Irish Enterprise Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Irish Enterprise Awards 2022 15 , For the future, Andarl Farm is moving to a new production premise, with Dave expanding on these details, stating, "The scope for growth this offers is very exciting for us, and it also means we can have more equipment to make the tasks easier and to increase our product range. Due to this expansion, it is also an opportunity for the employment of local people. This facility will be used to enable us to export too." As the pandemic restrictions are seemingly easing up for hospitality sectors, Andarl Farm will continue to support its valued customers as they endeavour to reopen following Covid-19 constraints. But, for now, Andarl is focusing on developing the business, the new production premise and continuing to offer its exceptional products nationally, hoping to grace the exportation sector with its unmatched and top tier quality Irish produce. Company: Andarl Farm Name: Dave Milestone Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jan22609 Best Pork Product Supplier 2022 Recognised as the Best Pork Product Supplier of 2022, Andarl FarmLTD supplies authentic Irish products to restaurants and individual clients ranging frompork and beef to lamb. By utilising their own refrigerated vans, Andarl Farm can take great pride in the quality and delivery of its produce, ensuring that it is delivered fresh and of the highest standards in the industry. Andarl Farm LTD was founded with the core principles and values to supply top quality Irish products based on high welfare produce. The farm combines these two initiatives, firmly believing it is integral to the final taste of its products and thus, ensuring it can deliver unparalleled products such as the 'velvet pork' that the business has become renowned for. For Andarl Farm, the business's mission is to live through its values and be continually mindful of them regardless of the company's growth. For Andarl, the quality of its products will never weaver in the process of reputation, for its reputation is the sole connection to its unmatched quality in the industry. Dave Milestone, co-owner of Andarl Farm, expands on this notion, explaining the quality efforts the business undertakes to ensure its difference amongst other companies, stating, "We take steps to source the best local Irish livestock ensuring they have been raised to a high welfare standard which fits with our ethos of the company. This not only ensures the end product is the best it can be, but by supporting local farms ensures the sustainability." Andarl Farm's innate attention to detail, reliability, professionalism, and quest to provide high standard quality Irish produce sustainably through supporting local suppliers makes the business stand out from traditional farmers and produce suppliers. Following on from the pandemic, the critical focus for the farm has been to survive. The challenges post by Covid-19 has significantly affected the hospitality industry more so than most other sectors. Because of the ongoing challenges, many businesses were unable to sustain their livelihoods during this time. However, for Andarl Farm, the farm is working hard to keep its reputation and business afloat, maintaining quality and high standards regardless of industry-laden difficulties. "We had to change the way we focused the business due to Covid-19. Most of our customers are the restaurants we collaborate with; however, we had to revamp our online presence to appeal more to the retail customers when they closed. The retail customers were more interested in ordering online as it was convenient and safer for them to do so. As a result, our retail sales via our online shop increased, thankfully so," explains Dave. Moreover, due to its location, Andarl Farm can soak in the benefits of the food revolution that has transpired over Ireland in the more recent years, with prospects and room for continuous growth and expansion readily available in this area. Dave expands on this notion and states, "Due to this, and the desire for locally produced food, the positive effect it has had on our business hopefully means that the growth continues going forward. It is great to be part of such a 'foodie community.'" Due to its impeccable quality and renowned reputation, Andarl Farm can supply its products nationally, proudly participating in the food revolution. With the support of 'Mayo Food and Drink' local enterprise offices and recently developed food trails, Andarl Farm is a happy collaborator with several organisations to get the accreditation of Irish products to be recognised and respected nationally. Andarl Farm is committed to ensuring its core values and ethos are never lost. In their goal to success, they will strive to continue to support the top hotels, restaurants and individual retail clients, working towards developing the exporting sector going into the future. Since its establishment, the farm has been accredited for its incredible product quality, with its most notable being its 'velvet pork,' a genuinely Andarl staple that is yet to be exceeded by any other competitor.