Irish Enterprise Awards 2022

54 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Irish Enterprise Awards 2022 Mar22283 Founded with a focus on delivering the quickest turnaround times in Ireland, Grand Paye Rebate Ltd has been recognised as the Tax Rebate Company of the Year 2022. Much of this lies on its extensive attention to detail when it comes to clients, alongside its friendly and expert team. Grand Paye Rebate Ltd is an Irish Tax Rebate company based in Co Mayo, founded by Michelle Forde, who has successfully invested in and grown the business from the ground up, covering all tax rebates in Ireland. Overall, for Grand Paye Rebate, its primary selling point is its fast turnaround and the level of quality and attention to detail given to customers; because of this, the company has been recognised for its superior work in the industry. Moreover, this can be proven and showcased through its numerous reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook- of which the majority of comments are of the company and is credited for being a phenomenal small tax rebate company. Thus, making it highly competitive and reputable in its field. Concerning its clients, Grand Paye Rebate works with anyone employed in the Irish Tax System and contributes to ‘Pay As You Earn’ taxes in Ireland. To get its services across, Grand Paye Rebate has created and designed a catchy website (, making searching for tax back on the internet as easy as possible for clients. “Our clients know that they can walk into our office and be greeted by a smile and a pleasant person that can help in every possible way we can. We all know that without clients, there is no business and keeping our clients happy is our main objective; our staff are fully aware that our core values are making sure the customer is happy with our service,” explains Michelle Forde, Managing Director and Financial Controller. Moreover, attributed to its impressive offerings and exceptional turnover speed, additional recognition for its excellence is in consideration of its staff. They are highly trained and with an eye for detail, but most importantly, they are approachable, friendly and, as said in Ireland, ‘good Craic,’ – a traditional greeting used in Ireland. For Michelle, her dream was to go into business by the delicate age of 30, and with that, dreams became a reality, and Grande Paye Rebate was established in the early moments of 2016. Expanding on her successful journey, Michelle adds, “Being a mum at a young age, I wanted to be a successful businesswoman and show the world that dreams can be achieved if you work hard to get them. So, now, I work around the clock to ensure the business and my clients are happy.” Since its foundation, the overall goal for Grande Paye Rebate was to get tax back to clients in the most convenient way possible, all while providing exceptional customer service throughout the process. “We were the first company in Ireland to create an online tax rebate application process revolutionary to the industry, making the process as easy as possible for the client. Previously clients would have to subscribe, and you post out a form for them to sign. Then, they would have to return it and upload it to Revenue. The introduction of digital Agent link forms has reduced the time scale of the entire process and makes it easy for the business to secure clients but makes the process hassle-free for the client also,” explains Michelle. However, as many companies have had to deal with, multiple challenges influenced individuals across the globe and several business sectors, all due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the influx of hardship it created. For Grande Paye Rebate, when the pandemic struck Ireland, many clients were out of work and relied on payments from the government to keep afloat. Because of this, it meant that clients were unable to pay employment tax or had underpaid. Overall, this impacted Grande Paye Rebate’s turnover by 50%. Michelle adds to the challenges, stating, “We had to lay off staff and try and keep the business afloat the best we could. Thankfully, the country has returned to work, and staff are back on board, issuing tax rebates for 2021. We can safely say 2020 and 2021 were the worst years we will probably ever see in our line of business, and we are hoping we never have to face times like it again.” Currently, Grande Paye Rebate aims to create more jobs down the line and double its client base within the next few years. In doing so, the business is running advertising campaigns on social media and the radio to increase its reputation and significance in the industry. Continuing on a successful path, Grande Paye Rebate is known as the Tax Rebate Company of the Year, and with that, undoubtedly additional achievements. Company Name: Grand Paye Rebate LTD Contact Name: Michelle Forde Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Tax Rebate Company of the Year 2022