Irish Enterprise Awards 2022

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Irish Enterprise Awards 2022 , Irish Beauty Company of the Year 2022 Recognised as the Irish Beauty Company of the Year, Totalcare supplies beauty and advanced aesthetic equipment, natural and organic, ionised cosmeceuticals, and consumables to over 700 salons across Ireland. Providing somuchmore than beauty aesthetics, such as postgraduate training, servicing, consulting, furniture andmore, Totalcare has two flagship salons where clients can receive treatments with the equipment and products it supplies, along with a demo of its portfolio. The brand of Totalcare follows a distinct philosophy, one inspired by nature and backed by science. The company is able to successfully achieve this philosophy throughout its business efforts through innovative products and technologies. One example of its creative achievements and inventive natural efforts is related to an aesthetical beauty treatment – botox. Concerning this treatment, Totalcare is able to offer a natural alternative through vegetal stem cells and peptides. Moreover, Totalcare can provide additional alternative methods to treatment such as permanent hair and vascular anomaly removal using patented 27.12 MHz technologies and product penetration using no-needle mesotherapy. Totalcare is a brand that heavily believes in its customers – the people, rather than spreadsheets. This is because they have established themselves as a 'no-pressure company,' which doesn't put targets and deadlines on partners. Thus, customers have stayed with the company for years, feeling wholly understood while receiving exceptional products and innovations. Ben Fitzgerald Kiely, company director, goes on from this point and states, "We also allow people to choose what they want, so you're not stuck with buying a range that you don't want, nor a machine with extra features. You can build your own aesthetic machine (well, not IKEA style) using our 'Internet of Things' technologies design your own furniture with Porsche leatherette; touches like these make people want to stay with you. The fact that our products and technologies are so affordable, effective, and non-invasive is the icing on the cake too." Nov21402 At Totalcare, its team of highly skilled and supremely qualified individuals know precisely how to support customers in achieving the best solutions for their needs. Ben expands on the dedicated and knowledgeable workers at Totalcare, stating, "Our staff receive post-graduate training and refresher courses annually to ensure they are fully up-to-date on market trends, our own growing product portfolio, and on best practices from both B2B and B2C solutions." Thus, the committed and professional employees who support the Totalcare brand ensure that clients are well looked after. Moreover, the company keeps the 'total care' mentality for its staff members, who are supported yearly with nights out, open-door and transparent chats and even the odd drink at the local pub, ensuring that the company practices its own innate values from the inside out. For Totalcare, being located in Ireland aids in solidifying the brand's reputation and overall principles of community. Ben expands on this notion by developing why Ireland is inherently connected to the company's brand and its benefits, stating, "The people. We will never get sick of the craic, networking, and human connections that we have in Ireland that just cannot be replicated in the same way anywhere in the world. Of course, being located on the edge of Europe has its benefits for American logistics. Still, we find that our customer base has become part of our family and that connection is what drives us to keep improving." For Totalcare, the most significant trend arising in the industry is the prominent concern on increased ROI. Ben leads this point to state, "Before, salons were satisfied hiring 10-12 staff and getting a low return on nail, tan, and makeup treatments. While these will not leave our industry, people are specialising, upskilling, and innovating with high-end technologies. Once people talk to us at Totalcare about these technologies, they generally either buy them or come back to us." Since this discovery, Totalcare has adapted its business and become more focused on aesthetic treatments, such as introducing the third generation of Apilux APL with new treatments for photo rejuvenation in particular. Because of this, the demand for these products has surged, with the booking as far advanced as 2023. Ben states, "We are honestly thinking of getting extra devices just for our own clinics to keep with the demand. It is so heart-warming to know that €175 per hour is very achievable with the right equipment and that the equipment can be paid for so efficiently." The company's future is focused on launching these new products, with additional cosmetic lines, new furniture, and a medical-grade camera that can be used for both medical and aesthetic treatments. Along with that, Totalcare's post-graduate training school is continuing to develop and train beauty therapists both for today's challenges and tomorrow's innovations. With the recognition as the Irish Beauty Company of the Year, Totalcare cares for the nation's beauty and aesthetic needs, one innovation at a time. Company: Totalcare Name: Ben Fitzgerald Email: [email protected] Web Address: