Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 47 Best Bespoke Engineering Design Company 2020 The world of pharmaceuticals and life sciences is big business in Ireland, and the need for companies to work collaboratively is a credit to the way inwhich business interacts there. BioPharma Engineering is a key part of a complex chain, with its teamdemonstrating excellence in their design of bespoke projects in this field. We turn our attention to this company to see what we can learn in the light of its success. Jan20485 For many businesses, what is important is not the success of the company, but the way in which that company is able to interact with others. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the team from BPE. Founded in 2006, this talented group of people have taken part in hundreds of projects for some of the world’s foremost pharmaceutical organisations. Privately held, and owner-led and managed, the company is an adept independent agent, able to offer a unique perspective on challenging work. With offices in Cork and Dublin, BPE has made its name with a clear commitment to delivering projects, regardless of size, under the guidance of experienced professionals in order to ensure the highest possible standards. This thorough approach is one of the ways in which the team is able to ensure customer satisfaction. Most of the opportunities that the BPE team take advantage of are mid-range and capital value, but the successful execution of these has led to up to €100 million in value in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences sector. The work that BPE undertakes is that of an engineering consultant. This means that the team must be able to offer an impressive and complete portfolio that covers a wide range of options. With the areas of engineering design, project management and project construction as their specialities, the team are able to assist with project engineering, project controls, process, instrumentation, HVAC, CAD, C&Q, health & safety and document controls. Rigorous attention to detail is the secret of success on all of these projects, and the team have developed a sophisticated system that ensures satisfaction from all parties. This includes specifying a single point of contact throughout a project, with senior management involved in each one. Clear definitions of key design issues and project aims not only allows the team to focus its attentions, but also avoids disappointment later on in the process. Finally, transparency from the team mean that it is easy to manage the cost and schedule from day one, reducing the chance of delays and overspending. Working to the principle of “each client is a partner, every project is a reference”, the team have always worked tirelessly to ensure that each service they provide is of exceptional quality. It has led them to incredible success, with quality references and repeat business being commonplace. Needless to say, customers trust and share in BPE’s vision of working, which is why seven of the top ten pharmaceutical companies have used their services for complicated projects. The team’s vast technical capabilities have made an enormous difference to the company’s success, with next generation manufacturing techniques changing the way in which the company handles various challenges. Thanks to the use of Laser 3D metrology software solution, BIM, 3D Modelling and P50 / P80 Schedule Analysis, BPE is able to offer the best possible service to its clients. As an end-to- end engineering solution provider, having the best techniques at every stage is paramount, and this is certainly what the team have achieved. In all, the work of BPE has proven to be some of the best in the industry, with a methodical approach guiding the time to new heights of success. As it works alongside industry leaders, it’s clear that company’s standing only has the potential to improve. Company: BioPharma Engineering Contact: Cathy Mullan Email: [email protected]