Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

48 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best for Children’s Multi Activity Primary School Tours 2020 It’s all too easy for kids who end up cooped up inside, playing on tablets or watching television. These activities do little to engender a sense of wonder and excitement. Just 4 Fun Kids Camp and School Tours inspire kids to get outside, engage the body and the mind and to have fun. We look to this incredible firm to see just what its teamare trying to achieve and the amazing effect they are having on the next generation. Feb20368 There is very little more exciting than Just 4 Fun. Whether a school tour or summer camp, the team is able to offer is one of the most fun and exciting multi-activity experiences imaginable. Ranging from amazing inflatables play to fun and games for all ages, there’s something for every child, guaranteed to keep them safe, well and thinking throughout. As it becomes more and more apparent that it is vital to keep children not only engaged in exercise and regular activity, but prepared to keep doing this for the rest of their lives, the importance of an organisation like Just 4 Fun cannot be overstated. The simple goal of ensuring that every child has loads of fun, while also engaging in social, physical and educational activities allows the mind and body to be exercised in equal measure. Kids are able to take part in a number of different activities, carefully supervised by an experienced team. Games include Soccer Shoot, Dodgeball and Tug-O-War, while the inflatables vary from a Big Disco Dome with speakers and disco lights through to the Kriss Kross Track and even Zorb Ball, to name but a few. There are always at least four inflatables at a venue, so that children never get the chance to be bored. The benefits are not only individual, as drawing together children of all ages means that they are not only able to work together, talk and converse, but they can see each other as equals. The level playing field that Just 4 Fun creates means that all can enjoy what is available to use, meaning that each child can feel good about what they are doing. This interest in the wellbeing of all children is just one of the many things that sets Just 4 Fun apart from the competition, with the focus always being on overall enjoyment as opposed to victory. By being able to provide a careful mix of summer camps and school tours, the company has managed to make itself very well known throughout the country. Recently, the school tours have grown significantly, and the success of this venture has enabled Just 4 Fun to add a new venue to its already impressive portfolio. It goes without saying that the summer camps are a welcome relief to many parents, not only keeping children active over the holiday season, but also creating the opportunity for new and strong friendships to form. The continued success of Just 4 Fun School Tours is reflected in the amount that it is able to donate CMRF Crumlin. The tours are in association with CMRF Crumlin, and with the initiative #kidshelpingkids. This means that while having fun at a Just 4 Fun School Tours event, kids are also helping sick children at CMRF Crumlin. To date, over €24,000 has been donated. This money goes towards “The Giggle Fund” for children’s Christmas & Birthday parties, cinema and pizza nights etc and also research of childhood illnesses. As well as the charity element, the schools have an opportunity to partake in an educational STEM activity. This activity can be included by the schools towards gaining their Certificate/Plaque for which they are partaking in at their school. The importance of fitness cannot be overstated, but Just 4 Fun School Tours offers kids a chance to have fun and while doing so the schools can bank the 5 hours of the energetic day towards their “Active Flag” another bonus for the school. The focus on wellbeing can so easily be overlooked in this day and age, and the school tours has found its success in ensuring that everyone can take part. Company: Just 4 Fun Kids Camp and School Tours Contact: Kevin Collins Telephone: 029 70640 Web: