Irish Enterprise Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Irish Enterprise Awards 2022 55 , work on, diving into the complexities and taking care of the most difficult elements of immigration law so the client doesn’t have to. Indeed, this commitment to taking on some of the stress that immigration can put on a client has made it a friend to many, and it encourages clients to arrange a meeting with its staff before they commit to anything so that they can ensure Immigrant Advice Bureau is the right option for them. Looking forward to helping many more people in the future, it promises to continue working hard to improve accessibility in immigration, each of its staff members serving its clients with diligence, tenacity, and understanding. Company: Immigrant Advice Bureau Contact: Olga Shevchenko Website: Jan22488 Best Immigration Consultants 2022 As thewinners of both the above award and the ‘Customer Service Excellence Award’ for 2022, the Immigrant Advice Bureau hasmade itself a consultancy servicewith a true talent for putting people first. Its empathic staff, well-designed processes, and highly tailoredwork enable it to see the person behind the paperwork, establishing a bond of trust and confidencewith its clients so that it canfindwhat is truly the best way to help them in theirmove to a newcountry. With a deep dedication to the people it serves, and a true love of Ireland as a nation, the Immigrant Advice Bureau seeks to help newcomers assimilate as best as it can. Fundamentally, it works hard to help its clients get settled into their new home in the country, considering every detail of their individual situation in order to tailor its advice accordingly and reassure the client that it has their best interests at heart. Its private consultancy and advocacy services – based in Cork – offer extensive information, knowledge, and support to its clients, enabling access to positive solutions for people struggling to handle the nitty gritty of immigration law. Whether they require assistance with immigration regulations, work permits, new business support, injury law, employment law, discrimination incidences, social welfare entitlements, social housing, HAP, or any other element of their move, Immigrant Advice Bureau promises to help. Therefore, in order words, it supports people migrating to Ireland to have their voice heard throughout the process. Bucking the usual trend of the people getting lost in the bureaucracy, it keeps the individuality and personal goals of the client at the fore at every turn, dealing with individuals and businesses all over the world in order to help them thrive on Irish soil. With over ten years of experience in the industry, its independent consultants and their expertise promise to wow a client at every opportunity. Thus, they each apply their own unique fields of expertise and their own individual specialisms to each case they