Irish Enterprise Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Irish Enterprise Awards 2022 53 , Solar Generation supplies one of the only chargers on the market that works with Solar PV. Conor explains the details of this, stating that, "Customers can charge their cars up during the day for free thanks to their solar systems! With the recent announcement of a feed-in tariff for residential homes and commercial properties, we have noticed substantial interest in grid-tied systems which will benefit from the credit scheme." Ireland has often been slow in incentivising renewable technology compared to its European counterparts but the delay has allowed the technology to mature and thus has become far more efficient than it was five years ago. "Mass production and increased efficiencies have made solar far more viable and affordable for residential and commercial owners in Ireland," explains Conor. Solar Generation is looking forward to expanding its team, product offering, and client reach concerning the future. Currently, the company has large commercial installations scheduled for 2022 and is looking forward to supporting new businesses and the reforestation of the Northwest. Recognised as the Best Solar PV Installation Company in Northwest Ireland, Solar Generation saves its customers money and the environment, one installation at a time. Company Name: Solar Generation Contact Name: Conor Alexander Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Jan22719 Best Solar PV Installation Company - Northwest Ireland Managed by a teamwith over 25 years' worth of experience relating to renewable energy and a specific focus on solar photovoltaic installations for home and business, Solar Generation is a mission-driven company regarded as the Northwest of Ireland's Best Solar PV Installation Company. Established to make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change, Solar Generation delivers this service through the widespread adoption of solar power across the Northwest. With their head office in Strandhill, Solar Generation Ireland can provide expert solar panel installation services across the Northwest. Solar PV systems have become a more affordable option for the average Irish homeowner. With that, Solar Generation have been able to bring a genuine sustainable energy choice that is ideal for the people of the Northwest. Solar PV is perfectly suited for the home, business or farm. The technology is remarkably efficient and is a tried and tested form of energy designed specificaly for the Irish claimate. By installing a Solar PV system, owners reduce their dependency on the national grid substantionally which leads to a reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions. Solar Generation provides a solution for homes and businesses by offering an affordable, reliable and proven technology that is unrivalled throughout the Northwest. The Solar Generation team is highly regarded for their innate skills, dedication and commitment to sustainability. Solar Generation ensures that each customer is taken through the process step by step in a clear and concise manner. The company's excellent Trustpilot and Google reviews are a true reflection of the customer experience enjoyed by all existing clients. Solar Generation is listed with a 100% satisfaction record and referral work currently occupies approximately 60% of current orders. As the concept of solar-generated power isn't necessarily a new feature in the modern world, Solar Generation ensures its uniqueness amongst competitors by offering industry-leading knowledge and technology. Describing the company's overall reputation, Business Development Manager Conor Alexander explains, "We are extremely proud to have achieved and maintained the status as the regions highest-rated solar PV specialists. We install tier 1 German made SolarWatt panels specifically suited to the Irish climate and use the latest halfcell technology to limit losses attributed to shading. In addition to this, they come complete with fully backed German manufacturer warranties which guarantee the maximum production for 25 years." "Our team are strong believers in sustainability. We avoid single-use plastics within the office, have solar installed at the office to power our workplace via clean energy, purchased our first EV last year with plans to increase our fleet further in the next 12 months. In addition, we have an EV charger installed at our office and allow employees to plug in and charge their own fully electric or hybrid cars via the sun. We are always looking to add to our team and welcome any applications from individuals who want to contribute and do their part to spread the message on the benefits of solar," explains Conor. For the company, the most significant trend that has been on the rise within the industry has been the interest in solar, especially over the last 12 months, as many individuals across the country are feeling the effects of the recent hike in energy prices. "Solar PV is the perfect solution to counter these increases and to future-proof your home as we become less dependent on oil and gas as a country," explains Conor. An additional trend on the rise has been the demand for electric vehicle chargers.