Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 39 Music School of the Year 2020 - Dublin It is said that music is food for the soul, and there are few places to find a better appreciation of the art than Dublin School of Music. With a strong team that is guided by sharing appreciation for music of all sorts with their students, it’s impossible to calculate the impact that they have made on the youth of today and the musicians of tomorrow. We took a closer look at this institute to find out more. Feb20149 Outside of the city centre, in the south suburbs, is the home of Dublin School of Music. Designed to provide expert music tuition to students in the local area, whether child or adult, the team has made a significant impression since starting operations in 2003. The courses on offer are designed with two aims in mind, firstly that a student is able to learn at their own pace, but as quickly as possible and secondly that they enjoy the wonder of an immensely comprehensive music education. Lessons are carefully designed to generate a strong connection and quick progress. To this end, Dublin School of Music proudly offers targeted one-to-one music tuition. This sets it apart from its competitors, but means that tutors are able to work exclusively through each session on a single student easing through parts that come easily to the student and slowing down to thoroughly teach those concepts which aren't so easily grasped. It also means that sessions can be tailored to a student’s specific interests, ensuring that they enjoy the lessons more and are able to apply them easily to everyday musical life. The teaching industry has changed significantly in the last couple of decades, transforming from an exclusive approach, where teachers taught mainly classical music with a view to presenting for exams into something more enjoyable. Dublin School of Music boasts many of the finest musicians and tutors that Ireland has to offer, as well as a vast array of instruments which can be taught. Students are encouraged not only to learn their instrument, but specifically to learn to build up a repertoire of songs that they want to play. The advantages of one-to- one tuition not only make this an easier process, but places Dublin School of Music at the forefront of these industry developments. A genuine love of music is key to the culture of Dublin School of Music, with teachers committed to making sure that every part of the day is fun. This fun passes through to the students, with a joy of the subject being passed through as they learn. A positive, supportive and student-centred attitude inspires creativity and loyalty at every level, which has allowed the school to develop organically into a strong organisation. As music is intrinsic to the culture of Ireland, teaching the subject is an incredibly rewarding occupation. Not only are the arts encouraged, they are expected in Irish society. The position of the school in the South Dublin suburbs has proven very useful, as it is an affluent area populated by people who value education beyond the academic system and are able to take advantage of the benefits that the school can bring. Looking forward, the success of Dublin School of Music has allowed the team to begin negotiating new branches of the institute. A second, and maybe even third, branch could be open in time for Autumn 2020. Started with the ambition of sharing music lessons with all, the creation of new places in which to do these is an excellent start. A new examination syllabus, entitled “Sounds Great”, is also being launched. Sounds Great is a full examination syllabus, taking students from Initial level right through to Grade 8 standard. The difference between Sounds Great and other exam boards is that the subject material is popular contemporary and modern music. With this broad approach that embraces the history of music in its entirety, it’s clear that Dublin School of Music is looking ahead to where it can go next. Music inspires and evokes different feelings for different people. It has a power that goes beyond words, and a meaning that cannot be described. Being able to harness this power, and enjoy it, is an incredible gift that the team at Dublin School of Music are committed to delivering to each of its students. Company: Dublin School of Music Contact: Craig Wynne Web :