Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

42 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Automatic Gates Supply & Installation Company 2020 Security is incredibly important, with strong walls and a good gate guaranteeing safety for family and friends. In Ireland, there is no finer supplier of automatic systems for gates than Gate Automation Systems IRL. Combining an impressive skillset with superb customer service, it’s easy to see how the teamhas achieved such success. We delve a little deeper in this special issue of EU Business News. Feb20254 For over thirty years now, the team at Gate Automation Systems IRL have been ensuring that their customers can be sure of receiving the ultimate in gate technology. It might seem like an industry where little has changed, but Gate Automation Systems IRL puts such care and attention into its products that it is sure to outlive an equivalent product from one of the business’ competitors. The firm is able to provide a wide range of different solutions to suit the specific needs and style that a client might require. The firm has gained an impressive amount of expertise, supplying and installing gates for residential and industrial projects, including residential automatic gates, perimeter security automatic gates, traffic barriers, security bollards, vehicle turntables and access control systems. Registered with the Private Security Authority (PSA), the team provides a trustworthy face to turn to for security needs. This means that clients are able to take advantage of the years of knowledge that has been built up since 1990. All of the company’s products are carefully tested before being offered to customers, with all of them certified to meet EN safety standards. This careful approach means that clients always receive the best possible product. Gate Automation Systems IRL is proud to be the first Irish company to be awarded European Standard I.S. EN 13241-1:2003 (Access Control) by the N.S.A.I. (National Standards Authority of Ireland). This shows the clear commitment to high performance, robustness and endurance and demonstrates clearly why these products stand the test of time, being a sounder economic offering than a cheaper alternative. While gates are the business’ bread and butter, it is the oil bath motors that make a Gate Automation Systems IRL product truly exceptional. Made from stainless steel parts, submerged in an oil bath, it lubricates itself as it is running. This is what allows the motor to give exceptional service for as long as possible with very little maintenance required. This is why the firm are very confident in providing a 10 year warranty. Other ways in which the firm ensures excellence for its customers is in the secure all-in-one secure control panel. Designed for use on industrial sites, this complex piece of machinery is constructed by the team in-house, then taken to the worksite where it is set into the ground and secured by concrete. This reduces the risk of damage significantly, as the panel cannot be easily moved around. Gate Automation Systems IRL has made some changes to the way it operates recently, embracing the new wave of publicity that social media has the potential to offer. In the last twelve months, the team produced a video explaining the possibilities of their oil bath motor, and once uploaded has received a great deal of positive attention, leading to many leads and sales. The team will no doubt be looking to expand on this success in the coming months. Gate Automation Systems IRL has achieved incredible things since its formation in 1990. Now it is a recognised name in the field of gate automation, offering customers a truly exceptional product. Much like its products, the business plan that guides the firm forward is one that is sure to stand the test of time. Company: Gate Automation Systems IRL Contact: Seamus Fitzgerald Website: