Irish Enterprise Awards 2022

28 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Irish Enterprise Awards 2022 Jan22490 For over ten years, SumUp has provided support and pioneering products to small merchants across the globe, intending to do so for many years to come. Recognized as the Best Global Mobile Business Payment Solutions Provider of 2022, SumUp is leading in global financial technology with its own vision to create a world where small merchants can successfully do what they love – build their business. Supporting more than 3.5 million merchants across 30 markets internationally, SumUp has an extensive product suite of bespoke business tools that have been created specifically for the micro and nano sector. Head of PR and Communications, Arsenia Nikolaeva, says, “SumUp provides proprietary terminal hardware, SumUp Business Account and Card, e-commerce, remote payments, invoicing, and point-of-sale registers. We are also committed to leveraging our success to make the world a better place. For example, SumUp has pledged to donate 1% of future net revenues to environmental causes.” Nikolaeva continues, “SumUp supports merchants around the world with affordable and intuitive technology that helps small businesses grow and thrive. This is what the company has been doing for over ten years – we have not changed our target audience and turned away from the people we wanted to support in the first place.” The company turns 10 this year and its remarkable growth rate has resulted in multiple new market entries, as the product suite evolved in response to the changing way we do business. “The entrepreneurial spirit of our users translates into how we do develop products, but also every aspect of our business. First and foremost, our value is that we care – we put a lot of emphasis on diversity and inclusion internally and have a dedicated team working on making SumUp a more diverse and inclusive space,” concludes Nikolaeva. In 2016, SumUp launched the Air reader and merged with Payleven, thus entering 15 new markets. 2018 saw the release of the 3G reader, the acquisition of Debitoor, and the company was, by this point, employing 1000 people across the globe. The SumUp card was launched in 2020, as were remote payment solutions, and GoodTill was acquired. In 2021 SumUp raised €750m, and acquired payments and marketing platform, Fivestars, for €280m, as well as Tiller and Paysolut, alongside expanding its core product ecosystem (revamped Online Store, new Business Account, launch of SumUp Solo), and became the first major fintech company to sign up to environmental pledge 1% for the Planet. Over the past year SumUp has expanded its executive leadership team, as the fintech leader welcomed a new CEO Europe, Michael Schrezenmaier, along with CTO Johannes Schaback and Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Felizitas Lichtenberg. Following acquisitions and global expansion, SumUp now has almost 3,000 staff, spread across 23 offices. Currently, the company is looking to support even more businesses worldwide to continue empowering and pioneering developments that can help them run their business successfully and simply. Furthermore, to expand, SumUp is looking into new markets with the hopes to expand and strengthen its current existence within the sectors it is already a part of and growing its product suite in the process. With the reputation as the Best Global Mobile Business Payment Solutions Provider, SumUp supports its clients by leading the industry, one innovation at a time. Company: SumUp Name: Arsenia Nikolaeva Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Global Mobile Business Payment Solutions Provider 2022