Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 41 Most Client-Focused Electrical Contractor – Dublin & Excellence in Domestic & Commercial Electrical Services 2020 A good tradesman comes with an exceptional reputation and the one earned by the teamat South Dublin Electricians’ stands proudly as second to none. With an understanding of their clients and impressive technical ability, they have made themselves the go-to option in Dublin. Serving business and individuals with aplomb, we turn lookmore deeply at the way inwhich this award-winning company has achieved such success. Feb20485 Providing good service is no easy task, and trust in the electrician undertaking the work is essential. South Dublin Electricians place service first, with clients receiving enviable attention from the first point of contact all the way through to signing off on the job. Working alongside a company this experienced guarantees a safe and risk-free installation or repair that will stand the test of time. The company works around the needs of the client, with the talented craftsmen who do the practical work supported by an office team who make sure that everyone is fully informed throughout the process. Transparency is the name of the game, meaning that appointment times are scheduled and adhered to and cost breakdowns are followed religiously. By making everything clear, no one is left surprised by vague invoicing or missed deadlines. Perhaps the most useful example of support comes from the emergency hotline that is offered, with an electrician available 24/7 for those events that happen outside of business hours. The staff take a pride in their work, striving to be seen and recognised as the industry leader it clearly is. Customers are assured of quality, thanks to the many certifications that the business has gained. The work is guided by the principles laid down in Safe Electric and RECI, and the company is continually developing its own safety programme to keep on top of new development and ways of working in the industry. Investing in the staff, and the tools that they use, means that the customers are able to receive the benefits of superior service. The many positive reviews that the company has earned is testament to this belief. Senior staff will perform spot checks to ensure that the service that clients receive is to the standard that they expect, and the company has taken on apprentices to pass on this culture of high-quality workmanship to the next generation. The company has made a point of looking forward to the future, and where once family and friends would be asked to recommend tradesmen, people are more inclined to look online. This approach has meant that the company has had to adapt to fit, with online booking and contact systems ensuring that busy people are able to make appointments as and when they wish. This carefully curated way of working is why people keep coming back to the team to get work done. As Dublin continues to grow, the opportunities for South Dublin Electricians to prove themselves increase. The team have managed to get involved in a number of different projects for a range of clients, ranging from, global retail brands all the way through to period houses. Each project is equally valued by the team. Looking ahead, the company has seized on the latest design trends and technological advances to make new progress in the way they work. This is the sort of work that is often undertaken in suburban households, looking for ways in which they can get the most from their home. As a result, the team are always up to date with energy efficient products and services, such as smart controlled lighting and heating systems. Innovative, adaptable and high quality, South Dublin Electricians is the partner of choice for every job from office blocks to bungalows. The team’s considerable experience guides them as they try and find the perfect solution for a customer. It’s this commitment to high standards that has allowed the firm to achieve such success. Company: South Dublin Electricians Contact: Martin Lavelle Web: