Irish Enterprise Awards 2021

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Contractor Accounting Firm 2021 A contractors’ time is precious and oftenmanaging accounts and payroll is something that few are skilled in. Accounting Pro organises all of this from the ground up to ensure that the contracting experience is as seamless as possible. As part of our coverage surrounding the Irish Enterprise Awards 2021 fromEU Business News, explore more about Accounting Pro and why it is such an exceptional firm. Jan21427 Created by contractors for cont ractors, Accounting Pro Ireland has been trading since June 2017, having been set up by former contractors who worked in the IT, finance, and accounting sectors. The firm provides Contractor PAYE Umbrella Services, Limited Company Services, SMEs Accounting Services, and Outsourcing Payroll Services as needed. “No frills, no OTT sales pitch, just the service and assistance you need,” elaborates Founder Kevin Deasy. “We do this by using our best in- class technology, expert teams and streamline processes to ensure that we provide the optimum service and care for all our clients.” As former contractors, Kevin and the team know the market well and has developed its services to meet the needs of its clients. The company’s business model involves high-value delivery with very competitive fees. “We engage with honesty and a 'client first' mentality and we supply many additional add-on services such as banking, pension, and healthcare advice.” This unique customer-centric approach helps the company to stand head and shoulders above its competitors. Kevin continues to explain that Accounting Pro aims to support its customers through their contracting journey, advising them every step of the way. Not only this, but Kevin believes that the firm also has the best price point in the market. “As we adapt and grow our business, we have the ability to put the wants and needs of our clients into our business practice. This means we can always provide the services expected, and not just what we can offer. Having the best price point in the market means we can provide our clients with a wide range of essential services that can help save both their time, and most importantly, their money.” Due to the unusual circumstances of Covid-19, many people felt less secure in their “permanent” roles or had even been let go due to a decline in the industry, so contracting work became increasingly more appealing. Contracting helps people work for themselves, however, with the help of a firm such as Accounting Pro, they can exceed their goals by avoiding accounting issues and spending more time focusing on their career. Covid-19 also saw a dramatic increase in the number of people working from home. To help with this change in circumstances, Kevin and the team began providing a wide range of information, advice, and guidance both on a personal level and on a general level, with information posters being shared on social media. “We have given out both technical and social wellbeing support to keep our clients in the best position possible no matter what changes they face.” Accounting Pro operates a non-autocratic leadership style, effectively embracing a ‘roles and responsibility fluidity’ strategy. Kevin believes this approach supports the transfer of knowledge which has helped the company grow exponentially over the last three years, increasing its business by approximately 250% vis a vis the previous trading year. “Everyone within our organisation has the ability to input and shape the way our business grows and develops” states Kevin. “Accounting Pro also partners with companies to give contractors and recruiters more holistic services than simply just accounting. One such example is Accounting Pro’s partnership with Gardenia Tech, which is a Global Data Analytics and Trade Finance company that provides finance on the basis of a company’s accounts receivables (trade invoices). This allows companies to free up cash, reduce bank borrowings, and ultimately boost their profits. Companies get the added benefit of a whole range of data analytics to inform and bring their business to the next level”. Kevin continued by saying ''Our client market has a real need for the services that Gardenia Tech provides. This service will help them to free up cash and reduce their reliance on credit. Accounting Pro always strives to provide our clients with the help they need to run their business effectively.” “In terms of the AP organisation, we employ a wide range of people with differing levels of knowledge in a variety of areas from part time workers still completing their degrees in college, to people who have worked in the industry for years and know every element of the field. This wide pool of knowledge and the old expertise meeting the new methods allows our contractors to have the peace of mind that they will get a high- class service.” Lately, the firm has witnessed a big increase in the use of its services by both freelance contractors and by agencies looking to refer their contractors on. With its services being all about compliance and striving for excellence, Accounting Pro has been nominated for three National Technology and Finance Team awards since 2018. As well as its contractor accounting solutions, the company has identified outsourced payroll as an area it wants to excel in, and it now services national and international companies across a number of sectors in Ireland ensuring a complete and high-quality delivery. Over the next two years, Accounting Pro will look to consolidate its position as one of the leaders in the umbrella market, and within five years Kevin plans for it to be the biggest provider in the Irish market. “We will also continue to expand our outsourced payroll solutions which allow companies of any scale to reduce costs and free up staff for more business-focused activities. We aim for continuous improvement every year to ensure we can be the best we can be.” Company: Accounting Pro Contact: Kevin Deasy Website: