Irish Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Irish Enterprise Awards 13 , Best Global Quality Website Development Solutions 2021 Established inCounty Carlow&CountyKildare, Eblana Solutions is a digital agency specialising inwebsite and graphic design. Following its greatly deserved success in this years’ Irish Enterprise Awards, we spokewith ProjectManager and Founder Victor Diaz to find outmore. Jan21425 Designing a custom-made website is a sure-fire way for a company to stand out from their competition. It can truly highlight a company’s unique successes, exclusive offerings, and magnify a very specific functionality that is entirely bespoke to the company in question. Custom-made websites are perfect for this digital era, especially when everybody is looking for that special something that is going to draw them in and captivate them. Eblana Solutions are truly the Kings of Captivation in this regard, with an expertise in creating any type of website. Founded in 2008, Eblana Solutions has worked internationally alongside companies since its inception, to help bring bespoke design, development and digital marketing solutions to its clients. To begin, Victor – who has a background in software engineering - provides a brief overview of the four-person team and offers more insight into its clientele. “After starting out in Madrid, where the business worked very well for several years, I decided to move Eblana Solutions to Ireland in 2014 following the economic crisis in Spain. Since relocating we have worked on numerous large projects for clients such as Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain), Scepter Publishers (USA), Università della Santa Croce (Italy), World Meeting of Families 2018 (Dublin), Dyson (Spain), University of Navarra (Spain), Rubert & Parnets (United Arab Emirates) and EWTN (USA). In addition to website and graphic design, our skills in digital marketing have gone a long way to ensuring the firmmaintains its strong industry reputation in the country”. Working in the digital industry often means the firm have to overcome several challenges presented by its closest rivals, however as Victor goes on to explain, its speciality in customwebsite development has enabled the firm to overcome the competition with ease. “Many web design companies simply offer a Joomla or WordPress website. Instead, here at Eblana Solutions we decided to offer customised websites from scratch. In Ireland, this allows us to have an advantage over these web development agencies because we offer a complete product, high quality and with innovative technology”. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 over the last 12 months, the firm have experienced a very successful year as Victor explains further. “Many companies have taken advantage of these lockdowns to improve their digital marketing and focus their businesses on online sales. It is the best way to survive the closure of stores and offices. Some businesses have decided to improve their website and others have decided to change their sales method, so we have completely "rebuilt" their business, some companies have asked us for a system to manage the remote work of their employees, some companies have asked us to synchronize their offline sales with their online sales, integrate their warehouse software with their website, etc. This has generated us numerous projects in Ireland and other European countries during these months.” Finally, Victor comments on the future goals of Eblana Solutions as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Moving forward, the current plan is to ensure we remain at the forefront of the digital industry. As the industry is constantly shifting, we will always endeavour to keep an eye on the ways in which we can improve our solutions to keep up with world-leading developments”. The world is becoming ever more digital with every passing day, and businesses are having to find their feet in this increasingly digital world we now live in. A custom-made website from Eblana Solutions can go an awful long way in helping a business to stand out, and this firm deserves every success and recognition for its hard work. Company: Eblana Solutions Contact: Victor Diaz Email: [email protected] Web: Linkedin: Address: Offices in Naas, Co. Kildare & Carlow Town, Co. Carlow Phone: +353 83 451 3291 “A custom website goes beyond simply standing out from the crowd. It offers a very special functionality, exceptional loading times, good SEO, and a development tailored to the client’s needs. We often serve medium and large companies that need unusual websites, in several languages, with unique requirements and criteria”.