue for any kind of traveller, group, or event. The isolated wilderness of the Slieve Aughty region provides a flawless backdrop for those who love to be out in nature, whilst the delicious home-cooked meals every morning and evening are an exquisite pairing for the landscape itself. Ann loves to cook, and prefers to make use of the finest locally-sourced produce to ensure that guests not only get an exceptional meal, but also a sample of what Ireland has to offer in term of cuisine. The interiors at Cartron House are even more exceptional that the outsides. Every single aspect of each room and building has been considered with painstaking attention to detail, ensuring that the entirety comes together in an amalgamation of modern, luxurious sophistication and quaint, characterful tradition. History exudes itself from every crack and crevice; every nook and cranny begs to be explored and understood to get a sense of just how long this tremendous building has stood there. Ann and Tim understand this history, and the interiors celebrate it without losing a sense of modernity and comfort for weary travellers. People flock from all over the world to experience the diverse range of beauty that Ireland has to offer, but the key to experiencing it all in the right way lies in the accommodation. A charming and characterful bed and breakfast such as Cartron House is the perfect haven for travelling from all over the world. Whether they be avid bird-watchers, foresters, hill-walkers, horse-riders, or golfers in search of a relaxing getaway, Cartron House is a true sanctuary for people to come together throughout the year in a peaceful environment. As well as the myriad of activities and natural wonder that Cartron House acts as base for, it is also the ideal venue for that perfect family event, be it a get-together, reunion, birthday party, wedding, christening, or celebration of any other kind. The beautifully landscaped gardens offer an exquisite outdoor spaces for those warm summer evenings as the sun is setting and the breeze is blowing gently through the garden. Complete with picnic, barbeque, pizza oven, and gathering areas, Cartron House is so much more than a bed and breakfast. For those returning to the region to visit relatives and friends, Cartron House provides an invaluable hub at which to do so. Ann and Tim are always happy to welcome back regular guests and meet new ones. Cartron House is a place that is steeped in history, meticulously and lovingly restored to become the award-winning bed and breakfast that so many guests have enjoyed over the last twenty five years. Whilst the unique location, stunning countryside, exquisite gardens, mouth-watering cuisine, and great events all make Cartron House a wonderful place to stay, its true luxury lies in more than that. It is a crossroads, where families and strangers alike can come together in mutual appreciation of the hard work that Ann and Tim have dedicated themselves to over the years. Cartron House is a meeting place, where friends new and old can join together in marvelling at the natural wonder of Ireland. Company: Cartron House Contact: Ann & Tim Gardiner Email: [email protected] Web: