Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Best All-Age Talent Agency 2024 For just over two decades, Maureen Victoria Ward has been presenting unmissable opportunities to individuals across Ireland. Though initially established to foster the talent of children invested in the performing arts, when these very same children turned eighteen, they’d forged invaluable bonds that saw them wanting to stay with her. In response, Talented Kids underwent a metamorphosis into what it is today – MVW Talent Agency - an award-winning, all-age talent agency that compassionately uplifts the people that deserve to be seen. From newborn babies to adults in their 70s, there’s no limit to the agency’s commitment to enriching the performing arts sphere through its bountiful array of exceptional students and clients. Having spent its years continuously empowering the performers of tomorrow, Talented Kids, and its extension MVW Talent Agency, have become extremely well-recognised names across both Ireland and the world as a whole. With some of its students going on to become the leads of major motion pictures, to others progressing their careers through the agency itself, its impact has been noted far and wide. However, one factor that has never shifted over the past 21 years is just how familial MVW Talent Agency truly is. Not only is each member of staff a former student, but the agency’s careful and considerate guidance of each and every student plays a crucial role in forging the talents of tomorrow. Proud to treasure each person it takes under its wing, MVW Talent Agency promises to be the most supportive force in any individual’s career. It truly loves what it does, but it truly shines when projecting these exceptional skills onto the people who have their hearts set on flourishing in the world of performing arts. As such, MVW Talent Agency is more than just an agency - a family upon which students can rely at all times. Regardless of when they need it, help and guidance is available to all who ask. Combined with the fact that the agency has created a comfortable environment within, where each voice is heard, MVW Talent Agency ensures their students and clients that it’s always eager to lend a helping hand. One example that Maureen was very keen to share is that of a former student – one that now works alongside her at Talented Kids and MVW Talent Agency – Katelyn Doyle. Having started her journey at MVW Talent Agency at a young age, Katelyn had already found herself bouncing from stage school to stage school, never able to find one that really valued her as a person. It wasn’t until she joined Maureen’s classes and agency that her talent was finally recognised in the ways it deserved to be. As a student, she felt as though her potential was finally being noticed at long last, and that Talented Kids & MVW Talent Agency would further go on to nurture this spark into an astounding flame. Now, Katelyn finds herself playing her own role in empowering talented individuals across the region, regardless of their age or background. MVW Talent Agency truly is a crucible in which love and talent come together to create something incredible, and it often finds itself becoming the greatest part of any performing arts student’s life. Another prime example of MVW Talent Agency’s work completely transforming the trajectory of someone’s future is Alisha Weir – a young girl who began her journey in classes, alongside her sisters with Maureen, and who is now globally recognised for her work as the titular lead role in Netflix’s Matilda the Musical, as well as her upcoming films Abigail and Wicked Little Letters. It’s clear that MVW Talent has established a tangible approach that really works, and has ultimately resulted in exceptional opportunities for all manner of students and clients. No matter their age, everyone deserves to flourish in what they love, and no agency is more willing to bring this goal to life than MVW Talent Agency. We can’t wait to see what new rising stars emerge from the agency in the years to come. Contact: Maureen Victoria Ward Company: Talented Kids & MVW Talent Agency Web Address: Jan24639