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4. Fur Fox Sake: Unisex Clothing Brand of the Year 2024 6. Time For Graphics: Best Graphic Design Company 2024 - County Kerry & Customer Service Excellence Award 8. Manor Home Care Services: Rising Star in Health & Social Care 2024 10. Vacious: Most Empowering Shapewear Brand 2024 12. CGN Europe Energy: Renewable Energy Asset Management Firm of the Year 2024 14. A Willi Ltd: Best Tradesperson Recruitment Specialists 2024 16. Mr Mister Menswear: Best for Men's Formalwear 2024 18. Expert Windows Ltd: Windows & Doors Specialists of the Year 2024 - Dublin 20. Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP: Immigration Law Firm of the Year 2024 - UK & Ireland 21. New Style Lights Ltd: Best Furniture LED Lighting Systems Supplier 2024 22. Cassidy Consultants: Best Distillery & Business Campus Architectural Design Company 2024 23. Flynn’s Painting & Decorating: Painting Contractor of the Year 2024 24. EC Precision Ltd: Precision Engineering Expert of the Year 2024: Ethan Croke 25. Xi’an Street Food (Hitianland Limited): Street Food Restaurant of the Year 2024 - Dublin 26. Esquires – The Organic Coffee Co: Best Modern Organic Coffee Shop Enterprise 2024 27. basis.point: Best Children’s Education Equality Support Company 2024 28. Just Lite Productions: Outdoor Event Production Company of the Year 2024 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 29. Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services: Best Commercial Window Cleaning Company 2024 - County Clare 30. Comhar Design Ltd (CTG 3D): Leading Innovators in 3D Technology 2024 31. Pharmafilter Group Holdings: Most Innovative Waste Treatment Systems 2024 - Dublin 32. Back Pain and Posture Clinic Drogheda: Best Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Clinic 2024 - County Louth 33. Garry Catering limited: Best Local Asian Restaurant 2024 - County Mayo 34. The Beauty Doc: Best Facial Aesthetician 2024 (Dublin): Dr. David Lucey 35. Zettajobs: Best Recruitment Newcomer 2024 - Dublin 36. Talented Kids & MVW Talent Agency: Best AllAge Talent Agency 2024 37. JK Home Improvements: Residential Contractor of the Year 2024 – Dublin & Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 38. Design Your Life Coaching: Best Life Coach 2024: Shane Pearson 39. The Ink Factory: Tattoo Studio of the Year 2024 – Dublin & Customer Service Excellence Award 40. D Pack Services Ltd: Leading Provider of Packaging Solutions 2024 - South West Ireland 41. Ice Cream Treats: Best Luxury Dairy Ice Cream Manufacturer 2024 42. refurbed: Leading Electronic Refurbishment Company 2024 43. PCI College: Best Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Specialists 2024 44. FlexManager: Most Innovative H&S Software Solutions Provider 2024 45. McBride Property Ireland Ltd: Best Emerging Contractor Accommodation Provider 2024 46. The Gourmet Pantry: Best Deli & Catering Company 2024 - County Cork 47. Inspire 3D: Most Dedicated 3D Printer Supplies & Support Company 2024 48. My Life Insurance: Most Customer-Focused Insurance Broker 2024 49. Castle Orthodontics: Most Client-Focused Orthodontic Treatment Provider 2024 50. Engenuiti Consulting Engineers: Best Structural Engineering Company 2024 51. Infinity Bathrooms: Luxury Bathroom Showroom of the Year 2024 - Dublin 52. VG Designs IE: Best Stationary & Homeware Design Company 2024 53. World Of Brows: Permanent Make-Up Artists of the Year 2024 54. The Brand Geeks: Business Branding Experts of the Year 2024 55. IPN (Irish Pharmacy News) Communications Ltd Most Innovative Online Healthcare News Platform 2024 56. Cummins Motor Group: Automotive Dealership of the Year 2024 - County Laois 57. Luscious Makeup & Hair Ltd: Best Full-Service Makeup & Hair Specialist 2024 - Dublin 58. Gate Automation Systems (Irl): Best Automatic Gate Installation Firm 2024 59. Buck & Hound: Most Innovative PR & Media Agency 2024 60. G’s Gourmet Jams: Gourmet Preserve Brand of the Year 2024 Contents

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 A business that was built from the memory of its owners’ German Shepherd, Duke, after he passed on, the unconditional love that was felt resulted in the ideas for each and every product that today proudly graces the Fur Fox Sake website, with his paw print even being featured on the company’s famed The Dog Father designs. As Gina tells us, “we know from personal experience after our beloved Duke died how it really helps in the grieving process to […] show that people care and understand that a pet’s death really can be, and is, as real as a human’s. So, we are here to provide products from the fun gifts for pet lovers and their fur-kids to that unfortunate stage at the other end.” Integral to the success of this business has been its swiftness at staying ahead of the industry curve, with innovative, high-quality, unisex clothing coming to be synonymous with Unisex Clothing Brand of the Year 2024 The animal-loving, eco-friendly clothing business Fur Fox Sake provides pet owners with products that celebrate their love for animals, while simultaneously being kind to the planet thanks to the sustainable, environmentally friendly nature of its offerings. A business that is proudly ran by an Irish family, the Fur Fox Sake clothing range is comprised of high-quality items that are designed to last and be enjoyed for many years to come. Comprised of fun and quirky designs that animal fans of all ages are sure to love, the company also offers products that celebrate the life of a pet that has passed on, helping its customers through the grieving process. Gina Tierney is on hand for more. Feb24088 the brand. Not only will customers love these products for their designs, but they will also be enamoured with the comfort, softness, and cosiness that is afforded by each and every garment. The best thing? Every year, 10% of all of the business’ profits go to an animal charity of the founders’ choosing, as they firmly believe that all animals on our planet are equally important and should be provided with nothing short of the love, compassion, and care that they deserve. Expanding further on the specifics of the brand’s terrific products, beginning with its t-shirts, there is of course the aforementioned Dog Father range, with these t-shirts sporting a print of Duke’s paw in addition the name of the range in the unmistakable font of the entity from which it is derived. Then, there are other t-shirts with similarly quirky captions, such as, “My Best Friend has Paws”, “Fairy Dog Mother”, “My Dog is Cuter than your Kid”, and “This is my Dog-Hair Shirt”, to name just a few. Other t-shirts on offer come with a simple image of the brand’s logo, a geometric fox shape, which is instantly recognisable and celebrates one’s affinity for both animals and style. Regarding its line of hoodies, these are too available in some of the designs mentioned above, this in addition to such unique captions as, “This is my Dog Walking Hoodie”, “Crazy Dog Lady”, and “Dog Mother, Wine Lover”, again to highlight just a few choice selections. In a similar vein, a range of other apparel is too available, comprising of beanies, socks, and baseball caps, again sporting a number of fantastic designs that are sure to bring a smile to one’s face. Aside from just clothing, this online store offers such products as signs, magnets, mugs, frames, tea towels, tote bags, and even poop bags. As touched on previously, Fur Fox Sake is well aware of the difficulties stemming from losing a pet, and with its range of pet memorial gifts, an owner and their loved ones can help aid in this grieving process with a keepsake that is as unique and special as the everlasting memories of their pet. From picture frames through to memorial stones, a bereavement book/booklet, signs, ornaments, and keyrings, along with a series of pet sympathy cards, there is something for everyone who is managing the loss of their best furry friend, allowing their memory

5. Unisex Clothing Brand of the Year 2024 to live on much in the same way as Duke’s does through the Fur Fox Sake brand. With t-shirts that are comprised of 100% organic cotton and hoodies that are 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, Fur Fox Sake’s environmental commitments are too on display throughout this operation, and the brand is immensely proud to boast its status as an eco-conscious business. The benefits to using organic cotton and recycled polyester over their standard counterparts are vast, with organic cotton using far less water and being free from pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other GMOs that are harmful to the environment. As such, the soil, water, air, and even cotton farmers themselves are free from the associated poisons, making organic cotton much better for overall health and the wider ecosystem. As for recycled polyester, this reusing process, which can be carried out again and again, totally eradicates the need for new petroleum, thus lowering the demand for fossil fuels and contributing measurably to a reduction in the carbon footprint left behind, as this method of recycling polyester creates up to 75% less CO2 than virgin polyester. Regarding its packaging, the business takes choosing its boxes very seriously, and the process it has adopted is meticulous and robust. All of its packaging is 100% vegan, with this even extending to all glues or inks used, not to mention the boxes themselves. Each box has been designed so that it can be used more than once, utilising an innovative strip opening so that the box remains intact even after it has been opened, making it ideal for returning the product if needed. Of course, in the likely scenario that the customer keeps both the product and the box it came in, the box is so sturdy that it can be used for effective storage, or even in an arts and crafts setting. When it does come time to get rid of this FSC-certified packaging, it will break down to the natural elements that are found in nature, disintegrating and leaving behind not a trace, even down to the soil remaining toxin-free. Moreover, any and all tissue paper or other packing filler used is entirely eco-friendly, completely free of plastic, and totally recyclable. Every purchase will also garner the planting of a tree, as for each box and piece of tissue paper that is used, a tree is planted under the One Tree Planted banner, a renowned non-profit charity that plants trees across North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. It is solely down to the support of customers that Fur Fox Sake is able to play such a big part in contributing towards global reforestation. So, the more frequently that a customer chooses the brand for its clothing and pet product needs, the more our planet is helped. Since Fur Fox Sake is based in, and operates out of, Ireland, a beautiful country with terrific people, customers love supporting this local business while also receiving products of exceptional quality. As Gina tells us, “there are such great people in this country that love their animals just like we do, and [we are proud] to provide them with our clothing range and to see how happy it makes them.” However, like many countries, Ireland is currently experiencing a crisis across its rescue centres, and that is why the team are proud to support causes like this across their annual donation initiative, representing a proactive approach to achieving their stewardship aims. In closing, Gina captures the essence of the brand and its uniquity in this space, explaining, “we are a small business with just two of us, myself and my partner John... well two humans - the real bosses are our dog Penny and cat Toby! We have put our heart and soul into this business because of the passion we have for animals. We wanted to supply clothing that we knew fellow dog lovers would love and to put a smile on their faces, and to see that makes the late nights worthwhile!” Those who seek to support Fur Fox Sake can do so by visiting its online store and seeing for themselves the terrific products on offer that celebrate animals, and a commitment to the future of our planet, in equal measure. Contact Details Contact: Gina Tierney Company: Fur Fox Sake Web Address:

Jul22546 EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 everaging the core elements of graphic design more broadly to guide him across this endeavour, Kieran Galwey prioritises visual communication and creative designs, as well as communication in the more honest sense, which is an essential element when it comes to development success across the design process. As Kieran states, “my designs should convey information in an authentic, straightforward and understandable manner, ensuring that the intended message is easily comprehended by all.” Thus, across his services, attention to detail is valued, resulting in effective solutions that yield customer satisfaction at every turn, something that is of the uppermost priority for Kieran. He mentions, “in all my business interactions, I uphold professionalism and integrity, maintaining transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in every principal of my practices.” This dedication to clients is guided by the elements of a trust and reliability, and it is the blending of the two that results in Time for Graphics being a trusted partner. Expanding further on this, Kieran tells us, “dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, I prioritise understanding and meeting the needs of each individual. By actively listening, through effect design process, while promoting collaboration, I ensure the best possible outcome for my customers.” This ties in nicely to Time for Graphics’ primary mission, which is simply, “to empower businesses and organisations to achieve their goals through strategic and impactful visual communication.” Bold visual designs are key to its clients standing out in a competitive, crowded marketplace, and Kieran’s work has the power to inspire, form, and connect, whether it be a new branding for your start-up business or elevate your existing marketing strategy. Like so many creatives, Kieran finds himself to be deeply invested in every project that he undertakes, leveraging his creativity, passion, and expertise from the inception of a design through to its completion. Since Kieran’s experience spans more than a decade operating in this landscape, he works to provide positive experiences with his clients. As he explains, “satisfied clients not only contribute to the success of my business but also serve as invaluable ambassadors, organically spreading the word, and amplifying my brand’s reach.” “Ultimately, my goal is to be recognised as a trusted graphic design and visionary leader, known for my authentic, innovation, integrity, and unwavering dedication to my craft.” Best Graphic Design Company 2024 - County Kerry & Customer Service Excellence Award A Kerry business, Time for Graphics, provides innovative and visionary designs for all brands or business’s needs. An exemplary graphic design provider based in the Farranfore area of Country Kerry. Founder, Owner, and Graphic Designer Kieran Galwey partners with new and established businesses of all sizes, working on logos and all your branding in both digital and print. We had the pleasure of speaking with Kieran to find out more. L Contact: Kieran Galwey Company: Time For Graphics Web Address: Jan24767 What truly differentiates Time for Graphics in this space is its unique fusion of creativity and meticulous craftsmanship, all underpinned by an unwavering commitment to excellence, a client-centric approach to business, and the guaranteeing of a positive experience from start to finish. Moreover, Kieran strives to go above and beyond simply traditional graphic design, rather offering clients added value through the power of strategic branding, marketing consultation, and ongoing design support, the combination of which solidifies the business and its frontman as a true partner in the success of his clients. An approach to client service as varied as this is of paramount importance when it comes to solidifying one’s future in this environment, with the field of graphic design being defined by its ever-evolving nature. Kieran describes the observation of such trends as “fascinating”, particularly when it comes to the recent favouring of a minimalist approach to design, something that stands in direct contrast to the vivid designs that were sought out just a few short years ago. Far from the first time that the distinction of both Kieran and Time for Graphics has been celebrated, Kieran is delighted to announce that he has recently been recognised as a Rising Star in Graphic Design by the renowned All-Ireland Business Foundation. In being bestowed with this honour, Time for Graphics joins approximately 650 other small- and medium-sized businesses that represent the best of what their respective sectors have to offer. As Kieran revels in the celebrations for this, as well as his Irish Enterprise and Customer Service Excellence awards, he still very much has his eye on the future. As Time for Graphics continues to embrace the limitless power of customisation and the attraction of every creation that lines its portfolio will serve as a masterpiece, “infused with passion and purpose, waiting to ignite the imaginations of those who encounter it”, as Kieran explains. Whatever the future holds, Kieran stands ready to partake on his own journey of discovery, leveraging the power of personalisation. Ultimately, every design that Kieran carefully crafts is an embodiment of his passion, dreams, and continuing story, and we could not be happier to celebrate him, and Time for Graphics, with this duo of awards.


EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Jan24778 Rising Star in Health & Social Care 2024 Having served Irish communities for many years, the Manor Homecare team is aware of the growing need for exceptional Home Care with a personal touch. Its team of Senior Management (Management), including Training Officer and Field Care Supervisor Managers, Clinical Leads, Quality Officers, and Healthcare Teams are dedicated to delivering person-centred care for seniors and people with disabilities. Through its innovative home care, individuals can remain independent while residing in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Manor Homecare’s mission is to deliver unparalleled care that respects clients’ preferences and adapts to the changing requirements of clients, their families, and representatives. The pioneering care company believes in continuity of care and remaining respectful of clients’ confidentiality and dignity. “At Manor Homecare, we envision a future where all of our clients receive the highest quality care, support, and services, tailored to their individual needs and preferences.” Manor Homecare strives to improve clients’ quality of life through its compassionate care and empower its team with vital education, strong leadership, and professional standards. Every client receives the highest quality of care, tailored to their unique needs and wishes. To deliver its outstanding services, Manor Homecare fosters transparency, taking on customer feedback and encouraging open communication within its team. For clients of any age, Manor Homecare is committed to delivering exceptional quality support for those who want to receive care from their own home. The professional Homecare team understands that home care is much more than simply assisting with personal care needs and aims to go above and beyond to help clients feel safe, valued, and empowered to live their best life. Myra Gill, Director of Manor Homecare, says, “Our service is dedicated to helping our carers upskill and attain the Healthcare Support Level 5 Major award recommended With carers in communities across Ireland, Manor Homecare is a leading provider of homecare services, dedicated to providing EXCEPTIONAL care and training for its professional Healthcare Team. Committed to continuous improvement, the company invests in its people to ensure that compassionate care is consistently delivered to its valued clients. With emphasis on spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing, Manor Homecare’s services are tailored to the diverse needs of every individual client. Recognised in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards, Manor Homecare is passionate about improving clients’ quality of life through its excellent level of care. by the HSE. We are also collaborating with Solas to provide an apprenticeship for our care team in ‘Advanced Healthcare Assistant Practitioner’ which will qualify our carers to deliver a wide range of clinical and care skills to our growing client base. We are also diversifying and widening our care service to support individuals with mental and physical disabilities.” Manor Homecare has carers in communities across Dublin and Kildare and has recently extended its services to Laois, Offaly, and Wicklow. Committed to the pursuit of excellence, Manor Homecare is passionate about devising new and innovative ways to enhance its first-rate services and strengthen client relationships. In 2023, Manor Homecare provided over 5000 hours of care per week and nurtured numerous longstanding client relationships. Client wellbeing is one of the cornerstones of Manor Homecare’s business success and the team pride themselves on the high level of care delivered from the moment HSE approves a new client. A team member will take the time to discuss specific needs with both the client and their relatives and carers will be matched with clients’ requirements such as male/female staff, times of call, and availability. Manor Homecare is dedicated to evolving the schedule times, carers, and care plan as the needs of clients and their families change. Operating on a responsive strategic system means that all concerns are promptly addressed within a short turnaround period. Dedicated members of the team are available to listen to clients’ concerns with the overall objective being to minimise complaints for both staff and clients. Employee wellbeing is paramount at Manor Homecare and the company employs a multicultural staff, allowing the business to cater to a diverse clientele. The diligent team work with clients’ relatives, hospitals, public health nurses, home support, and community teams to design a personcentred care plan three days after the completed assessment. Myra Gill says, “We put eligible candidates forward on fully funded Fast-tracked course to achieve their QQI qualification in ‘Care of Older persons’ and ‘Care Skills’. We ensure that our staff have all the tools, training, and support they need to excel in their roles and ensure our clients are always happy, and valued with how they are treated. When our new care team are Contact: Myra Gill Company: Manor Home Care Services Web Address:

ready to work, the company matches them up with a senior healthcare assistant and they spend time shadowing them. New healthcare team members are encouraged to review each other’s work and provide feedback to each other; this ensures that improvements are also constant.” Manor Homecare’s development stems from its commitment to ongoing education. As the first company in Ireland to collaborate with Solas, the state agency responsible for overseeing the Further Education and Training sector, Manor Homecare has selected members of its care team for certification as Advanced Healthcare Practitioners. This further education allows staff to access a wide range of clinical and care skills whilst working within their role. Moving forward, Manor Homecare has plans to develop community-based homes with supported care and onsite living arrangements. Over the coming year, Manor Homecare will also create designated disability centres in order to offer a broad range of services to individuals with disabilities. These centres will possess the facilities and experienced staff to provide clients with long-term residential care and emergency respite. At Manor Homecare, the team is devoted to providing individuals with the necessary support to maintain their independence while residing in the comfort of their own homes. Priding itself on upholding and evolving its exceptional levels of care, the company strives to deliver unrivalled care and support to individuals across various sectors. Its services rely on the expertise of its hardworking team and focus on ongoing training and development to ensure clients receive the best possible care. For its personalised and compassionate care, we have bestowed on Manor Healthcare this year’s award for Rising Star in Health & Social Care.

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 At the very heart of Vacious’ ethos is an unwavering commitment to valuing women of all shapes and sizes, empowering them as they embrace each and every curve that they have been blessed with. All of the products in this line have been meticulously designed so as to help the wearer flaunt what they have, the results of which being a customer that feels happy about their own unique body and has maximum confidence in themselves. Founder and Owner Sinead O Brien is a true expert in the field of shapewear, and she continuously leverages her knowledge to improve what her business can offer to consumers, crafting pieces that act as a canvas to one’s wardrobe. Four key elements comprise Vacious’ product range, underpinning its holistic approach to providing quality clothing for all needs and circumstances. The first of these is the AllRounder, with this go-to bodysuit being suitable for all occasions and boasting a compression ability that is designed to both smooth and sculpt. Available in the staple colours of nude, black, and brown, this bodysuit provides an extra lift where warranted and even comes with an open gusset for the uppermost convenience. There are many fantastic testimonials for the All-Rounder, with one notable one stating, “the All-Rounder is the most amazing piece of shapewear I’ve ever worn, and I felt incredible in it! The gusset was a game-changer.” Secondly, there is the Every Day Vest, with this coming in two colours, black and nude. This particular garment has been designed to offer daily support and shaping, and its silkysmooth fabric does a fantastic job of acting as the base layer from which to build one’s outfit on top of, all while feeling incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. The third area of note in this product range are the Briefs, which Most Empowering Shapewear Brand 2024 Size-inclusive shapewear brand Vacious was founded in 2021 by Sinead O Brien, an Irish influencer and entrepreneur whose dream to launch her very own brand has served as the guiding light of this endeavour. Thanks to its unique range of technically constructed pieces, Vacious shapewear empowers all who wear it, encouraging them to embrace each and every curve and feel more confident about their bodies in doing so. Led by the motto, “when life gives you curves, flaunt them”, the ongoing mission of the brand is to continue to give women confidence, leveraging its extensive range that caters for sizes 8 through 28 to achieve this very feat. We catch up with Sinead to find out more about her business. Feb24536 are, quite simply, lightweight and breathable underwear that offer no compression and maximum comfort. Available either individually or as a three-colour multipack, this seamless underwear choice perfectly complements those casual outfits. Finally, there is the Maternity Slip, a piece of clothing that Sinead describes as, “a no compression hug for your bump.” The light support and smoothing of curves that this product offers during pregnancy is unrivalled, and with a soft, breathable finish to boot, there really is no better choice out there. As one customer, Áine, said in her testimonial, “the Maternity Slip is just amazing quality, and the softness is perfect.” Of course, beyond just these offerings, there is Vacious’ tremendous swimwear range, which is currently comprised of seven bathing suits of a multitude of colours and styles, once more boasting the same 8-28 size guarantee that is present across all of these items. As shapewear continues to rise in popularity across the globe, with more women embracing these items of clothing and thus their figures, such pieces have become staples in women’s wardrobes across the world, and particularly so in Vacious’ native Ireland. Previously, Irish women would look to either the US or UK for the high-quality pieces they sought after, but thanks to Vacious, such exemplary pieces are now available right on their doorstep. Bolstered by the uniquity of its quality pieces, Sinead and the team have worked tirelessly to create a distinctive formula that serves as a common thread throughout its shapewear offerings, which, as Sinead explains, “ensure[s] our pieces smooth and lift [in] all the right places.” This local touch is something that is of paramount importance to Sinead, who tells us, “as an Irish woman in business, it was important to me that Irish women had a local brand like this that they could turn to and feel connected with and trust to create the right pieces for them.” On the back of its terrific products, Vacious now enjoys a worldwide community of loyal and dedicated customers, and the multitude of reviews that they leave relating to the products that they purchase speak volumes about the innate excellence that is present across the brand, with the comfort and quality of these pieces, as well as the confidence that stems as a result of wearing them, being cited time and again. Thanks to a tight-knit community of staff and customers alike, this small and mighty team collaborate closely on a daily basis to ensure that unity radiates across every area of this operation. Additionally, the internal culture at Vacious revolves around strong relationships, not just amongst staff, but also its customer base. Sinead states that, since “our staff are super knowledgeable on our brand, products and values, it makes communication between us and customers seamless.” As such, one of the business’ top priorities is fostering a positive working environment, and to make sure that this is achieved, staff are afforded opportunities to develop their roles so as to make their work as exciting and fulfilling as possible. Furthermore, all staff are involved in meetings concerning the company’s expansion, with these strong connections set to form the basis of Vacious’ bright future. Sinead is ecstatic as she shares with us what the next few years are set to hold for this award-winning small business, enthusing, “we have so many exciting things for the future of Vacious in 2024 and beyond. We are continuously working on the growth and expansion of our brand, and our next steps are to continue our

11. Most Empowering Shapewear Brand 2024 expansion with live pop-up experiences for our customers, [with these] coming soon. We are also working on our very first outerwear range, which will introduce a whole new category to our brand!” In closing, Irish shapewear company Vacious is setting the gold standard for shapewear and swimwear across Ireland and beyond, serving women in a host of sizes and encouraging them to embrace their natural bodies through its tremendous range of products. As a result of such distinction, we are proud to name Vacious as the Most Empowering Shapewear Brand 2024, celebrating its best-in-class nature with this Irish Enterprise Award. Contact: Sinead O Brien Company: Vacious Web Address:

Jul22546 EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 GN Europe Energy is driven by the overarching aim of serving as a collaboration conduit in the field of clean energy, bridging the gap between its Chinese and European enterprises through a series of strategic partnerships and mutual initiatives. While it has distinguished itself in this field in a number of ways, primarily, it is the combination of large-scale energy projects with a series of major corporations, and the close partnerships formed with smaller enterprises and local governments, that sets CGN Europe Energy apart. This all-encompassing approach lends itself to a proactive engagement in spurring on the transition to clean energy on a Europewide basis. To streamline the services that it provides, the company’s adopted consortium is comprised of professional asset management teams, with these teams taking on leadership roles backed by the relentless support of the business’ technical experts, whose unmatched expertise in the sector proves essential to CGN Europe Energy’s wider successes. Commenting further on this, a representative for the company tells us, “this collaborative set-up allows us to leverage the collective skills and knowledge of our teams to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of our renewable energy projects.” Such successes speak for themselves, as aside from the more than 350MW of wind assets across the UK and Ireland, CGN Europe Energy also has a further almost 400MW of wind energy across France (in addition to a 6.6MW solar operation in the country), and almost 2000MW more from its other sites across Europe, Africa, and the North Pole. The business has thus grown considerably since its founding in June 2014, with its total investment across its European/ African territories being in excess of €3 billion. With such a huge asset portfolio, effective management is vital. The company’s expertise in this realm can be split up into three different categories, the first of which being technical asset management, where the company takes advantage of its seven days a week monitoring and dedicated HSE (health, safety, environment) management systems. Site visits and in-person inspections are also carried out, with more than 100 wind turbines and 70 solar panels being inspected across its range in recent months alone. Finally, there is blade inspection, which guarantees six-month results through the fitting of a high-resolution camera system. The commitment to the environment that underpins the ethos of CGN Europe Energy extends further than just its renewable projects, and it prioritises local companies when it comes to choosing commercial Renewable Energy Asset Management Firm of the Year 2024 A subsidiary of CGN Europe Energy, CGN Europe Energy Ireland Ltd was founded back in 2017, and is headquartered in Dublin. Over the past seven years, the company’s unwavering dedication to ensuring cooperation regarding renewable energies among the UK and Ireland has been clear to see, and at present, this team manage 350MW worth of wind assets across 18 separate windfarm projects spread across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK. Having achieved this goal, the company next has its sights set beyond just technological proficiency and operational effectiveness, instead championing environmental stewardship and yielding a much wider community impact. partners, with these spanning such areas as purchasing equipment, maintenance, and the various other commercial activities that all contribute immeasurably to the business’ triumphs. This is also true of its Irish subsidiary, which, we are told, “[sees us] collaborate closely with local partners and stakeholders, integrating their input into our asset management approach to align with the country's renewable energy goals.” Through this united effort, Ireland’s sustainable energy future is being demonstrably strengthened. C Contact: Anthony Walsh Company: CGN Europe Energy Web Address: Jan24667

13. Of course, as any company operating out of Ireland would say, there are a host of benefits to working within the country, extending beyond just its convenient geographical location. The excellent natural conditions, such as an abundance of wind, stand as a rock-solid foundation from which to establish renewable energy projects atop of, and thanks to a series of robust, supportive government policies, the likes of which include incentives and regulatory frameworks that promote investment and development in renewable energy, an environment is fostered where businesses such as CGN Europe Energy Ireland Ltd (CGNEEIL) can truly excel. What unties everyone at CGNEEIL is a, “[shared] commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship in Ireland and beyond”, with this being something that starts with the company’s internal culture. At the heart of this is a drive towards fostering mutual cultural understanding, something that serves as the cornerstone of the impactful, positive-change-yielding people-to-people bonds that has brought the business so much success. Transparent communication is something that is as equally as key, with this empowering the business to strengthen its operations, not only in Ireland, but also across Europe and as far as away as the wider company’s native home of China. Elaborating further on this, a spokesperson explains, “our internal culture emphasises the importance of building bridges between Chinese and European cultures, creating a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives are valued and respected.” In a similar vein, the full extent of this culture is on display when it comes to recruiting new talent, seeking out those individuals whose relevant skills and qualifications are bolstered by a true enthusiasm for cultural diversity and a steadfast willingness to positively contribute to the collaborative, inspiring working environment that defines CGN Europe Energy more broadly. Leveraging such a tremendous internal culture to fortify its frontrunner position, the future for CGN Europe Energy is bright, and its plans for the next several years revolve around continuing to blend a series of cutting-edge technologies with its proven Irish, European, and Chinese business models, utilising its knowledge to strengthen ties in these respective markets. Regarding CGNEEIL specifically, this team remain actively involved in serving as a catalyst for Europe’s ecological transition, steadfast in their aims of both expanding and solidifying their footprint across Ireland, something they plan to undertake through further investment in decarbonised solutions to reach a zerocarbon operation down the line. In closing, the terrific work that is being done by a CGN Europe Energy and CGN Europe Energy Ireland Ltd is having a profound impact on Europe’s renewable energy landscape, and its ability to constantly expand and nurture this portfolio ensures that it does the greatest amount of good possible. Across these operations, the business embodies its mantra of “Strict, Prudent, Meticulous, Practical”, and in doing so, has more than earned this award, celebrating its uniquity and excellence in the field.

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Best Tradesperson Recruitment Specialists 2024 In recent years, the shortage of skilled tradespersons across Europe has become more and more apparent. Simply put, various industries are struggling to source the people they need exactly when they need them, often times resulting in project interruption, unwanted extensions, and an overarching strain that could place any company in jeopardy. Having recognised this, A Willi Ltd came to be in order to play a role in resolving this ever-pressing issue. Specialising in the provision of tradespersons and engineering personnel, the business guarantees that clients receive the right forces for any project, without having to disrupt their overall workflow. As a result, A Willi Ltd has quickly become the best of its kind, with its services aptly capturing its commitment to quality and reliability. Predominantly serving a clientele of mechanical and electrical engineering contractors who are overseeing projects within their respective sectors, A Willi Ltd upholds an uncontested level of passion that never fails to empower its client’s projects. A Willi Ltd is specifically committed to supplying the highest quality and experienced workforce, all in the hopes that projects end with fantastic results, without having to slow their pace in any regard. It accomplishes this feat while maintaining its ever-important sense of accountability, through which it can meet the performance expectations of its clients whilst remaining compliant with all of the tax and social security regulations present within each country. Through these attributes, A Willi Ltd demonstrates an unapologetic commitment to securing tangible results, and it’s willing to go the extra mile to do so. This exceptionally high quality is what attracts clients to A Willi Ltd from far and wide. Since it operates on a global scale, the company has become synonymous with seamless compliance, in addition to the infamous reliability of its services. When turning to A Willi Ltd, clients are treated to a stellar strategy that oversees the development of long-term friendships and partnerships, in addition to brilliant services that truly transcend the standard As a leading provider of tradespersons and engineering personnel for the mechanical, electrical, and process engineering industries, A Willi Ltd capably leverages its ability to seamlessly recruit and provide both personnel and equipment in order to create long-lasting, industry-wide relationships. Be it servicing the life sciences, semi-conductor fab, data centre, food and beverage, energy, industrial, public and commercial building, or facility management sectors, the collective deploys its carefully crafted strategies to secure exceptional results. Join us as we delve into how A Willi Ltd has become a trusted recruitment partner for both clients and candidates alike. quality posed by the current recruitment industry. A Willi Ltd also conveys this impressive skill through its team of international recruitment consultants, who each possess years of practical, on the job experience and high levels of technical knowledge. As such, they’re able to quickly assess the needs of a client’s project, and supply personnel with the tools and machinery they need to go the job better than they may have ever predicted. As previously mentioned, as of late, there’s been a noticeable decline in the amount of skilled tradespersons across the continent. As such, A Willi Ltd opened its own training facility, through which it delivers invaluable training to its employees, be it educating them on emerging trends across various industries, or empowering their existing skillsets. Regardless, A Willi Ltd is dedicated to upholding its exceptionally high standards, and even goes so far as to include clients in its training programmes when specific projects are involved. In doing so, it grants them access to invaluable insight in the form of generalised or specific training. Whatever a client may need or request, A Willi Ltd is pleased to provide in any possible vein – a trait that has long since distinguished it as one of the industry’s greats. Though it serves companies across the globe, A Willi Ltd is proud to originate from Ireland – where the skill and education of its workforces trumps that of the wider world. As such, the company has access to many tradespersons who are able to harness their immense levels of talent for the sake of clients. Partnered with the fact that A Willi Ltd’s clients predominantly originate from, and have projects in, Ireland and wider Europe, the collective manages to consistently provide personnel who boast engineering experience in abundance. Despite being a slightly smaller company, A Willi Ltd demonstrates just how effective such a tight-knit structure can be – it boasts an independence that allows for deeper connections, responsibility, and focus on the more nuanced requests of clients. Having already made such a staggeringly positive impact on its industry, it comes Contact: Patrick de Gier Company: A Willi Ltd Web Address:

as no surprise to learn that A Willi Ltd has exciting plans for the future. Though it has been operating within Ireland for almost three years now, it has its sights set on creating a larger market share, while simultaneously expanding its investments to focus on the latest tools and machines. Remaining at the forefront of technology is crucial within the trade, and A Willi Ltd is one of the only entities that’s carefully, yet consistently, assessing the emerging needs of clients before they manifest. In doing so, it’s been able to continuously fulfil every request, granting it the chance to truly embody the title of a specialist. In short, A Willi Ltd is an award-winning tradesperson recruitment specialist whose dedication to compliance, transparency, and high quality work has guided it toward building up a trusting client base that will eagerly attest to its brilliance. Regardless of how demanding a project may be, A Willi Ltd is never one to shy away from bringing its all, and it goes above and beyond to make sure its clients get the right skilled employees for their projects. It’s for this very reason that A Willi Ltd has been recognised time and time again, and we hope that this recent accolade can further guide it toward future greatness.

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 In 1999, Mr Mister Menswear was established in Mitchelstown, County Cork, by Business Owner Valentine O'Gorman. While working at a similar retail business, he identified the opportunity to branch out on his own and fill a gap in the market for menswear, boys’ clothes, and footwear. Full of enthusiasm and belief, Valentine approached several banks seeking a startup loan, only to be refused. However, determined not to be disheartened, he went to his local Credit Union, who gladly provided him with the funds he needed to begin his journey in business ownership. Standing at the helm of a newly formed business, Valentine’s first member of staff was his mother, Margaret, who proudly refused to take a wage in the early days of the company. Sadly, she retired in 2018 due to illness but continues to take an active interest in the business to this day. Valentine is incredibly grateful to have had his mother’s help over the years. He shares, “One incredibly busy debs/graduation season, my mother brought to work her Best for Men's Formalwear 2024 For over 25 years, Mr Mister Menswear has been providing quality boys’ and men’s clothing to the Irish community, first in County Cork and now in County Tipperary. The company’s extensive product range encompasses everything from casual wear like hoodies and polo shirts to formal wear like waistcoats and ties, all of which are of the highest quality. However, the company specialises in formal wear, making it the perfect place to go if you have a wedding, communion, confirmation, or funeral to attend. Feb24233 reliant Singer sewing machine. She set it up in the tightest of spaces and got to work on the many alterations, so each young man could look and feel his best. Much to their delight, she accommodated the last-minute dash that some of us males are famous for!” After 13 years of success in Mitchelstown, Mr Mister Menswear opened another store in Cahir, County Tipperary, marking the start of the company’s expansion. Later, it relocated to a larger, newly built facility in the area. This state-of-the-art premises is spacious and brightly lit, equipped with its own car park, internal elevator, air conditioning, specialised wedding area for private appointments, and many other features that play a role in enhancing the customer experience. In 2014, Mr Mister Menswear was able to expand further, this time opening a store in Cashel, County Tipperary. The company renovated a beautiful historic building in the area, transforming it into a unique threefloor store with old-world style décor whilst staying true to its history. Sadly, in 2019, Mr Mister Menswear’s original Mitchelstown location closed down due to the maturing of the company’s lease. However, those keen to find some top-quality menswear can still visit the stores in Cahir and Cashel. Today, Mr Mister Menswear is widely known for its vast selection of quality, stylish, and fashionable garments, available in an inclusive range of sizes between XS and 8XL. The company prides itself on its commitment to offering its customers plenty of options. Whether they are seeking something casual, formal, classic, or a bit different, they are bound to find a garment they love either instore or online. With every season, new stock is introduced to its product line, enabling it to keep up with and embrace the current fashion trends. One of the most popular categories of clothing at Mr Mister Menswear is the wedding section, which features one of the largest collections of wedding attire available in Ireland. “We love meeting couples, helping them choose their outfits, and making sure that they are ideally suited and perfectly fitted,” Valentine comments. “They trust us to give them choices, sometimes mainstream but often something different, to create an outfit that’s unique for the groom and his wedding party. We absolutely thrive with the pleasure of dressing and colour coordinating a wedding party who have entrusted us with the task of getting their wedding group exactly right for their important day.” Across all its categories of clothing, Mr Mister Menswear demonstrates unparalleled attention to detail, going the extra mile to ensure that each customer is completely cared for. The company is passionate about what it does and aims to provide customers with the highest level of service and quality. To achieve this, the team spend time making sure that every single customer leaves satisfied with the fit and style of their purchases. Furthermore, understanding the importance of individuality, they do not force people to wear certain types of